October 12, 2009

I Want Curls...

I am a textbook case of always wanting what I don't have when it comes to my hair. It would probably help if my hair could decide what it wants to be. It's certainly not straight, but it's definitely not curly. I guess this leaves wavy but that doesn't always seem to describe it's natural state. It's thick, but it has almost a fine texture to it. See? It's confused. And thanks to it's confusion, I can never make it do what I want. It has too much waviness or body or something so that I can never get it stick straight despite my best efforts with my CHI, and for reasons I don't entirely understand I can't get a nice looking curl or wave out of it, either.

Frustrating. Especially since I've spent countless hours, tears, dollars, etc. trying to get the wave OUT of my hair. I have never successfully attained this and now that I'd like it to stay, I can't get that either. Can. Not. Win.

Lately I've been using this:

I guess it helps, but it's not getting me where I want on it's own. Ok, so it would be a miracle spray if it could do that, fair enough. I either let my hair air dry, or I blow dry it a little on a low, cool setting. I don't have a diffuser, and I don't have a particularly nice hair dryer. It has ceramic/ionic settings, though. So maybe I need to upgrade that? (Note that I always think I'm in need of an upgrade.)

Ok, so then I use this:

Just a very basic 1" Revlon curling iron. Granted, this might also be the problem in the equation. I don't think this is the world's greatest curling iron by any means, but since I'm new to trying to actually amp up the curl in my hair, this is all I have. I am, of course, willing to upgrade :)

Ok, so I've watched tutorials on YouTube. I've tried the whole using my CHI to put some wave in my hair which was an epic failure. All I want is some nice beachy waves/loose curls! What am I missing here? Wrong tools? Wrong products? Wrong technique? I welcome any and all suggestions! Post them here or email me :)


Cristine said...

You should have your hair layered and thinned out with a razor-scissor. ;) really, product can help but the right style/cut goes a long way!! And try not to wash/condition every day. Your own "build-up" makes for better curls.

My sister wraps her hair (1" sections) around the closed (cheap) curling iron and gets beautifully curled hair (hers is fine and straight).

She uses Sebastion hair spray too! Love that stuff.

My hair is curly/wavey but I mostly just leave it up with curls hanging down -messy! Lol it's how I like it. I tried bangs (unvoluntarily) but it didn't work because I'm lazy and hate blowdryers.

I would definitely reccomend getting a diffuser attachment for your blowdryer.

Tips for curls: wet hair, scrunch with a lil bit of curl gel (pantene is my fave), then diffuse, then a small amount of mousse(sp?), scrunch, diffuse, then maybe spray with Sebastian... My fav mousse(sp?) is nioxine I think... It's for thinning hair but I like it for it's non-greasy feeling. Careful on the bangs part of your hair tho! I rarely put product there.

Sorry for the randomness/spelling errors... I'm in so much pain. :(

P.s never use Paul Mitchel shampoo/conditioner ew! Lol

cbenavides said...

I feel your pain. My hair isn't really wavy, but it's not straight and it NEVER holds a curl. I've started using Patene's Beautiful Locks Shampoo and Comditioner and it's helped make my hair nice and straight which is a great blank canvas for creating a style. As for getting curls, I say book an appointment with a stylist not for a cut, but for a hands-on tutorial on doing your own curls. Just like I have a professional change my oil, I would want to talk to a hair expert on what to do with my hair. Good luck!!

Danielle said...

so my hair is the same way-in between curly and straight -though definitely more curly than straight most days. however, my hair is really thin. sadly, as i've started getting grey hair [eek!] it's gotten thicker.

here is what i do:
1. use shampoo and conditioner in the shower [herbal essences, nothing fancy]==>here is what i use-the dangerously straight

use this: http://www.sallybeauty.com/GVP-Smoothing-Balm/SBS-264132,default,pd.html?cgid=Hair04 [i know it looks super ghetto but it works!!]

plus a teeny tiny bit of the same conditioner i used in the shower. the conditioner goes in first, then the straightener. i used to use beyond the zone from sally beauty supply, but i had to buy this straightener one time because they were out of beyond the zone, and it worked alot better.

3. blow dry
4. straighten with a flat iron. not a fancy one, it's just a $25 one that probably came from sally beauty supply. [it was a gift]

it comes out really straight when i do all these things. i noticed that if i just use the straightener and not the conditioner after the shower, it's not as soft and shiny, and feels more...coarse?

flip flops on lex said...

You may remember that my hair is super curly so I'm not sure if this will help with the inbetweenies such as yourself but I hate Frizz Ease. I used to use Paul Mitchell mousse and scrunch the heck out of it but my hair is so thick and i used so much that it became too expensive and was thus something I had to cut. I now use Garnier Fructis curl hold (I think that's what it is called) and I like it. You can try those products and see if they work.