May 19, 2010

Sex and the City - Seasons 1 & 2

Since Sex and the City 2 comes out next week, I'm going to do a series of posts. Some will cover my favorite episodes season by season, and some will cover the fashion in the TV show and both movies. Today's post covers my favorite episodes seasons 1 and 2.

Season 1

Episode 1 - Sex and the City
"Can women have sex like men?"

Summary - New York Star columnist Carrie Bradshaw tries to determine with her friends Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte whether women, like men, can have sex without feelings. As an experiment, Carrie one-ups old flame Kurt Harrington, then meets Mr. Big; Miranda meets a young pushover, Skipper; Samantha has a one-night stand with Capote Duncan, a man Charlotte wouldn't sleep with on the first date.
Trivia - When Mr. Big offers Carrie a ride, his car windows aren't tinted. When she gets out and asks him a question, they are tinted.
Quotes - ''Absof---inlutely.'' - Big to Carrie, after she asks if he's ever been in love.
Why I Love It - This is the one that started it all. Seeing the chemistry that Carrie and Big had from the very first time they met is great to watch. The conversation they have in the car at the end of the episode where he calls her out for never being in love is a perfect indication of what their relationship is going to be like - unpredictable.

Episode 6 - Secret Sex
 "How many of us out there are having sex with people we are ashamed to introduce to our friends?"

Summary - Carrie sleeps with Mr. Big for the first time and then worries he's secretly ashamed of her; Miranda meets a man who has a spanking fetish; Samantha realizes she has no secrets when it comes to sex; Charlotte reveals her past love with a Hasidic hottie.
Trivia - This was the shows first episode to be directed by a man.
Quotes - Mr. Big: Interesting dress.
Carrie: Meaning?
Mr. Big: Interesting dress.
Why I Love It - This is the first episode where Carrie and Big get together. The first season is not my favorite, but I do love all the episodes where you see Carrie and Big's relationship coming together and this is definitely one of them.

Episode 7 - The Monogamists
"In a city like New York, with infinite possibilities, has monogamy become too much to expect?"

Summary - Carrie learns that Mr. Big is dating other women and decides she wants a monogamous relationship; Samantha two-times her realtor; Miranda's feelings for Skipper intensify when she sees him with another woman; Charlotte reveals something she doesn't enjoy but no one is shocked.
Trivia - The actor who was cast as the novelist that hits on Carrie was later cast in a second role as the guy she dates in the episode Shortcomings.
Quotes - ''What was happening to me? I used to get a secret rush from men who hit on me during their 15 minutes of fame.'' - Carrie
Why I Love It - At the end of this episode Carrie calls Big to come meet her and tell him she's tired of the merry-go-round and just wants someone to stand still with her. For the first time she lets her guard down and is honest with him. Love it.

Episode 12 - Oh Come All Ye Faithful
 "Are relationships the religion of the nineties?"

Summary - Carrie breaks up with Mr. Big, deciding to have faith in herself; Miranda breaks up with Catholic Guy, Samantha falls in love with James, a perfect man except for one small thing; every fortune-teller in the city tells Charlotte she will never marry.
Trivia - The boom mic is visible in the scene where the fortune teller is reading the cards for Charlotte.
Quotes - ''Four stars. Great bread, disappointing wine selection.'' - Miranda, on how Zagat's would rate Big's church
Why I Love It - It's the end of Carrie and Big, Round 1. They want different things and neither one is willing to compromise. We've all seen that play out before, right?

Season 2

Episode 13 - Take Me Out to the Ballgame
"In a world where leaving each other seems to be getting more and more frequent, what are the breakup rules?"

Summary - One month since her split with Big, Carrie gets dragged to a Yankees game, where she grabs the new Yankee's foul ball; Samantha's dating James and ''his tiny penis''; Charlotte's new guy keeps adjusting himself.
Trivia - When the women are waiting outside the Yankee locker room to get their baseball signed, a Yankee player passes by them wearing uniform number 9. The number 9 was worn by the late Roger Maris and retired by the Yankees in 1984.
Quotes - "Miranda was a huge fan of the Yankees. I was a huge fan of being anywhere you could smoke and drink at two in the afternoon without judgment." - Carrie
Why I Love It - Watching Carrie try to figure out how to deal with her broken heart is painful to watch. You know in some ways she regrets her decision but couldn't have done it any other way.

Episode 19 - The Chicken Dance
 "In a city as cynical as New York, is it still possible to believe in love at first sight?"

Summary - Miranda's friend visits from London, falls for Miranda's interior decorator, and proposes a week later; Charlotte has an entire relationship over the course of one wedding (ending with her quasi-boyfriend's father goosing her on the dance floor); Carrie takes Big to the wedding, but he won't even sign the card.
Trivia - There was some debate with the writers as to whether or not Carrie should try to catch the bouquet. In the episode, the girls just let it fall to the floor.
Quotes - ''Okay, girls,'' says Carrie. ''See you tomorrow.''
Why I Love It - This episode redefines the notion that all women want to get married. Doesn't seem all that revolutionary now, but when else had you seen that on a TV show?

