August 24, 2009

Fashion's Favorite Month

September is THE fashion month. The fall fashion shows are always the biggest and the best, and the September issue of all the fashion magazines reflect that. Most people would say that Vogue is the paragon of the fashion magazine industry and I would be inclined to agree. Anna Wintour has done an exceptional job with US Vogue, but many true fashionistas would argue that Carine Roitfeld at French Vogue is the magazine you should be looking at to see what is truly on the brink of hitting it big in the fashion world. Don't speak French? No worries. All you need to do is look at the editorials. In addition to Vogue I love checking out Elle, Allure, Marie Claire, and InStyle just to name a few. The clothes and accessories featured in these magazines aren't always the most affordable, but sometimes it's about the idea. I look through these magazine to get inspired by color combinations, shapes, and styles. You can then look for these things at stores that match your price point. Don't be intimidated by fashion - have fun with it!

In addition to my overflow of magazines this month, 2 of my favorite TV shows are back for brand new seasons. Project Runway is airing it's 6th season on Lifetime on Thursday nights and TONIGHT the 2nd seasons of The Rachel Zoe Project premieres on Bravo. Be sure to check these out as they are both great shows for inspiration!

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