December 16, 2009

'Tis the Season - $25 to $50 Gift Guide

Today's Gift Guide is for the $25 to $50 price range. These gifts make nice stocking stuffers or just good general gifts!

This is the most luxurious lipstick I've ever seen. Definitely pricey, but would be a lovely stocking stuffer :)

I think this is such a clever idea. You get samples of 10 different perfumes and then a voucher for a full sized one of your choice. Cute, right? This has some of my favorite brands like Juicy Couture, Dior, Kenzo and Dolce and Gabbana.

I know I've already showed a couple of lip products, but I think they're pretty much universally appealing. Lip glosses (and the YSL up above) are usually sheer and therefore look good on nearly everyone. Plus they just make you feel pretty :)


Danielle said...

i know this makes me sound cheap, but per the tradition that my parents started (or *ahem* santa), i never put anything in the stocking that can't be found at the local drugstore. that's right-everything in the stocking is either toiletries or candy. i was apaulled to learn when brett and i started dating that his parents put things that cost alot of money in his stocking-like video games, cds, etc. i quickly put a stop to that. we have never been people to spend tons of money on christmas, and to me it just seems wasteful to waste a great gift like a video game or cd on the stocking, where there is no excitement of unwrapping.

Fashion Therapist said...

I got the Sephora Cologne sample for my hubby. It's such a great stocking stuffer!