December 30, 2009

What I'm Wearing...

Long time, no What I'm Wearing post. Sad! Not really sure why I haven't been taking pictures, I wore a lot of cute stuff over Christmas :)
Sweater - GAP
Jeans - Old Navy
Booties - Jessica Simpson
Purse - Coach
Bracelet - Forever 21

The jeans are Old Navy's version of skinny jeans. I think straight leg jeans would be a more appropriate name. As you can see in the detailed pic of the jeans and booties, they have some room in them. That's fine with me, though. My size and shape doesn't lend itself very kindly to a traditional skinny jean :) I'm also loving my bright purple bag! I gravitate towards dark colors in the winter (who doesn't?) so it's fun to have accessories that are a pop of color.


The Byingtons said...

Cute cute all around! The purse is my fave.

Fashion Therapist said...

I love the purple bag. I personally am a bigger fan of buying a colored purse vs. black or brown.

Katie said...

Thank you both! I love carrying a bright bag, especially this time of year.