October 13, 2009

Project Vanity

My husband and I recently bought our first house and one of the things I was most excited about was getting "my" vanity back. The vanity belonged to my grandmother and is about 90 years old. It has needed a lot of work for sometime now so I thought this was a good time to do it. It's been a process but I'm pretty pleased with the results! First off, what I had to buy:

- wood touch-up pens

- orange oil

- beads

- baskets

- hardware

- drawer liner

- fabric

- foam

- lighted mirror

- plywood

Before pictures:

I used the orange oil to polish the wood and restore some of it's natural shine. I used the touch-up pens for all the nicks and scratches. I also replaced the hardware with antique bronzed knobs. Next, I worked on making a brush holder. I took a small vase and filled it with beads.
Next, I worked on reupholstering the bench (with the husband's help). There were 3 layers of fabric on it, underneath which was a broken piece of plywood.
The husband built me a new seat and we were able to get to work.
New seat, foam, fabric, and a little dog who wanted to help. We cut the foam to size and covered it with the new fabric using a staple gun to secure it.
Almost done! Along the way I had cut the drawer liner to fit each drawer and placed baskets inside the 4 bigger drawers. I arranged all my makeup, added the new lighted mirror, and called it done!

And here's how I have it organized:

Perfume on top
False eyelashes, sharpener, samples, eyelash curler pad, boscia oil absorbing sheets
Last year's Tarte treasure chest. This years has 16 more eyeshadows! It sells for like $52 at Sephora, but wait until next Monday and you can get 20% off with the Friends and Family discount. That's when I got this one last year. Great, great deal!
Eyeliners, brow products, concealers, mascara
Foundation, bronzer, blushes
Lipsticks and glosses

So that's it! I'm excited to have this setup for putting my makeup on in the mornings.
How do you keep your makeup organized?

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Anonymous said...

i want you to do my makeup using ALL that stuff! sweet loot!