September 22, 2009

Elizabeth and James & The Row

When some people hear Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen they immediately have flashbacks to the 90's and Full House. Those in the fashion world think of something a little different. Mary Kate & Ashley are full-fledged fashion designers with two fashion lines - The Row, named after Savile Row in London, the more upscale of the two and Elizabeth and James, named after their siblings, coming in at a more affordable price.

Elizabeth and James is a mixture of classic pieces with a little bohemian and romantic influences tossed in. Here are some of my faves:

Feather Earrings

Tattered Elizabeth Blazer

Foliage Dress

Feather Across the Hand Ring

Alexandra Blouse

Fall Trench

Reese Draped Snake Booties

Maltese Small Ring

Lola Open Toe Ruffle Pumps

Dandy Vest

School Boy Shirt II

Roselyn Dress

Risky Ruffle Pumps

Margo Dress

Great stuff! You can purchase Elizabeth and James at one of my faves, Shopbop.


stargurlie7399 said...

i'm sorry, i get that it's supposed to be "boho," but i just find those clothes really ugly. who actually looks good in them? [especially the black dress-at first glance it's pretty, but SHORT! it would need to be worn as a top unless you are a size 0].

Dylana said...

This is one of my favorite lines. It is all such great quality, and the designs are unique takes on the classics that you can wear forever! Lovely blog!