May 18, 2010

Sex and the City - The Fashion

Since Sex and the City 2 comes out next week, I'm going to do a series of posts. Some will cover my favorite episodes season by season, and some will cover the fashion in the TV show and both movies. Today's post covers Carrie's Top 10 Best Looks Ever. The article was originally on and I loved it so much I thought I'd post it so you all could see it as well!

Carrie Bradshaw changed the game of fashion: She made tutus work in Time Square and put Manolo Blahnik on the map. To celebrate the arrival of the much-anticipated sequel, InStyle sat down with series costume designers Patricia Field, Rebecca Weinberg and Eric Daman—as well as our very own fashion director Hal Rubenstein—to compile a list of Ms. Bradshaw’s greatest hits.

The Top 10

10. Carrie's "Goodbye to Big" Louboutins
Who could forget that horrifying moment when Miranda’s water broke on Carrie’s brand new goodbye-to-Big pink ruffled Louboutins in Season 4? The ultimate shoe hound, Carrie Bradshaw made Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin household names. But you’d be surprised who really had the big shoe idea: “Michael Patrick King really got the fashion part of it all,” said Weinberg of the show’s head writer (now movie director). “He was the one who said, ‘Let’s talk about Manolo Blahnik.’” 

9. Carrie's Parisian Stripes
“There isn’t anyone more synonymous with Paris than Sonia Rykiel. [Carrie’s] in Paris, so she’s wearing a classic Parisian knitwear designer," said Rubenstein of Carrie’s all-striped ensemble in Season 6. "I wouldn’t love this in N.Y.C., but it’s so right for the scene. What could make more sense than being in the city of love with your love, wearing things that are soft and romantic—and with an interpretation of her signature flower, of course!” 

8. Carrie's Signature Flower
“SJP was really into the flowers. One day she said, ‘Lets do a big flower.’ They started small and got larger and larger and then it escalated into a comedy of flowers,” Weinberg told us. “This is Holly Golightly’s black sheath and pearls. It inspired real fashion to use flowers as accessories,” said Rubenstein. We loved the rest of the outfit too—hello, Dior saddle bag! “This is a beautiful Americana tailored look, it’s very Grace Kelly. Those pants were half-lined to the knee—I think I borrowed them a few times,” said Weinberg of the gorgeous Season 3 Tuleh trousers. 

7. The Fresh-Off-The-Runway-Vest
Getting your hands on covetable, hard-to-find fashion is easy when you are Carrie Bradshaw. “Everyone wanted their clothes on the show,” said Weinberg. “Boxes and boxes would arrive daily!” The bold yellow Proenza Schouler military vest and studded strappy sandals Carrie wore to the New York Library in the first film were plucked straight from their highly-admired Spring 2008 runway. 

6. The Newsworthy Dress
“There’s a plot reason for it,” spilled Fields when we asked why Carrie was spotted on the SACT2 set in the same John Galliano for Christian Dior newspaper-print dress that had people talking in Season 3. “She was in an experience that merits re-wearing it. You’ll have to wait and see!” 

5. The Nanette Lepore "Editor" Look
“She looks like a girl who works at a magazine,” said Weinberg of Carrie’s rainbow-striped Nanette Lepore dress, perfectly color-coordinated red vintage Chanel jacket, pink Club Monaco sweater and black-and-white Narciso Rodriguez spectator pumps. “I love the color wave.” And a clear fan favorite from Season 5: “This is fun: mixing colors and prints, and high and low,” said Rubenstein. “This, to me, is how people should dress.” 

4. The "Carrie" Necklace
“One day my car broke down so I had to take the train and I saw all these great Italian girls with their nameplate necklaces,” said Weinberg of the inspiration behind the iconic necklace. “For Christmas I went down to Canal Street and made Pat one that said 'Patricia' that she just loved. So then I went down and made SJP’s there too!” Leave it to Carrie to pair such a downtown accessory with the most uptown of dresses. “I remember that beautiful vintage dress. It was from the ‘50s. I want to say it came from Twice in Miami,” Weinberg recalled. “Pat and I would spend a lot of time in Miami. We’d get in her Oldsmobile and drive around to all our favorite vintage and thrift stores.” 

3. The "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" Dress
“That was a moment in the show where it was like, ‘It’s happening or it’s not happening; he loves her or he doesn’t,’” Weinberg said of the time Carrie memorably fell into the lake with Big in Season 3 wearing this Richard Tyler dress. “Richard made two of those dresses for us in less than two weeks time!” She paired it with a Louis Vuitton handbag and vintage shoes. “Those clear vintage shoes were so beautiful with little rhinestones pressed into the plastic, and that bag was a total church lady bag!” 

