November 2, 2009

Blog Award & Things That Rock

First of all, thanks so much to Fashion Therapist for this awesome blog award!

When receiving the award, each blogger must list out 7 random facts and nominate 7 other bloggers.

7 Random Facts
1. I've known my husband since we were 14. We didn't start dating until we were 21, and got married at 23. Best thing I've ever done :)
2. I get very OCD about TV shows. If I like a show, I want to see every previous episode and I will continue watching the show until it goes off the air, even if I grow to hate it. Because of this I'm very hesitant to start watching new TV shows.
3. I love excuses to celebrate. Anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day - I love them all. There are too many things in life that you can't celebrate, you might as well use any excuse you can to have fun.
4. I treat my dog like a child. He has clothes, I make up songs about him, I talk to him, we take his picture and put it in our Christmas cards...
5. I've never had a clear picture of what I wanted to be when I grow up. I'm jealous of people that do have that picture. (My husband is one of those people!)
6. I have an almost unhealthy obsession with Christmas. Needless to say it's my favorite time of year, and I consider the holiday season to begin on November 1. This basically means I give myself permission to start listening to Christmas music because I can't put up decorations until the day after Thanksgiving. This list is making it abundantly clear that I have at best a mild case of OCD.
7. I started reading fashion blogs regularly months before I ever started mine. I wanted to make sure I had a clear picture of what I wanted to say and what I wanted this whole thing to be before I started. Eventually I figured out that was never going to happen so I just did it anyway :)

If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged :)

And now on to:
Things That Rock (and some that don't) brought to you courtesy of The Mom Job

Things That Rock this week:
Ghosts, Ghouls, and Fools Party

Our friends Katie & Cullen had their annual Ghosts, Ghouls, and Fools Halloween party Friday night. We went as Rachel Zoe and her fabulously gay assistant Brad. Trust me, it was a stretch just getting my husband in the sweater vest. Anyway, it was a great time as always! And it gave me an excuse to buy a faux fur vest.

Halloween/November/Holiday Season

This is our carved pumpkins and the dog in his Halloween shirt. I love this time of year so much, so I was really happy we got to carve pumpkins this week and that we had Trick-or-Treaters on Saturday. So much fun! I get more and more excited as the season goes on, so now I'm pumped about Thanksgiving and already thinking about Christmas.

...Thing That Does Not Rock
I'm still sick! This has been going on for almost 2 weeks now. It started out as strep throat, then immediately moved to my chest and turned into bronchitis/walking pneumonia. Somewhere in there I also got laryngitis and I still have no voice, although it is much better. It has to get better eventually, right?

Ok, so I guess that's it! I've managed to link several blogs in this post, so be sure to check those out!

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