August 19, 2009

House of Harlow 1960

A jewelry line I'm really loving lately is Nicole Richie's line, House of Harlow 1960. I love the line, I love the price point, I love how it emulates Nicole's own bohemian style, and I love the name. Harlow is her daughter's name - I mean, how cute is that?!

Some of my favorite pieces:

These Rose Gold Plated Hoops are probably my favorites. Rose gold has such a classic, vintage feel to it. Obsessed with these :)

These Medallion Earrings are another classic. This is a style that will always look chic. How easy is it to dress up an outfit with a pair of gold earrings? Always a go to look!

Love that this Dome Ring can do double duty fashion wise. It has the classic vintage look which will make it permanently wearable, but at the same time it's a nice statement piece which is currently trendy. Basically, you can't lose :)

Also LOVE this headband on Nicole Richie. Maybe not the most wearable for everyday fashion, but definitely fun!

*First 3 pictures are from and the last is from ShopBop carries House of Harlow 1960 and also has an interview with Nicole Richie, so head on over there if you'd like to see more!

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