September 3, 2009

Sex & the City Style

Most fashionistas probably are well aware that the long anticipated Sex & the City sequel began shooting in NYC this week. So exciting! While it's one of my all time favorite TV shows, one of the main reasons I loved it and love the movies is to watch the work of the amazing stylist, Patricia Field. Pat Field exemplifies mixing high dollar fashion with more affordable pieces. Carrie Bradshaw was often seen rocking her Manolo's with an $8 dress. Love that! A few days ago the first pictures leaked of Sarah Jessica Parker:

The shoes are Louboutin's and the clutch is Chanel, other than that I don't think it's been revealed who she's wearing but I would LOVE to know who made that necklace! Anyone know? Now I imagine most of us can't afford Louboutin's, so I decided to do a little looking around for some glittery shoes that fit that average girl's budget.

oh...DEER! Starlite Glitter Pump

For $39.94 you can't beat these! Since they're black, they're also extremely versatile. You could wear these with a dress or simply dress up some denim. Lots of possibilities.
The Highest Heel Classic-Glitter
These come in green and purple, but I would go with the purple. Purple is a hot color for fall and you'd probably be surprised how many things you could wear them with. I also love the shape of these with the pointed toe. Always a classic.
If you see a high end designer piece that you love, don't be intimidated by the price. Fashion can be found at any price point, you just have to do a little looking. Don't be afraid to get out there and find your own Sex & the City style, or whatever it is that inspires you!

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