December 30, 2009

Ask Me Questions!

Questions can be fashion related, beauty related, something you've always wanted to know, or just completely random. So go ahead - ask some questions!

What I'm Wearing...

Long time, no What I'm Wearing post. Sad! Not really sure why I haven't been taking pictures, I wore a lot of cute stuff over Christmas :)
Sweater - GAP
Jeans - Old Navy
Booties - Jessica Simpson
Purse - Coach
Bracelet - Forever 21

The jeans are Old Navy's version of skinny jeans. I think straight leg jeans would be a more appropriate name. As you can see in the detailed pic of the jeans and booties, they have some room in them. That's fine with me, though. My size and shape doesn't lend itself very kindly to a traditional skinny jean :) I'm also loving my bright purple bag! I gravitate towards dark colors in the winter (who doesn't?) so it's fun to have accessories that are a pop of color.

December 29, 2009


I've posted (more than once, I think) about how I've fallen in love with many, many pairs of boots this fall and winter. Well, now I can add something else to that list - booties. It started with these:

I saw these in Dillard's when I was visiting my sister a couple of weeks ago and had to have them. I've only worn them a couple of times, but like most things I become obsessed with I've already thought of many other things I can wear them with. They're black booties - they go with everything! Of course when I find something I like, I keep looking for MORE. So here are some more that have caught my eye:

L.A.M.B. Jaycee (Love these! Can't afford them unless they go on sale more than they already are.)

I'm sure I could find many more, but I'm sure you get the idea. Booties are one of those things I wasn't sure about at first, but now that there are so many styles available, and at every price point, you can almost certainly find something you'd like if you're interested in them.

December 28, 2009


Lush is a brand I've been interested in for awhile now, but since we don't have any around here my only opportunity is to shop online. Since it's scented products that made me a little hesitant, but after watching more than my fair share of Lush haul videos on YouTube and hearing all the reviews, I'd compiled a little list (ok, it wasn't so little) of products I really wanted to try. Once they offered an amazing after Christmas sale, I had some post-holiday stress I needed to relieve, and there was some graduation money burning a hole in my bank account - well, it was a combination I couldn't resist.

This post will be about all the holiday things I got from the sale, but I might do more posts on other things I'm interested in or the rest of the things I ordered! Anyway, on to the sale:

I bought one gift, which got me one free gift and 2 holiday products, which got me 4 free! The only stipulation is that the free items have to be of equal or lesser value. Pretty standard. The product descriptions are from the Lush website!

I ordered Christmas Present:

It comes with:
Christmas Eve bubble bar (fills your tub up with fluffy white jasmine and ylang ylang bubbles)
So White (a Bath Bomb with a hint of bubble bar mixture to cover your bath with a gorgeous white rose and neroli froth)
Snowcake soap (marzipan scented)
Jingle Spells Bath Bomb (An herbal hangover cure from Santa, with twinkly stars to make you feel better)

Since I bought one, I got one and I picked the Snow Fairy Gift:

It comes with:
Snow Fairy Shower Gel (truly magical, we wait for it all year-round)
Angels Delight soap (smells of jelly beans and is inspired by a colourful kaleidoscope)
Shimmy Shimmy glitterbar (smells of soft vanilla and covers you in glitter)

I also got A Gold Star Bubble Bar:

Gold Star bubble bar is full of solar essential oils (sandalwood, frankincense and benzoin) that release enlightening aromas as you bathe and fill you with sweetness and illumination.

And Angel's Delight Soap:

It is bright pink, fruity, studded with multicoloured soap shapes and scattered with glitter and stars. It's inspired by kaleidoscopes and smells of jelly beans.

Since I bought 2, I got FOUR :)

I got 2 Christmas Morning Bubble Bars:

Bright pink water, frothy bubbles and paper streamers with the scent of tangerines. Sandalwood keeps you calm and neroli stops all your worrying.

Another Jingle Spells Bath Bomb (there's one in the gift set I ordered)

Made with with juniperberries and fennel oils to help you overcome the sensitivity to jingling bells and other loud noises the day after the Christmas Party. Get one, bathe in its purple waters with gold, silver and black stars, and let it work its magic.

And lastly, I got a Green Party Bath Bomb:

Galbanum essential oil, with its lovely musky scent, is ever so slightly narcotic, so we've put it into our Green Party bath bomb with sensual ylang ylang and stimulating bergamot. This way you'll have a fabulous, ethical, and perfectly legal party when it hits the warm bathwater and fizzes recycled colored paper confetti all over the place.

Whew! It's going to take me awhile to try all of that out. But all I paid for was 1 gift, 1 bubble bar and a soap. Along with all the free stuff I also had a $10 off code. It was a great deal all around! I can't wait to try it all! I'm kind of obsessed with all things Lush right now, so if that's all I post about this week - don't be shocked.

I hope everyone has been having a fabulous holiday season and that we all have a safe and happy New Year!

December 23, 2009

Last Minute Gift

In need of a last minute gift? Shop It To Me is offering magazine subscriptions for $5! There's Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire and many more. Head on over here for a full list of $5 magazines for yourself or to give as a gift!

December 16, 2009

'Tis the Season - $25 to $50 Gift Guide

Today's Gift Guide is for the $25 to $50 price range. These gifts make nice stocking stuffers or just good general gifts!

This is the most luxurious lipstick I've ever seen. Definitely pricey, but would be a lovely stocking stuffer :)

I think this is such a clever idea. You get samples of 10 different perfumes and then a voucher for a full sized one of your choice. Cute, right? This has some of my favorite brands like Juicy Couture, Dior, Kenzo and Dolce and Gabbana.

I know I've already showed a couple of lip products, but I think they're pretty much universally appealing. Lip glosses (and the YSL up above) are usually sheer and therefore look good on nearly everyone. Plus they just make you feel pretty :)

December 15, 2009

'Tis the Season - $25 and under Gift Guide

I'd been wanting to do some gift guide posts for the holidays, but I wasn't sure how to divide them up. I thought about type of gift, who you'd be buying for, but the one thing that seemed universal was how much money to spend. So, first of all is $25 and under. $25 and under is a good price range for stocking stuffers, gifts for your friends or co-workers, and it's a good amount when you just need to spend a little more. Here are my picks:

A lot of my favorite websites like Sephora and JCrew have already put together gift guides, which I find really helpful if you're running out of ideas. Love all this stuff!

December 14, 2009

'Tis the Season

I know that to give is supposed to be better than to receive but let's be honest - it's nice to get gifts, too. This week I plan on doing some gift guide posts for others, but let's kick off the week with things we hope to get for ourselves :)

(I've never had one, so I'm not sure if I want the Curve 8900 or the Bold. If you have a Blackberry, let me know what you think!)

Coach Maggie (in purple)
I know a lot of people aren't big fans of Coach, and I don't particularly like the canvas bags covered in logos, but I think some of their leather bags are really nice and at an affordable price point. Love this one!

Coach Bejeweled Keyfob
I need a new keyring and maybe with something like this it'll be easier to find my keys in my purse.

(Ok confession: I already know I'm getting both of the Coach things because I picked them out in the store with my husband today. We're lame and pick out our own Christmas presents!)

Urban Outfitters slouchy ribbed beanie
I developed a love for hats over the summer so I'm dying for something like this to get me through winter. Not that it gets particulary cold here, but I'll wear it anyway.

Ok, everyone else's turn! Make your own post or comment with what you're hoping to get this holiday season!