April 30, 2010

What I'm Loving...

It's Friday! So let's do another what I'm loving post, hmm?

Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade
Hello, favorite spring and summer drink. There's not much to say except this is delicious. And pretty. And refreshing. Why aren't you drinking one right now?

Other Lives
I bought Other Lives self titled album on iTunes this week and I'm completely obsessed. "Black Tables" is the song I currently have on repeat and it's just stunningly beautiful. It's only like $7.99 for the whole album, but at least go and cough up the $0.99 for "Black Tables". You won't regret it.

J. Crew Catalog

Self explanatory, no? Looking at good catalogs is like looking at a good fashion magazine editorial spread. Plus it's a super easy way to get inspiration for outfits you want to put together. My coffee table has the current months stack of fashion magazines on the right and the current catalogs on the left. Love it!

Wedding Season!
First an explanation - if you've never seen the above graphic, it's from a t-shirt that I'm sure you can still find at Busted Tees. One of my bridesmaids gave it to me to wear to my Bachelorette Party and it's pretty much the most entertaining thing I've ever worn. Everyone should wear one at their Bachelorette Party :) Anyway, being almost May it's about to be what I consider wedding season. I love weddings! I love the parties, I love looking at registries, I love getting all dressed up for the big event. We have several weddings to go to in the next few months including one where I'm a bridesmaid so there will be a lot going on and I'm excited for it :)

Ok, so that's What I'm Loving right now! What about you?

April 29, 2010

Essie Resort Collection

Clearly we all know about my nail polish addiction, right? Right. One of Essie's new collection, the Resort Collection is calling my name. Here's what's in it:
I'm most interested in Lapis of Luxury and Turquoise and Caicos. This looks like a fun, summery collection and I'm eager to try it out. 
Which one is your favorite?

April 27, 2010

Dream Bags

Everyone has a dream bag (or 2), right? It can't be just me. Here are mine:

Chanel Classic Flap
Ohhh this is the dream. THE dream. I will own this one day, I've made up my mind, but there's no telling when. Let's not think about that too much or I might start to cry. This is the true classic bag. This bag started as the 2.55 (because it was issued in February 1955) by Coco Chanel herself, but you can thank the 'CC' lock to Karl Lagerfeld (thank you, Kaiser). There's a lot of history to this bag. You should read up on it if that kind of thing interests you. There's a story behind every single detail from the quilting (classic Chanel) to the chains (has to do with Coco's upbringing in an orphanage) to the lock (already covered that). Seeing how versions of this have been around for 55 years I'm not worried about it going out of style any time soon.

Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy
I know the monogram is probably more popular but I personally like the damier better. Again, this is just such a classic bag, classic in shape and style, and has been around FOREVER. Everyone I've ever known with a LV loves it and say they carry it with everything. Still high in price but not nearly as absurd as my Chanel Classic Flap. In an effort to convince my husband to buy me a LV last year I pointed out that the prices are raised quarterly (they really are, I wasn't lying) so the sooner we bought it, the more we saved in the long run. This logic didn't pan out as well as I had hoped. 

Ok, those are my top dream bags so now I want to know what yours are! 
Leave a comment and tell me :)

April 26, 2010

Sephora 15% Off Sale

Fun things first! The beautiful Beauty H2T tagged me to answer some questions. Here we go:

1. What is your ring size? Um... I don't know, actually. I've obviously been sized before, not sure why this isn't something I know...
2. What color can you absolutely not wear? Really pale colors that look too close to my skin tone aren't flattering.
3. If you were to be a character on Winnie the Pooh, who would you be? Interesting. Tigger. Not because I'm bouncy or anything, but because I like the song. I'm sure you all know it :)
4. How many keys are on your keyring? My car key, the key to my house, and the key to my parents house. I think that's it. I used to have a couple that I didn't know what they were for and the last time I got a new keyring I just threw them away. I didn't know what else to do with them!
5. What's your favorite eye color? Blue! I have blue eyes, as does everyone else in my family, but my husband does not so I guess I won't be passing that on. I mean it could happen, but it's a pretty small chance. 
6. What would your dream date consist of, and with who? I'll be nice and say it's with my husband :) This is going to sound really boring, but I'm perfectly happy going to have dinner at a good restaurant, maybe eating outside, having a glass of wine, then walking around, maybe see a movie or go to a bookstore or something. Yeah, not exciting at all, but still fun :)
7. What's your all time FAVORITE candy? Mmm probably Twix. Chocolate and caramel, can't beat that.

