September 24, 2009

Deal of the Day

Clearly, I love me some fashion magazines. I always have a huge pile of them sitting next to me. Subscribing to them will save you a ton off the cover price, and after you're a subscriber you usually get even better deals. The magazine business has clearly taken a hit with the current economic climate and because of that, there are some awesome deals to be had. Tonight I scooped up some great prices at Amazon. Here they are:

One year of InStyle for $5. Amazing! This is Amazon's Magazine Steal of the Week so it will expire this Saturday at 11:59pm. If you're already a subscriber you can renew another year for $5!

Two years of Allure for $12. One year is also $12, so right now you're getting an entire year for free.

One year of Marie Claire for $8, or right now you can do two years for $10.

You can also get a year's worth of my two favorites, Elle ($14 for a year) and Vogue ($18 for a year) for $32 total which is a good deal. Not as awesome as the above deals, but still good. The three I listed come out to $27 which gets you free shipping at Amazon, and then they also took off $5 more as a promotional offer. Five years worth of magazines for $22!
Now, that's fabulous.