May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

I spent yesterday at the lake in a version of this (couldn't find exact pics):

 ... and loving every minute of it :)
How are you spending your Memorial Day weekend? More importantly - what are you wearing?

Hope you're having fun!
(Hopefully I get my laptop back today! YAY!)

May 28, 2010

What I'm Loving...

It's Friday! Hope everyone has fun plans for the long weekend! Here's what I'm loving:

American Idol
Oh. American Idol. Like a fool I always watch expecting them to actually showcase some good talent. Needless to say I'm disappointed a lot. This season was one of the bigger disappointments in my opinion. I had gotten behind the Crystal/Lee finale because they probably were the best 2 of that Top 12, BUT I really wanted Crystal to win! Oh well. I guess I'll move on. Congrats, Lee. Because I'm sure you're reaeding fashion blogs right about now.

Pomegranate Green Tea
I'm not the world's biggest tea drinker, but this stuff caught my eye so I bought it. I'm a sucker for marketing. It's taking some getting used to, but I'm really starting to like it. I even actually drink it hot and don't put any sugar in it, which consindering I'm from the South is pretty impresssive :)

Memorial Day Weekend
My husband is off work, my sister is in town - who doesn't love a holiday weekend?! We have a very busy one planned with both families, a wedding, a day at the lake, and celebrating my Mom's birthday. I'm going to need a holiday nap after all of that... what are your plans for the weekend?

Sex and the City 2
You didn't seriously think after a kajillion posts this wouldn't make the list, did you? I suppose the true shocker is that I haven't been to see it yet! If you follow me on Twitter I mentioned that I was waiting on my sister to get in town. I can't wait!

As also mentioned on Twitter, my laptop is sickly right now and being fixed so I'm on the desktop which is just not great for blogging and commenting, so apologies for being slightly absent this week. I did the whole Sex and the City series at one time and had it scheduled, so there wasnn't a lapse in posting this week, but it's been difficult to keep up with others blogs and comments. I'm trying though! Hopefully I'll have my laptop back in a couple of days. If not, I'll have another freak out on Twitter.

Ok, so that's What I'm Loving right now! What about you?

May 27, 2010

Sex and the City - The Fashion

To finish up my Sex and the City series, I figured we would end on another fashion post. Here's the rest of the InStyle article I first featured, covering Carrie's craziest looks, and the best of the rest.

The Craziest

The "Around the Way" Look
“Once in a while I think to myself, ‘Oh geez, what was that?’” admitted Field of some of Carrie’s more out-there looks. “Pat would call this an ‘Around the Way’ look,” said Weinberg of the wild Chanel blouse Carrie wore with tie-dye leggings and a bright blue do-rag in Season 3. “Like a girl from the ‘hood.” But this was a TV show, not a fashion show. “This look is Carrie goes to Cartoon Land,” said Rubenstein. “But does it make me laugh? Of course!”  

Pat's Patchwork Coat
“Oh my god! This was Pat’s personal jacket,” said Weinberg of the multi-colored suede coat Carrie wore in Season 3. “This is when she’s in a furniture store in the West Village and meets Aidan, so it’s kinda odd-ball.” Polka-dots worn with patchworks is a hefty pairing for even the most fearless, but it didn't impress everyone. “I love the blouse, I love the pants, but I don’t love the coat. This look is more Pat than Carrie,” mused Rubenstein. “There’s a streak of outrageousness that runs through Carrie’s wardrobe and personality, and that, you have to remember, comes from Pat Field.” 

Carrie's Not-So-Classic Nautical
  “They look like a girl pop group!” laughed Weinberg of Carrie and Samantha’s nod to the high sea. “Sometimes we’d tie their looks together and sometimes we’d clash them. This was definitely an Artie and Eric moment.” She’s referring to the series’ costume assistants, Artie Hach and Eric Daman (Daman is now Gossip Girl’s costume designer). “She could be cruising in Monaco or walking the highline!” countered Daman. "Her snap cap keeps it totally modern." 

