October 8, 2009

Recent Purchases

Apologies for the lack of posts/comments lately. My husband and I recently bought a new house and moved so life has been a little crazy. I have some new subscribers/Twitter followers/etc. so welcome to everyone and thanks for checking out my blog :)
Since things have been so crazy lately, I thought I'd just make a post with some recent purchases.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren cashmere cable knit sweater

I don't know if this is the exact one I bought because I got mine at the outlet, but it looks exactly like this. It was either $50 or $60 which is a friggin' STEAL for 100% cashmere. I know a black cable knit sweater isn't the most exciting of purchases, but being cashmere it should last for years and years which is exactly what you want out of a staple item. Very excited I got such a good deal on this!

Lauren by Ralph Lauren beaded necklace

This isn't something I would usually gravitate towards, but again I got it at the outlet at a good price so I figured why not. I can pair it with my new sweater for a traditional preppy look, or I can layer it with other necklaces for something slightly more edgy. There are several possibilities here.

Chinese Laundry Trust Me boots (FINALLY, right?)

After my last post I decided I wanted these badly enough to pay for my indecisiveness. I found them at Chinese Laundry's website (http://chineselaundry.com/) and was pleasantly surprised to learn that if I signed up for their email, I received 15% off my first purchase. Nice!

GAP Ultrafine Turtleneck Sweater in black

Again, I know a black turtleneck isn't that exciting but to me it is a staple of my fall and winter wardrobe. I wear black turtlenecks so much I have to replace mine every couple of years, so this is my newest addition. I love Gap's turtlenecks because they are reasonably priced and you always see some new styles and colors every season. I stock up every fall!

GAP Dropwaist Tunic Blouse in gray pearl

This just looked like something fun to try. You could pair it with jeans or leggings (although I have somewhat of a phobia about leggings - possibly more on that in another post), boots or flats, and it looks like you could layer it over a thin long sleeved shirt which would extend how long you can wear it. I'm excited to try this out!

Nine West Rocha in black leather

I love heels. LOVE. I just wish I had more excuses to wear them. I probably find more heels than any other type of shoe that I want to buy, but I have to be realistic (something that I hate). I probably have 30 pairs of heels and I just don't wear them enough. I wear mostly flats in my day to day life, so that's wear I try to spend my money since they get the most wear. That said, sometimes I just can't resist a pair of heels and this was definitely the case. I've been wanting something with a platform, and I thought I wanted a rounded toe but I think this was a good compromise. It's not too much of a platform and the slightly rounded point probably means these will last me longer. I got these from Piperlime, so I could read the reviews which were excellent!

So yes, pretty boring, lots of black and gray, but hey, those are good colors for fall and winter. I definitely can add plenty of personality with accessories. I made a Sephora order recently, and I have a nice, full shopping cart at Forever 21 online, so expect more purchase posts in the near future!

What have you bought for fall so far?


Danielle said...

why the legging phobia? if you wear that top with leggings and the boots, and everything is covered, it would be super cute :) as long as you wear something big on the top, i think they work. especially with boots that go over the leggings like that. [i personally never felt like i could pull off the high boots over jeans, b/c even with skinny jeans, they always look bunchy].

Katie said...

I think the leggings phobia is like the bangs phobia I had. I remember being a little kid and bangs were big and fluffy and leggings had lace on the end and they both looked awful (but I had both of them!) But like bangs, leggings look different now so I really do want to try them. I plan on buying a cheap pair and trying them out with tunics and boots :)