November 19, 2009

High vs. Low: Key Necklaces

Key Necklaces: Tiffany & Co. vs. Forever 21

Forever 21 version - $4.80

Tiffany & Co. Key Collection - $100 - $15,000

FYI, the closest comparable Tiffany Key to the F21 version is around $300, chain not included.
Ok, so these are similar in shape and size. Obviously the Tiffany version is much higher quality and will last you forever, but is it worth it? It depends, I guess. I personally don't know that the Tiffany Key collection is the most classic collection Tiffany has ever made. Because of that I view the key necklace as a little more trendy and I don't like to spend my money on trends. I bought the $4.80 F21 necklace today and I absolutely love it. I'm sure if you wore it day in and day out it would start to look crappy but at $4.80, you can afford to replace it many times over before you approach the Tiffany price. Also the F21 one has 2 keys so you can mix and match. It's 3 necklaces in one!

High vs. Low Verdict: Unless money is no object for you, save your money on this trend and buy the F21 version.


Monica said...

couldn't agree more!

krista said...

i bought a key necklace from f21 a couple years ago and have worn it quite often. for $4.80, it definitely is very trendy and although there is some wear on my necklace, i still get compliments on it.
definitely better than the tiffany's collection!

Scarlet Letters said...

i love the key collection, but didn't want to pull the trigger on a $150+ "trend" purchase. this is a great alternative! thanks!