Carrie's Vintage Striped Suit
Weinberg described the cropped suit Carrie wore to walk Aidan's pup in season 4 as "very Joe DiMaggio, 1939 Yankees. That was my look at the time. She’s wearing an applejack cap, like I always did, it’s got a wider body than a newsboy cap. We bought it at an old hat shop near the 8th Avenue train station.” 

The "Running Errands" Romper
To go marketing in Season 4, Carrie wore a Claude Peirlot romper and Prada coat with Fendi shoes and a Dior frame bag. “She could be from the film Breathless in 1959 or a modern day Caroline Kennedy with those little '40s shorts,” said Weinberg. “Carrie was the first [girl] to openly embrace the romper, be it knit, charmeuse or terry,” Daman told us. “Rompers are currently one of the biggest trends going—talk about cutting-edge!”  

The Do-Rag/Prom Dress Combo
“Anytime she puts that rag on her head I kind of hold my breath,” said Rubenstein of the Hermes scarf Carrie paired with a pink vintage dress in Season 3. “This looks like something Katy Perry would wear to the Grammys!” said Weinberg. “Those white Manolo pointed-pumps—it was like a Catholic schoolgirl gone bad look. Nobody was doing that then.” 

The Visible Bra Look
When Carrie let her black lacy bra peek out of her Marni camisole in Season 5, fashion laws were re-written, as her underwear as outerwear look couldn’t be more relevant today. “Carrie kept it street and chic by mixing urban accessories with a playful blouse,” said Daman. “This look has still got edge!” 

The Best of the Rest 

Carrie's Fur Coat
“We got that coat at [N.Y.C. designer consignment shop] Ina for $200 and we used it many, many ways,” said Weinberg of the fur Carrie debuted in Season 1 and continued to wear throughout the series. “Ina let us borrow it at first because we weren’t sure if SJP would wear it because it’s raccoon—it stank!” 

The "Meet Carrie!" Outfit
"This is Carrie's ‘How do you do?’ moment,” said Rubenstein of the demure Romeo Gigli dress Carrie wore early on in Season 1 and instantly had fans at hello. “This show wouldn’t have been a success if we didn’t fall in love with Carrie." As for Weinberg? “I think she looks like a candy striper,” she said. 

The Entrance-Maker
Weinberg explained the thinking behind Carrie’s sexy vintage lace minidress from Season 1:. “This was definitely a ‘let’s put her in a sexy, close-fitting dress moment.' Was it spectacular? No, but you could put SJP in a pair of inside-out sweatpants and a pair of Manolo Blahniks and she’d look good,” she said. Offered Rubenstein, “Carrie wouldn’t wear jeans to a club because you want to make an entrance at a club.” 

The Masterfully Mixed Outfit
“The mix of the heavy metal belt and the soft feminine floral print is so Carrie,” said Daman of her colorful ensemble from Season 2. “She changed fashion by showing you can belt almost anything and her mixing of metals—the gold bag with the sterling belt—was very fashion forward.” The perfect look for a day of shoe shopping to go with all those $5 vintage dresses! “Carrie taught us that you don’t go shopping in a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, you go shopping dressed as if you’ve already bought something!” noted Rubenstein. 

The Fendi Baguette
“This is the beginning of the Fendi metamorphoses when every bag she carried was a Fendi. The store was really great to us at that time. They would just be like, ‘Take whatever!’” said Weinberg. “Eventually, the Baguette became a status symbol. But in that moment, we were literally creating around the Fendi bag: ‘Let’s create an outfit to go with this Fendi bag and then that Fendi bag!’” 

Carrie's "Cover-Up"
“Shazam! Who else could make a sequined caftan so sexy and playboy apropos?” said Daman of sheer vintage tunic Carrie wore on a girls weekend in Miami in Season 3. “The elegance and simplicity of her black bikini with the flash and sheer dash of the cover-up are a perfect demonstration of Carrie's take on fabulous—a timeless mix of class and sass!” 

