October 15, 2009

Things I Want...

I've picked up a few things recently (that I've posted about), but I can always find more. I don't know that I'll get all, or any of this, but for some reason doing online 'window shopping' when I'm stressed out calms me down. I plan outfits and think about how I would integrate something into my wardrobe. Anyway here are some things I'm liking:

Slouchy Ribbed Beanie - Urban Outfitters
Not only is this cute, I think it's a good solution for hiding a bad hair day. Always useful.

Black Leggings - Express
Pretty self explanatory. I want to try these out with tunics and dresses.

Skinny Jeans (These are Hudson's from Piperlime)
These will be good to wear boots over. And if I ever get skinny, I can just wear them by themselves :) However, I don't view these as a necessity just yet because I've learned a trick on how to wear boots over normal jeans. If you tight roll them and put a sock over them (hey, I didn't say it was cute), then your boots will slip right over. Of course this works for knee high boots and higher so that you cover up the funky lookings jeans/sock look. Wouldn't work with ankle boots.

I would also like more boots, the perfect leather jacket, and the perfect black bag - but I'm always on the search for these things. Suggestions are welcomed :)

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