March 11, 2010

What I'm Wearing... Birthday Edition

Tank - American Eagle
Cardigan - Express
Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - GAP
Bag - Coach
Sunglasses - American Eagle
Bracelet - Express
Necklace - Dogeared
Earrings - American Eagle

Wore this over the weekend to celebrate my birthday with my family. I got the floral tank last year for my birthday and was pretty obsessed with it. I wore it repeatedly with a bright yellow cardigan. I finally stopped when my Mom referred to it as 'that sweater you wear all the time'. Eek. I love both pairs of my Tory Burch Revas that I neglect the rest of my flats collection, so I made the effort to wear a different pair of black flats for a change. Crazy, I know. Anyway I like that this outfit is a nice mixture of winter and spring because that's how the weather is right now. The bursts of color were nice to wear since I was celebrating my birthday, which is actually today.
Happy Birthday to me! (Yep, I'm shameless and promote my own birthday.)


Beauty H2T said...

Happy Birthday Katie! Hope you have had a lovely weekend and today is just as good.

Outfit is so cute, love it


DiamondsandTulle said...

Happy Birthday Katie! Love the colors on that top. Mom's always know "the right thing" to say [to bug you] don't they?! Have a wonderful day!

xx Vivian @

Little Miss Lee said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

I celebrate my birthday all month! No shame at all;)

The outfit IS the perfect blend of seasons! I love it!

Krislyn said...

happy birthday! i'm in love with that purple purse!

Katie said...

Thank you everyone!

Leah said...

I love the prints of your top... so perfect for spring. xoxo

LaToya said...

Just found yorur blog! Happy bday! I adore that bracelet!

Katie said...

Leah - Thanks, I agree! Love wearing this top when the weather starts to change.

LaToya - Thank you! Checked your blog out as well :)

Nina said...

How chic you look for your birthday!

Katie said...

Thanks Nina! I think I'm already addicted to the new cardigan. Have worn it again and can think of several other things I want to wear it with!