The Engagement Ring Necklace
In Season 4, Carrie paired a classic white Badgley Mischka gown with her engagement ring (worn as a necklace much to Aidan’s dismay). “This look doesn’t really characterize the beginning of Carrie. This is what she evolved to—it was a symbolic time,” said Weinberg. “This look is real New York sophistication,” agreed Rubenstein. “Every girl would love to be Audrey Hepburn for just one scene, and this scene is SJP’s.” 

The Forgotten Sweater
“This is such a Roberto Cavalli moment. We had that top for years in our wardrobe. I think we bought it at a sample sale,” said Weinberg. And fittingly the plot followed their lead—Carrie stumbled upon the forgotten sweater while cleaning out her closet in Season 4. “I didn’t love this then, but I do love it now,” added Rubenstein. 

Carrie's Statement-Making Coat
Of the nude Calvin Klein dress and colorful vintage coat Carrie wore in Season 6, Weinberg said, “That’s another one of those ‘I threw it on looks’ kind of looks, but she totally made it work!” Indeed, fans everywhere took inspiration from Carrie's style. “This is the Carrie where you start taking notes,” said Rubenstein. “In other cities a coat is just used for warmth and for transportation, in N.Y.C. we see your outerwear, so your outerwear really needs to make a statement.” 

The "Date With The Russian" Dress
“Late in Seasons 6, Carrie fell in love with Petrovsky, the Russian artist who wanted her to live in Paris. All of a sudden her world became about ballet, art and Paris and once again the clothes make a shift,” said Rubenstein. Here Carrie wore an Oscar de la Renta dress to the Met on their first date. “The clothes became more serious.” 

The Compromising Boots
Shopping in Paris, Carrie wore a pink Betsey Johnson bustier, Lanvin coat and knee-high boots (which were to blame for a horrifying tumble in the exclusive Dior boutique). Said Weinberg: “The boots compromised the outfit's sophistication, and the bustier stood out. This all looks a little bit mismatched to me, which was obviously purposeful.” Agreed Rubenstein: “Carrie never did anything accidentally—she knows exactly what she’s doing!” 

Carrie's Home Again Fur
“This is Carrie shaking off whatever she left in Paris,” said Rubenstein of the colorful vintage outfit she topped with her signature coat after Big rescued her in Season 6. “She’s back in N.Y.C. which is all about a series of clashing: mixing high and low, uptown and downtown. This is when Carrie’s real style takes over again.” 

The Very Carrie Suit
“There’s an exuberance here,” said Rubenstein about Carrie’s cream Ralph Lauren suit from the first film. “She is so happy to be in N.Y.C. and in love with Big.” Of the city that made Carrie famous, Weinberg explained, “She could be ambiguous here: You didn’t know how much money she had or where she came from. [She could] be anything or everything!” 

The Vivienne Westwood Wedding Dress
"Carrie was always the eclectic girl," said Pat Field, so what better dress for her to get married in than an anything-but-ordinary Vivienne Westwood wedding gown. “Pat created the ultimate look for the ultimate day,” said Rubenstein. “I would never want to see anyone in real life wear that blue green feather head dress on their veil, but if Carrie didn’t have some thing so out of the ordinary, I would’ve been incredibly disappointed!” 

Carrie's Vintage Prints
“I do love labels, but I love all kinds of intelligent clothing,” said Pat Field, and her continual use of vintage in the first film proved it. Fields must love intelligent accessories too: She added an Eiffel Tower bag by Timmy Woods to the one-of-a-kind outfit—an homage to the city that finally brought Big and Carrie together! 

The Mesh Pumps
“The '80s were always important to Pat,” said Weinberg. “She came from the nightlife and club scene and has always been influenced by that.” Leave it to Field to create instant must-haves by adding an edgy, statement belt to a seemingly simple pink shift or putting '80s mesh around a perfectly simple Dior pump. 

