April 19, 2010

Things I Want...

Just a few things that a weekend of catching up on blogs and magazines has made me want :)

First off, I was reading one of my faves, dea diaries, and she showed some lovely new summery sandals she got:
Aren't they fabulous?
Get this... $30. At Target.
Already sold out online :( So, they're probably hard to get but you all know how stubborn I can get so we'll see how that goes. 

J. Crew T-shirts
I can't remember the exact name of the style I like. I know it's the tissue thin... boyfriend something or other maybe? Oh who knows. It's thin, it's loose fitting but not baggy, it's amazing and I'd like a million of them.

I have one of those cards for Express where you can get $10-$30 off depending on how much you spend.
Saw this in the window the last time I was there so it's at the top of my list. Maybe not in that color, but in the right one I think it would be cute!

I thought there was more on my list, but I have my Sephora order on the way, and I might be back at Ulta with a $5 coupon because I think nail polish is on sale this week. Little tip - most magazines put a $5 off any $10 or more purchase at Ulta, so flip through any magazines you have around! I collected $25 in coupons this afternoon cleaning out my stash!
What's on your want list right now?


Leah said...

That sandals is fabulous... I want it too. It's perfect for spring! xoxo

Josie said...

Cynthia Vincent's collection for Target is GORGEOUS -- love these wedges. And I as well am a huge fan of J.Crew Ts!
xxoo Josie

Marcie said...

Those shoes are great! I just finished a piece on my summer favorites and may need to edit :)

Thanks for sharing!


CC said...

My want list right consists of things that are way too expensive for me to afford so if you ever come across somone looking to do a little charity, give back to society and all, point them in my direction, okay? ;)
On a slightly more sane note, love the wedges!

kirstyb said...

i want that pink tee x

Tangy Tidbits (Tina Tang Team) said...

I love target! I always get my plain tees from there! lol

Hmmm, I think a cute pair of wedges and summer dresses! You can never have too many dresses! Have any suggestions??


Valerie said...

Those sandals are amazing and so cheap! And I love the tissue tees. xo

Lorena said...

I can't believe they sold out already !
I had them on my list... :(

Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life said...

I want those sandals too!! I can't believe they are sold out!! Maybe they will get more later?? Cute post. I think I need to do one of these!! I ahve a lot on my list!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!

Elle said...

I bought those sandals tooo!!! Sounds like everyone did - they're soo comfy and such a steal!

A.Co said...

Sold out already? WOW! That was a fast!

Good work on collecting the coupons!

On my want-list right now is Christian Louboutin shoes for my wedding! ... Whether that will happen... is a different story.

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Fashion Meets Food said...

How fabulous are those sandals! I definitely would like those!

Tiffany said...

I just bought those wedges! Luckily I remembered the launch of cynthia vincent at target so I got on target.com when they showed up on the website and ordered them. I've never owned Target shoes before so we'll see how I like them but I got two pairs, one in black and one in yellow.

Kristin said...

Target? What? Killer wedges!

moochelo said...

love that pink shirt and the jeans. :) can't wait for summer yeah?? :D

thanks for the comment <3


BarelyVogue said...

I go these exact wedges from target. Can you believe I am sz 8 and bought sz 10 as I could not find mine. Still they aren't too big for some reason. Ha ha ha

Chloe said...

Whew, I'm glad I ordered the CV shoes online early Sunday morning- I wasn't sure if they'd sell out or not! So hard to tell with some of the Target lines, ya know?

maria said...

very nice shoes! I have a similar pair..

Sarah said...

Those wedges are amazing! and so cheap too! No target here though... :-(


Amanda Lalique said...

my wishlist: fun wedges, neutral plain t's to layer, long/thin cardigans
(I just bought some great black shoes and a cream Marc bag already)!

I am following your blog now