2. Pat Field's All-Time Favorite Outfit
“That Versace gown, when she is in Paris waiting for the Russian, took you out of reality for that moment,” said Fields of her favorite look from the series. The perfect gown for the not-so-perfect Season 6 moment: “The dress is every woman’s daydream gown, just acres and acres of tulle and chiffon. You’d expect a dress like this to be pink, but it’s this darkly romantic color—the perfect dress to be dumped in,” said Rubenstein. “There’s nothing more woeful than seeing a beautiful woman all dressed up with nowhere to go.” 

1. The Famous Tutu!
Field set the tone for Carrie’s always-unexpected style when she opted for a tutu and tank look she described as “quirky” for the series’ opening credits. “I remember I bought that tutu for $5!” said Weinberg. “[Our seamstress] had to duplicate it because we knew in the sequence it was going to get wet.” We saw the famed tutu again in the first film when Carrie did a closet clean out (with the help of her best friends) before she moved in with Big. The girls’ unanimous vote? A must-keep!

Pictures and commentary from InStyle.


Miri said...

Ooooh I love SATC - can't wait to see the second movie! The clothes are awesome!

Josie said...

These are absolutely amazing -- Carrie is seriously the greatest. I love numbers 10, 5, and 1 -- SO beautiful!
xxoo Josie

Bren said...

I love this! My favorites are #1, #2, #3, and #9. Acutally I loved every outfit from the 2 Paris episodes!

Bren @ Chasing Beauty

Laura said...

Carrie is just unique!

I miss her dialogues. Can't wait for the new movie!!

- Laura

Wrecked Stellar said...

Love this post- super cute and it made me really excited for the sequel! I love Carrie's name necklace- had one in 6th grade and it made me feel like it was cool again :) xo, mel

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I have to say that those are all perfect. Each picture I kept telling myself "ok in the comments, I'll say this is my favorite" and then I just loved them all!!!! I liked reading about the "growth" of the flowers. In the movie her giant flower was spectacular. Great post!

Rachel said...

i love carrie because
1. shes a writer
2. she wears outrageous outfits & pulls them off!
in my fantasies i am these things. lol

Kasia_B said...

Your blog is so nice and inspiring! I like the previous post about nailpolishes. Love the color you showed :)


SlavetoFashion said...

I cannot wait for the movie!!!! Of all of these, my favorite look was the Carrie necklace. There's something so demure but self-confident about wearing a nameplate necklace. It's the classy ladies' equivalent of "Remember my name, you'll be screaming it later."

bravegrrl said...

that newspaper print dress!!!


Taj Acosta said...

awee! Memories! Who doesn't get inspired by this fashion! I love the paris look! Can't wait can't wait!!!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Loved this post! I wish I had a girlfriend here I could go see the movie with! Living in a new state/town sucks sometimes lol.


Valerie said...

Oooh, I love them all! I think 9, 5 and 3 are my favorites. Carrie is the cutest in everything she wears. She's such a style icon (I act like she's real, ha).


Together We Save said...

She always looks so stunning!!

Couture Carrie said...

Love this list!
I think the Parisian stripes are my fave!


Maria at Bachman's Sparrow said...

Love it! Thanks for this post, I never got around to watching many of the episodes, so it's great to see her different looks :)

xoxo Maria

littlechicagogirl said...

I loved that first outfit! and a few of the outfits she wore in paris. for some reason, wasn't a fan of the newsprint dress-because of the way it fits her.

i also loved the outfit she wore to the Russian's opening. Funny that i could point out the particular episode that each of those outfits were from without being told. i have seen it wayyy too many times!

sayablack said...

Great post.
I love all her outfit<3
Chic and Gorgeous!!

Punctuation Mark said...

the loubutins and the paris dress are my faves... amazing!!!

Lindsay With An "A" said...

Oh what a perfect post!! In general and because the movie's coming out soon! :) I love #7 and #2! Thanks for stopping by my little blog! xx

Isabel said...

such a great post idea! every photo made me remember just how much i love the show!

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Oh what a great post, omg can't wait! xoxo

Cholola's Fashion World said...

I love love the dress that she wears in six! Can't wait to see what the significance of it is, when the movie comes out. My fave is still the carrie necklace (#4), since it is cute, and practically the only Carrie accessory that is actually affordable (33.95 at for people to get.

A.Co said...

WOW!! Impressive work and well done, Katie.


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of course I had to have a Carrie name necklace for myself!

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