Tutu Number 2!
“That skirt was actually a slip under a gown. It was so pretty! I was like, 'Let me make this a skirt and put it with a T-shirt,'” Field said of the purple skirt and J’adore Dior T-shirt that Carrie wore in the sequel. “It had that same quirkiness as that short tutu from the series’ intro scene.” 

Pictures and commentary from InStyle.

PopSugar TV told me about a recent video they did with Pat Field about the 2nd movie, so of course I thought you would want to see that!

Ok, it took me 2 weeks and a lot of long posts, but that wraps up my Sex and the City series! I had a lot of fun with it and hope you all enjoyed it as well :)  

May 26, 2010

Sex and the City - Seasons 5 & 6

Continuing with my Sex and the City series, today's post covers my favorite episodes from seasons 5 (the shortest season) and 6 (the final season)!

Season 5 

 Episode 68 - Unoriginal Sin
''Is hope a drug we need to go off of, or is it keeping us alive?''

Summary - In the midst of a sexual and creative dry spell, Carrie lands a book deal; Samantha forgives Richard; Miranda agrees to have Brady baptized to please Steve's mom; Charlotte drags Carrie to a seminar for the unlucky-in-love.
Trivia - Guest stars include Steve's ''Ma,'' Mary Brady (Anne Meara); Courtney (Amy Sedaris) and Lily (Molly Shannon), Carrie's book publishers.
Quotes - ''I am not getting laid, therefore I'm getting laid off.'' - Carrie
Why I Love It - The 5th season is the shortest and in some ways moves slow, but I love the episodes like this. The main characters are all going through difficult things in one way or another, and having a baptism was a beautiful way to show them washing away some things that had happened.

Episode 70 - Cover Girl
"Are we being too quick to judge judgment?"

Summary - Carrie judges Samantha for ''servicing'' her delivery guy; at Weight Watchers, Miranda hooks up with an overeater who indulges in her after they share a Krispy Kreme.
Trivia - When the girls go to review book covers the third book they pick up is called, "Shame, Shame go away." The picture on the cover is that of Michael Patrick King, executive producer.
Quotes - "To single women everywhere, and one in particular... my good friend Charlotte, the eternal optimist, who always believes in love." - Carrie, in her book dedication.
Why I Love It - In one way or another, the girls are all trying to figure out who they still are. This season was so different than the previous ones which made it interesting to watch.

Episode 74 - I Love a Charade
"When it comes to saying 'I do', is a relationship a relationship without the zsa zsa zsu?"

Summary - At the Hamptons wedding of a presumed-to-be-gay man and a society dame, Carrie flirts with a now single Berger; Harry tells Charlotte he'll only marry a Jew; Samantha hurls a cantaloupe at Richard's floozies. Oh, yes, and Miranda sleeps with Steve.
Trivia - Nathan Lane guest stars as the flamboyant groom and New York stage vet Julie Halston as his beaming beard.
Quotes - '''Mr. Broadway has to go tinkle' - that has to be the gayest sentence ever uttered.'' - Miranda
Why I Love It - The end of the episode with the band playing, and the dancing... beautiful.

Season 6

Episode 78 - Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little
"Are there times when the ladies should just should just shut the f*** up?"

Summary - Carrie bickers with Berger over the presence of a scrunchie in his first novel; Charlotte gets impatient waiting for a different accessory from Harry; Miranda feels liberated by Berger's blunt dating advice: ''He's just not that into you.''
Trivia - This episode is responsible for coining the phrase "He's just not that into you!", which was the inspiration for the eponymous 2009 movie.
Quotes - Miranda: There's a lot of push-pull out there, a lot of mixed messages.  Jack: Yeah, I'd have to say that's all code for: He's just not that into you.
Why I Love It - He's just not that into you! It's classic!

Episode 81 - The Post-It Always Sticks Twice
"Do we search for 'lessons' to lessen the pain?"

