January 22, 2010


Websites like Shopbop are my favorites to go to for inspiration. They carry tons of brands, all kinds of clothes, accessories - almost anything you could want. Shopbop carries lines in a pretty wide range price wise, so there are plenty of things I can't come close to affording but that doesn't bother me. Like I said, it's good for inspiration so if I see something I love but can't afford, I just file it away and try to keep an eye out for something similar that's a little easier on my bank account. Whenever I make little "lists" like this though I do try to keep it to things I can reasonably buy. I like this blog to be a snapshot of the ways I really do and really can put things together. Enough rambling - on to what I was looking at tonight. Jewelry!

Yes, I know there are three House of Harlow pieces. I got my first pair of House of Harlow earrings this week and I'm obsessed. I also know two of them are keys. I wouldn't wear them together :)


Fashion Therapist said...

Hey! Maybe it was your post that brought you luck but you won my House of Harlow Giveaway. :) CONGRATS!

Email me your address when you get a chance at fashiontherapist@gmail.com.

Congrats again!

Katie said...

Oh wow, thanks so much! Emailing you now :)