October 22, 2009

10 Fall Fashion Essentials

Building a versatile wardrobe requires starting with the basics. Basics are different things to different people depending on your lifestyle and how you need to get dressed every day. I think it can be overwhelming sometimes when you feel like you don't have anything to wear (and we ALL feel that way sometimes, right?) but in reality, you don't need that many pieces. If you can build around a neutral color palette and pick pieces that can mix and match you'll make your work even easier. To illustrate this, I put 10 items I consider to be basics or essentials into Polyvore. I could have made it easier on myself and picked any 10 items, but I picked 10 actual items in my own closet (or close representations if I couldn't find the exact one) because I thought that made this experiement a little more fair :) I went with a black and gray color palette, but any neutrals would work. Here are The 10:

1. V-neck short sleeved t-shirt
2. Boot-cut jeans
3. Boyfriend cardigan
4. Black leggings
5. Tunic
6. Platform heels
7. Flat boots
8. Ballet flats
9. Short sleeved cardigan
10. Turtleneck

Ok, so clearly this is just a base to work with. Most people are going to have more than 1 pair of jeans, I personally have the t-shirt and turtleneck in various colors, etc. There are SO many combinations here! If you look, you'll see any top can be worn with any bottoms, most of the tops can have either of the cardigans thrown over them, and the shoes go with everything. See where this is going? Now start imagining how you could integrate some color. Again, just take any one piece - the t-shirt, the short sleeved cardigan, the flats - and replace them with a color. It completely changes the outfit. Also, there are NO accessories here. Switching out your bag, or an assortment of bracelets, or a different pair of earrings would give the outfit entirely new life. It's not always about have tons and tons of pieces in your wardrobe - a little creativity can go a long way, and the more basic and versatile pieces you buy, the more longevity you can get out of them. The things that you're going to wear the most are where you should spend your money. Go somewhere like Forever 21 to stock up on jewelry, headbands, etc. each season and you'll see that your essentials will stay the same, season after season!


Danielle said...

i actually have every one of those things...except in a cheaper version [for the most part]. also, i have ALOT of white tank tops. i wear them under pretty much everything, and they're great for layering. i have ribbed ones, and also the kind with the shelf-bra from express. i feel like they're slimming.

so did you buy those leggings? how do you feel in them? i feel like they're great when you're feeling blah, but still want to look cute, because they are soo comfortable :) [they are essential for me since i spend soooo much time sitting in the library, that it is either that or sweat pants, and i would be fashion victim of the year if i wore sweat pants every day :)]

Katie said...

I could have put white tanks tops, I also wear them under almost everything :)

Yes, I got leggings! I'm starting with a $5 Target pair to see if I like them. I've already put together a couple of outfits with them - they're super comfortable!