Summary - After the infamous Post-it breakup, Carrie rounds up the girls for a night in Bed — a hot new club — where she runs into Berger's friends. Samantha, meanwhile, can't get comfortable wearing her new label as Smith's girlfriend.
Trivia - When the girls are in the club "bed" Samantha pours Carrie some champagne and she drinks it and puts it on the table. In the next shot we see Carrie's champagne glass refilled.
Quotes - " I once was broken up with by a guy's doorman: 'I'm sorry, Ms. Hobbes, Jonathan won't be coming down. Ever.'" - Miranda
Why I Love It - He broke up with her on a POST-IT. I don't think anyone saw that coming.

Episode 82 - The Catch
"When did it stop being fun and start being scary?"

Summary - Charlotte's wedding unleashes a comedy of errors (a pearl-related pratfall, humiliating toasts); Carrie enrolls in trapeze lessons for an assignment, and engages in an ill-advised fling with Harry's best man, Howie Halberstein.
Trivia - In the New York Times announcement for Charlotte and Harry's wedding, it is written that she is a writer/editor for 'Fashions' magazine (something never mentioned in the show), her father is a doctor, her mother's nickname is 'Muffin' and she is a descendent of Samuel Huntington, who signed the Declaration of Independence.
Quotes - "Okay? You're Audrey Hepburn... owitz!" - Anthony Marantino
Why I Love It - I love that Charlotte's first wedding was perfect and the marriage was a disaster. The non-perfect 2nd wedding definitely sets up a much happier marriage in this case.

Episode 82 - A Woman's Right To Shoes
"When did we stop being free to be you and me?"

Summary - Carrie's Manolo Blahniks disappear at a baby shower and the hostess blames Carrie for being more interested in footwear than family; Miranda meets her dreamy new neighbor; Charlotte confronts Harry's tea bags.
Trivia - In the episode the stolen Manolo's cost $485.
Quotes - ''We come from the East...70s. Bearing gifts. Where's the blessed child?'' - Carrie
Why I Love It - Once again the question is brought up - what if you don't get married? What if you're not sure you want to? Love that the show was willing to go there.

Episode 86 - One
"When will the waiting for the one be done?"

Summary - Carrie turns the head of a famous Russian artist; Charlotte announces she's pregnant, only to miscarry days later; Miranda gets a love note from Robert, but she might be having doubts; Samantha discovers a gray hair...down there.
Trivia - Aleksandr Petrovsky is played by Mikhail Baryshnikov.
Quotes - ''There is a banana in your purse? Or are you just very happy to see me?'' - Aleksandr
Why I Love It - Season 6 was divided into 2 parts, and this episode ended the first part. It was the perfect setup leading into the final episodes of the series.

Episode 88 - The Ick Factor
"Have we become romance-intolerant?"

Summary - Miranda proposes to Steve and begins planning an anti-wedding wedding; Aleksandr's old-fashioned ideas of romance prove too much for Carrie; Samantha, gearing up for breast implants, discovers she has cancer.
Trivia - Samantha picks up Carrie at her apartment in a cab for Miranda and Steve's wedding. Carrie is "a hundred blocks" out of Samantha's way, but the meter on the cab only reads $3.80.
Quotes - "I have a child. The jig is up." - Miranda, on not wearing white 
Why I Love It - Miranda and Steve finally tie the knot after years of an unconventional (for TV) relationship. Finally!

Episode 92 - Splat!
"Is it time to stop questioning?"

Summary - Aleksandr invites Carrie to live with him in Paris, leading to a huge fight with Miranda.
Trivia - In every episode of the series, there has been a question involved with Carrie's writing. The moment Carrie changes the question mark to a period in this episode, she doesn't write anything until the very end of the series in a montage.
Quotes - ''I'm so bored I could die.'' - Lexi, right before she, well...
Why I Love It - Just when you think you've seen it all, a character dies by falling out of a window. She did say she was so bored she could die...

