October 3, 2009

What's It Worth?

You might remember that I recently posted about a pair of Chinese Laundry boots that I. am. loving. (Pictured above - Chinese Laundry's Trust Me boots.) Well, on Piperlime they were $99.00. Unfortunately, they sold out before I could get them in my size. I found them on Chinese Laundry's site, but they're $129.00. Ouch. That's a $30 fee for not making my mind up on time. My personal criteria in such situations is I'll pay if I can't stop thinking of said item I'm considering buying. I can't get my mind off these boots, so personally, I'm thinking of buying them. I'm uncharacteristically 2nd guessing myself though, so I've come to you - Fashion's Maven readers! - for advice.

What would you do?
How do you decide what it's worth when you really want to buy something?

Comment and let me know!


Ashley said...

Hmmm...if (a) I have the spare money, (b) I REALLY REALLY want it, and (c) I know FOR SURE that I will wear it, no ifs ands or buts about it...then I buy it. But if a or c isn't right, then I don't. lol! They do look awesome, and $30 isn't too bad!

Katie said...

I like your answer :)

Cristine said...

Are you going to WEAR the boots more than you won't be wearing them? Lol if so... Then yes.

If not... It's not really worth it.... (IMO)

Amanda @ The Mom Job said...

Buy them, size 6, ship to me.
K?Thanx.Bye. : )

(I heart Piperlime) (Buy them anyways...) (They are AWESOME)

Katie said...

Cristine - I would definitely wear them. Another vote towards buying them :)

Amanda - I think they're still available in a 6 - you should get them :)

Danielle said...

well, for me, it has to be essential. seeing as brett and i live off our student loans, something like that wouldn't be essential. not unless
(a) i absolutely needed them for something school/job related
(b) i absolutely needed them to keep warm for the winter [which really relates back to (a)].

because honestly, if i followed your method of only buying things i can't stop thinking about, i'd be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

Katie said...

Well obviously it has to be in my budget or I wouldn't ever consider it. I can't stop thinking about Chanel either, but I'm not out buying that (would be nice, though...). I'd neeeever go into debt over shopping.