September 8, 2009

More Sex & the City Style

Ok, I have a bit of a Sex & the City obsession, so until the movie sequel comes out (May 2010!), you probably have a lot of posts to look forward to. I get excited every time I see another photo of what one of the girls is wearing. Love that Pat Field! Today's photos are from an update InStyle has.

In the first picture, SJP is wearing a stomach-baring plaid shirt and Z Cavaricci jeans. The 2nd one is exciting if you were a fan of the show. It's a newspaper print Dior by John Galliano dress from his Fall 2000 collection but you might remember Carrie wearing it in season 3 of the show. I remember EXACTLY what episode she wore this in! I remember the scene, I remember the monolouge - this was an important episode! Do you remember when Carrie wore the Dior dress? Comment and let me know. I'll update later with the answer!

Edit: Carrie wore the dress in the Season 3 episode "What Goes Around Comes Around". She wore it when she went to meet Natasha to apologize about Big. The episode ends with her walking across the street in NYC traffic while the monolouge talks about how because of her actions Big is now single again.

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