Episode 93 - An American Girl in Paris (Part Une)

Summary - Carrie bids adieu to New York for Paris but has one last run-in with Big, in which he finally admits to his mistakes. Her Parisian fantasy quickly goes sour when Aleksandr's work keeps him busy, and she loses her Carrie necklace...and possibly herself. Samantha's chemo pushes her into early menopause; Charlotte and Harry struggle with the politics of adoption.
Trivia - The Versace couture "Dress of a Thousand Layers" that Carrie wore has a retail price of $79,000.
Quotes - ''Go get our girl.'' - Miranda to Big
Why I Love It - Everyone knew Big was going to come back and somehow it was still so exciting! Love, love, love.

Episode 94 - An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux)

Summary - Carrie is left to wander Paris alone, with Aleksandr focused on his art, but after a stray (or was it?) slap ends their relationship, she has a Big encounter. Back in NYC, Samantha's chemo has diminished her libido, so she orders Smith to have sex while he's on location for a movie; Steve's mother suffers a stroke and moves in with the couple.
Trivia - 10.62 million viewers watched the two-part finale on HBO in the US.
Quotes - ''The most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.'' - Carrie's final words of the series
Why I Love It - I personally loved how the show ended. Everything wrapped up beautifully and it was a great episode to watch.

Images from Summaries, trivia and quotes from, IMDB and Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell

May 25, 2010

Sex and the City - Season 4

Continuing with my Sex and the City series, today's post covers my favorite episodes from season 4!

Season 4

Episode 49 - The Agony and the 'Ex"-tacy
"Soul mates - reality or torture device?"

Summary - An engagement-party invitation and a dating-service application cause the ladies to ponder the possibility — or impossibility — of soul mates; Charlotte tries to reconcile with Trey; Carrie ends up alone at a restaurant on her 35th birthday.
Trivia - This is the 2nd episode that has celebrated Carrie's birthday.
Quotes - ''Maybe we can be each other's soul mates, and then we can let men be just these great, nice guys to have fun with.'' - Charlotte
Why I Love It - This is the episode where you realize the girls aren't just friends - they're each others family, too.

Episode 50 - The Real Me
"No matter how hard we look, do we ever see ourselves clearly?"

Summary - Carrie's nervous when she's asked to walk in a fashion show; Charlotte's vagina is diagnosed with depression; Miranda's flummoxed when a cute guy at her gym tells her she's sexy.
Trivia - Lots of guest stars in this episode. Margaret Cho as a hard-charging fashion-show producer; Alan Cumming as a rep for Dolce & Gabbana; Heidi Klum, former NYC mayor Ed Koch, and the late makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin, as themselves.
Quotes - ''Oh my God, she's fashion roadkill.'' - Stanford, after Carrie falls on the runway
Why I Love It - Even though the whole episode is a huge set-up for it, watching Carrie fall is always hilarious.

Episode 53 - Ghost Town
"When a relationship dies, do we ever really give up the ghost, or are we forever haunted by the spirits of relationships past?"

Summary - The ghosts of ex-boyfriends haunt Carrie and Miranda when both receive invitations to the opening of Aidan and Steve's new bar; a few men from Samantha's past cause a rift with Maria; Charlotte's haunted by the MacDougal matriarch and her old-fashioned taste in dust ruffles.
Trivia - John Corbett lost weight and cut his hair specifically for his return as Aidan because those were the only things people criticized about him on the show.
Quotes - ''It's like we live in the museum of natural ugliness!'' - Charlotte, on her Bunny-decorated abode
Why I Love It - I wasn't sure that I wanted Carrie and Aidan to get back together, so I liked that they made it a little bit of a struggle. Probably not enough of one, but it was a start.

Episode 55 - Time and Punishment
"Can you ever really forgive if you can't forget?"