Now I get to tag a few people to do this as well! I tag:

What did I end up getting with my 15% off at Sephora?

Sephora by OPI in It's Bouquet With Me. Part of the Modern Flower Collection. You can also get mini versions of all the nail polishes in that collection.
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Rockstar (dark purple), Bourbon (glimmering dark brown) and Zero (black). These are really, really nice quality eye liners. At $17 a piece, I'd try and wait for a Sephora sale or use a $5 off at Ulta coupon. Definitely worth it though.
NARS Orgasm Illuminator. I bought this and wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do with it. I'm still not, actually. But like all the products in the Orgasm line (yeah, I'm not making that up, NARS has made a bunch of different products now with that name) it has the gorgeous pinky/peach color that is universally flattering. I'm thinking maybe I can use this in place of blush once it's summer, or use it under blush to add more depth, or add a drop to my foundation/tinted moisturizer since it is an illuminator. Whatever, it's gorgeous.
Yves Saint Laurent Ombres 5 Lumieres 5 Color Harmony For Eyes in 08 Midnight (pictured with and without flash). According to the description shades include: dark gray shimmer, matte black, silver shimmer, vibrant pink shimmer, and matte eggplant. If you're having trouble making sense of that the matte black down the middle is an eyeliner (I figured as much given the size of it, but it would be nice if that was noted on the webpage). Bottom left is pink, top left is dark gray, top right is silver, and bottom right is eggplant.

Ok, so that's what I got with links to everything if you want to take a look at purchasing any of it yourself. Did anyone else make use of the 15% off at Sephora? Share what you bought if you did! And if not, what's the last makeup related thing you bought?

April 23, 2010

What I'm Loving...

Just a few things I love right now...

Where I live we get a very small window of spring before it becomes full on summer. Recently we're actually having some nice, springlike weather so I'm enjoying it while it lasts!

Liberty of London for Target Candle
I got this in the Lotus and White Flower scent and I'm obsessed with it. It smells so light, and fresh and I love the packaging as well. I think it was under $10, too so great deal!

This could always go on my list, but I love all my fashion magazines. It's great to curl up with a stack of your favorite magazines and know you'll feel relaxed for the next couple of hours while you flip through them!

Project Runway
After last night it's over (for the season that is), and this was definitely not my favorite season but it's still one of my favorite shows. What'd you think? Were you happy with the outcome? Hoping for a more exciting season next time? 

Ok, that's just a few things I'm loving right now! What about you? Just excited that it's Friday? :)

April 22, 2010

What I'm Wearing...

Another attempt to take outfit pictures myself during the day...
Had to try and use the patio because when I went out in the yard...
Someone kept trying to join me. I kept asking him to get out of the shot, but he won't cooperate and thus, I look angry. 
Animals. Difficult to work with.

Cardigan - Express
Shirt - Limited
Cami - Limited
Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - White House, Black Market
Sunglasses - Chanel
Don't think you can see them, but the earrings are Limited as well. 

I'm suffering from a severe lack of energy lately that I'm not enjoying. Any suggestions? What do you do for energy? 

Thank you so much for every single comment, email, Tweet - all of it! I appreciate it all so, so much. Love getting to communicate with everyone on here :)

April 20, 2010

Everyday Makeup Look

Ok, so this is my contest entry for The Current Custom where you show your everyday makeup routine. Um, I don't really have an everyday routine because I tend to switch it up, so this is A everyday routine :) Actually, probably a little more involved then I would on a normal day, but I never know what I'm going to use on what day. I could use all of this. Anyway, here we go:
Eep. This might get deleted later... anyway, start with a clean, moisturized face. (Have I mentioned I decided to do this at the END of the day? Don't ask why.)
DiorSkin Nude Foundation, about 1.5 pumps.
Apply it with my fingers, then blend with my MAC 190 or a sponge.
Make Up For Ever HD Powder applied with a Sonia Kashuk powder brush to set the foundation.
Amazing Cosmetics concealer with a Sonia Kashuk nylon concealer brush. This stuff is SUPER concentrated. Don't know if you can tell because of the flash but you need an unbelievably tiny amount.
NARS Laguna bronzer with the Sonia Kashuk powder brush. Honestly don't really love this stuff, but I want to use it up. Nice product, just not great on me.
BeneFit Sugarbomb as blush (although I've heard of using is just as a powder... hmm...) applied with my MAC 129 blush.
The illuminator end of my Jemma Kidd concealer/hi-liter on my cheekbones.
BeneFit Brow Zing kit for my eyebrows (duh). Everything you need in one kit!
Urban Decay Primer Potion on my eyelids. Sometimes I just put a little concealer instead to save on time. I don't think the UDPP is entirely necessary unless you're doing a dramatic, or kinda of complicated eyeshadow look and you need to make sure all the colors are staying in place just right. For a light or well blended daytime look you don't need this as much.
BeneFit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Birthday Suit and BeneFit Velvet Eyeshadow in Fawn Over Me (L) and Where There's Smoke (R). Birthday Suit applied all over lid with my fingers, Fawn Over Me applied all over with the MAC 239 and Where There's Smoke applied in the crease and outer V with the MAC 217.
Curl lashes with Shu Uemura eyelash curler, apply Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash and Dior DiorShow Extase mascaras and L'Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense winged out on the upper lashline.
Apply MAC Blot Powder around eyes and nose

And that's it! Like I said, this is just an example of using pretty much all possible products. And the finished result:
I call it - "I had to go in the bathroom and take pictures really fast because my husband was trying to go to bed and my camera was dying".

Catchy name, huh?

April 19, 2010

Things I Want...

Just a few things that a weekend of catching up on blogs and magazines has made me want :)

First off, I was reading one of my faves, dea diaries, and she showed some lovely new summery sandals she got:
Aren't they fabulous?
Get this... $30. At Target.
Already sold out online :( So, they're probably hard to get but you all know how stubborn I can get so we'll see how that goes. 

J. Crew T-shirts
I can't remember the exact name of the style I like. I know it's the tissue thin... boyfriend something or other maybe? Oh who knows. It's thin, it's loose fitting but not baggy, it's amazing and I'd like a million of them.

I have one of those cards for Express where you can get $10-$30 off depending on how much you spend.
Saw this in the window the last time I was there so it's at the top of my list. Maybe not in that color, but in the right one I think it would be cute!

I thought there was more on my list, but I have my Sephora order on the way, and I might be back at Ulta with a $5 coupon because I think nail polish is on sale this week. Little tip - most magazines put a $5 off any $10 or more purchase at Ulta, so flip through any magazines you have around! I collected $25 in coupons this afternoon cleaning out my stash!
What's on your want list right now?

April 15, 2010

What I'm Wearing...

Tank, shrug, jeans - Old Navy
T-shirt - J Crew
Shoes - American Eagle
Earrings - Express
Necklace - Banana Republic
Gold vermeil bangles (bottom in accessory pic) - Argento Vivo
Other bangles - Unknown

I wanted to do a yellow/white/gold outfit because I love wearing these colors during spring. The picture didn't catch it, but the tank is ombre and the t-shirt is one of the tissue thin ones from J Crew, so you could tell how the color became richer which I really like. Also wanted to add a little touch of color to my makeup, shown in the last (possibly scary) picture. Subtle enough that you couldn't really see the blue from a distance, but still fun :)

April 14, 2010

House of Harlow and Winter Kate

I know I've posted before about my love for Nicole Richie's House of Harlow line, and listed plenty of things that I love from the line. Well, now she has a new line, Winter Kate! So far Shopbop only has 3 pieces:
I'm excited to see the rest. Since it has started, House of Harlow has grown to include a shoe line as well that I also like. Sometimes celebrity designers get on my nerves, but I like Nicole Richie's sense of style and I like what she's doing with her lines. I now own 3 pieces of House of Harlow jewelry and I LOVE them all. Here's what I have:
Horseshoe Stacking Ring
This was on my wish list and then I was fortunate enough to win it in a contest from the lovely Fashion Therapist! Love this.

Mini key necklace
I asked for this for my birthday and my Mom is really good at buying directly from the links I send her :) Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Black resin and black stone earrings
This was one of the first pieces released, I believe. Shopbop doesn't carry them anymore, and I got mine from Saks but I'm not sure they are carrying them anymore either. You can still find them on Amazon if you're interested though. Love these a lot, pretty sure I've worn them in some outfit posts.
 So, do you like any celebrity fashion lines? Which ones?

Bren over at Chasing Beauty was gracious enough to give me TWO different blog awards! Thanks so much Bren! 
First up, I heart your blog:
Which I would like to pass on to:

Next is the Sunshine Award:
Which I want to pass on to:

Enjoy and pass them on to some of your favorite bloggers as well! Hope everyone is having a Happy Wednesday! (Who watched Lost last night? It's getting crazy, kids.)