September 28, 2009


Sephora is hands down my favorite place to buy makeup. There is SO much to choose from (13,000 products and more than 200 brands!) it's impossible to leave without finding exactly what you need. Here are some other reasons I love Sephora:

Beauty Insider Program
The Beauty Insider Program is free to join. For every dollar you spend at Sephora, you earn a point. You can then redeem your points for gifts! When your Beauty Bank gets to 100 points you can get a deluxe sample of a product. There are always several to choose from. You can also wait until your Beauty Bank gets to 500 points and get a full sized product of whatever is being offered. Also, you get a gift during your birthday month!

V.I.B. (Very Important Beauty) Insider

If you spend $350 at Sephora and in a calender year, you automatically become a VIB. This gets you a welcome offer of 10% off a purchase, invites to exclusive events, a special holiday gift card (the more you spend the bigger it is!), and exclusive promotions and freebies.

Free Shipping, Free Samples, Free Returns at

Free stuff. Self explanatory.

Sale Item At Checkout

On, when you go to checkout there is an item offered to you at a reduced price. I think it changes weekly. It's always a great product though.

Sephora Favorites
Each limited-edition set features deluxe samples of various products—all for $40 or less!—and the options are endless. There are mascara sets, lip sets, fragrance sets, etc. Great way to try out lots of new products at once!

Clearly, there are many reasons to love Sephora. The only thing I don't love is the damage it does to my bank account...

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