Summary - Aidan and Carrie's rekindled romance hits a Big speed bump when her former flame calls; Charlotte quits her gallery job to the chagrin of the other girls.
Trivia - Carrie wears a Gucci bag around her waist.
Quotes - "Aidan, you can't keep punishing me, and I can't keep punishing me. I made a mistake and I am sorry, and I know that you can't forget what happened, but I hope that you can forgive me. You have to forgive me. You have to forgive me. You have to forgive me, Aidan. You have to forgive me. You have to forgive me." - Carrie
Why I Love It - The "you have to forgive me" scene finally convinced me Aidan and Carrie needed another shot. Of course it didn't last...

Episode 56 - My Motherboard, Myself
"Why were so many independent women..."

Summary - Carrie's computer conks out after producing the ominous ''sad Mac''; Miranda's mother dies suddenly after complications from a heart attack.
Trivia - Carrie's computer crashes while she's in the middle of her column which is why we don't get the full question like normal.
Quotes - ''My sister and her husband want me to third-wheel with them down the aisle - God forbid I should walk it alone. Because that would be the real tragedy, right? Ignore the coffin! There's a single 35-year-old woman walking behind it.'' - Miranda
Why I Love It - One of the most emotional episodes of the series. Carrie getting up to walk with Miranda is beautiful.

Episode 59 - Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda
"Are we there yet?"
Summary - Under the most unlikely of circumstances (his one testicle, her lazy ovary), Miranda discovers she's pregnant. When she thinks about terminating, the fertility-challenged Charlotte takes it as a personal attack.
Trivia - In one scene, Lucy Liu says that Samantha has yelled 'the F word' at least a 12 times. Samantha only says it 4 times.
Quotes - ''If it's so hard to get pregnant, how do you account for the number of crying children on planes?'' - Samantha
Why I Love It - Somehow Sex and the City touch a very controversial topic and didn't turn it into a preachy episode. Not sure how they even did that, but it's impressive.

Episode 61 - The Good Fight
"What are we fighting for?"

Summary - Aidan moves in with Carrie, crowding her space and ending her ''secret single behavior'' (e.g., eating Saltines with grape jelly while standing in the kitchen reading fashion magazines); Samantha finds herself quashing feelings for Richard; pregnant Miranda wants to sleep with a promising new guy at least once before she grows too big; Trey buys Charlotte a cardboard baby as an ill-conceived infertility joke.
Trivia - When Samantha answers the phone, she says "Richard, it's Sunday." The display on her cell phone shows 07/20/01, which was a Friday
Quotes - "Don't do that. Don't mock the clothes." - Carrie
Why I Love It - Probably my favorite episode! If you've had to share a closet with a guy, you relate to this.

Episode 64 - Ring a Ding Ding
"What's it all worth?"

Summary - Aidan's departing eviction letter forces Carrie to assess her financial situation: no assets, just $40,000 worth of designer shoes; Richard tells Samantha he loves her.
Trivia - We learn that Carrie has spent $40,000 on shoes over the years.
Quotes - ''I'm homeless. I'll be a bag lady. A Fendi bag lady, but a bag lady.'' - Carrie
Why I Love It - Carrie doesn't make a ton of money, and has made some bad choices, and this is the beginning of how she'll try and fix that. Unlike a lot of TV shows, Carrie's problem didn't get solved in 30 minutes, and I liked that.

Episode 66 - I Heart NY
"Can you make a mistake and miss your fate?"

Summary - Carrie learns that Big is ditching New York for Napa; a suspicious Samantha stalks Richard; Miranda introduces Brady Hobbes to New York City.
Trivia - Carrie utters the now famous ''Hello, lover'' to the pink Christian Louboutin suede ruffled heels - which later get doused when Miranda's water breaks.
Quotes - ''If you're tired you take a napa, you don't move to Napa.'' - Carrie
Why I Love It - The episode is a "love letter" to New York according to Darren Star, so many assumed it was written after the 9/11 attacks. The episode was actually written, filmed and titled before September 11, and shown soon afterward. The timing was a coincidence.

Images from Summaries, trivia and quotes from, IMDB and Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell