October 9, 2009

Forever 21

Just made an order with Forever 21. I don't shop at F21 as often as I probably should. I find the actual store to be a little overwhelming which is probably why I shy away from it. However, you can't beat the prices. You do have to be careful to look at the materials used to make sure you're getting something that looks more expensive than it is. That's probably the biggest trick to integrating cheaper pieces into your wardrobe - make sure they don't LOOK cheap :) Striking the right mix of higher and lower budget pieces is one of the keys to truly having style, in my opinion. Anyway, here's what I got tonight:

tiered sleeveless tunic
I plan on using this as a layering piece. I have several cardigans I can't wait to throw over it!

drawstring hem slub tunic
Same as the above. I'd wear this over straight leg jeans or (maybe) leggings (if I can work up the nerve to wear leggings again lol). I really like the color of this. The website calls it lavender, but I think it's pale enough that it can be very versatile.

Ok, that was it for clothes. It's hard for me to always know my size in F21 compared to other stores I shop in regularly, so I'm pretty careful about what I buy. The rest is jewelry though which is always fun!

long chain bead earrings
Love gold and coral together. I usually think of coral as a summer color, but these earrings don't strike me as summery. They're also loooooong which I love :)

peacock trio set
I only bought these for the feather earrings. I have absolutely no interest in the other 2 pairs, but all 3 were only $4.80! Worth it even if I only like 1 of the 3, and I might be interested in the other 2 when I see them but I already have several pairs of gold hoops. We'll see.

entice elastic ring
I went back and forth on this. I think "elastic" was throwing me off. Ultimately, I think it's cute enough that I'll wear it a few times. That's the beauty of cheap accessories - you're not looking for something that will last you a lifetime, just a season or 2.

lacquered crescent hoops
Love the pairing of the royal blue with gold here. Jewel tones are so striking in the fall and can really pop off of black and gray, 2 colors I obviously love to wear this time of year. I think these look fun :)

round jewel elastic bracelet
I have a couple of purple and plum tops that I think this would look great with. Just a fun but cute statement piece.

fancy stained glass earrings
Love all the colors here. I know I could wear these year round.

double strand beaded necklace
Love long necklaces! I have other long gold necklaces I can layer this with, as well as some shorter pendant ones from dogeared.com that would look great with this.

I can't wait for it all to get here so I can start making new outfits. I really love F21's accessories, especially jewelry. They have pieces starting at $2.80 so it's very easy to stock up!


Cristine said...

I really want to get my ears re-pierced! <3 I have super cute earings! I love forever21 too!!! I once protested them tho when they WERE doing child labor. Now that the crime has reportedly been stopped I'm happy to shop.

Don also loves this place because it's easy to buy for me ;) lots of owl stuff. ;) hehe!

Danielle said...

yes! try that with the leggings!! i actually wore the tights leggings before i tried the pants leggings. for some reason, the tights leggings seemed less 80s-core than the pants. they have them at express for around $20 i think? i had a pair from target first, and those actually were not as good of quality.

also, i loooove forever 21, especially for the accessories! yeah, everything is pretty cheaply made, but you can buy 3 times as many things for the same amount :)

Scarlet Letters said...

loving those stained glass earrings! I'm going to have to check out For Love 21 to see what they have in the world of accessories. I never really thought of looking there.

Katie said...

Cristine - Definitely get your ears re-pierced! :) I would die if I couldn't wear earrings - love them too much!

Danielle - I've seen the leggings at Express before. I'll probably try them out!

Scarlet - Definitely check them out! It's hit and miss, but if you don't mind searching you'll certainly get some good deals!