December 15, 2009

'Tis the Season - $25 and under Gift Guide

I'd been wanting to do some gift guide posts for the holidays, but I wasn't sure how to divide them up. I thought about type of gift, who you'd be buying for, but the one thing that seemed universal was how much money to spend. So, first of all is $25 and under. $25 and under is a good price range for stocking stuffers, gifts for your friends or co-workers, and it's a good amount when you just need to spend a little more. Here are my picks:

A lot of my favorite websites like Sephora and JCrew have already put together gift guides, which I find really helpful if you're running out of ideas. Love all this stuff!


Britt Trotman said...

Great Gift Guide! These are great suggestions especially when you have to go to a party and have a budget for the gift.

Amanda @ The Mom Job said...

Just so you know, we'd be in a LOT of trouble if we went shopping together.

Katie said...

Thanks Britt!

Amanda - Nothing wrong with that!