Episode 20 - The Man, The Myth, the Viagra
"Are we willing to believe anything to date?"

Summary - Big uses the g-word (girlfriend); Miranda tries to resist the charms of a bartender; Samantha attempts to date a very wealthy elderly man— until she's faced with his backside. Introduces Steve Brady, Miranda's opposites-attract other half.
Trivia - This is one of the only times in the series that Carrie is seen using a cell phone. In the first episode of the 4th season, when everyone is late for her birthday party, Carrie checks her messages when she returns to her apartment. One of them is from Miranda telling her to get a cell phone.
Quotes - Carrie: I have a huge favor to ask: I want you to know my friends better.
Mr. Big: I know your friends just fine. Charlotte is the brunette, Miranda is the redhead, and Samantha is trouble.
Why I Love It - For the first time you believe that Big could actually change and that's nice to see. Of course it doesn't last long...

Episode 24 - La Douleur Exquise!
 "When it comes to relationships, how do you know when enough is enough?"

Summary - Samantha publicizes a new S&M restaurant; Charlotte's shoe obsession finds its match in a foot-fixated salesman; Miranda's new guy is an exhibitionist. But it's Stanford who finally gets to show off when he divulges to Carrie his online persona: ''Rick 9Plus.''
Trivia - This is the second time that Big and Carrie break up.
Quotes - ''Who am I to judge anyone? I had bangs in the '80s.'' - Carrie
Why I Love It - The title of the episode means 'the exquisite pain' and at this point, that perfectly sums up the relationship Big and Carrie have had.

 Episode 25 - Games People Play
 "Do you have to play games to make a relationship work?"

Summary - When her friends don't want to hear her ranting about Big anymore, Carrie goes to a shrink; Miranda flirts with a guy she can see from her window; Samantha gets lucky only when her guy's sports team wins.
Trivia - Jon Bon Jovi plays Seth, the guy Carrie meets at therapy.
Quotes - ''My parents believed that any head problem could be solved with physical exercise. That's why all of us are really good tennis players.'' - Charlotte
Why I Love It - This episode to me is classic Sex and the City. It's light, it's funny, the girls have some great scenes - love these episodes.

Episode 29 - Twentysomething Girls vs. Thirtysomething Women
 "Twenty-something girls: friend ... or foe?"

Summary - The women trade Manhattan for the Hamptons, where Samantha helps out her obnoxious ex-assistant, Charlotte gets crabs from a younger guy, and Carrie meets the future Mrs. Big. Introduces Natasha, Big's 26-year-old, ultra-gorgeous girlfriend.
Trivia - Natasha was played by Bridget Moynahan.
Quotes - "And then I realized something, twenty-something girls are just fabulous, until you see one with the man who broke your heart." - Carrie
Why I Love It - At the very end when Carrie sees Big with Natasha, the entire episode changes. I love that you thought it was one episode, and then you get a completely different ending than you were expecting. Great writing.

Episode 30 - Ex and the City
"Can you be friends with an ex?"

Summary - Exes are everywhere, from Big to Steve to the ghost of small penises past. Carrie tries to befriend Big until she finds out he's engaged to ''the idiot stick figure with no soul.''
Trivia - In this episode Carrie gets an invitation to Big and Natasha's engagement party, but since Big didn't have a name yet the prop department wrote "Boris and Natasha wish to announce their wedding" on the invite that Sarah Jessica Parker opened.
Quotes - "Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with." - Carrie
Why I Love It - Mr. Big: I don't get it. Carrie: And you never did. That exchange at the end of the episode pretty much sums it up.

Images from Summaries, trivia and quotes from, IMDB and Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell


Bren said...

Love it Katie!!! You're making me want to watch the whole series again, but sadly I don't have the time before the movie comes out! I'm definitely going to watch as many as I can though! And just as soon as SATC 2 is over, then I need to re-read all of the Twilight books before Eclipse comes out!

I have a lot to do!!!!LOL!

Bren @ Chasing Beauty

Emilie said...

Great post!

kirstyb said...

love this! i love everything sex and the city x

caroline said...

great inspiration
thanks for sharing and for the sweet comments!


Josie said...

I've only watched this show in reruns but I absolutely LOVE it. I can't wait for the movie to come out!
xxoo Josie

BarelyVogue said...

OMG! I can't wait for SATC2 esp with ur updates..they are make the wait more longer. But love wht your doing you are a great writer.


Kim Neill said...
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Kim Neill said...

I love sex and the city! You blog is awesome its so sweet. I love it.

Please be sure to stop by mine, I would realy appreciate any comments or advice you can offer. Im a newbie lol.

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Sarah said...

i love SATC so much- i never get tired of watching it. I think my favourite is season 5, I loved when Carrie had short hair!! xx

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Oh I cannot wait... season 1 isn't my fave but really enjoy season 2. That last ep in season 2...fabulous!!

Seasons 3 and 4 are my faves, but honestly, who can't watch any SATC ep 100 times? lol


Love SATC!

Thanks for posting this!


sharonlei said...

Katie... I really love your SATC posts!! ohmygosh, I can't wait for the movie!!!!!!! Super excited.

xx Love & Aloha

Valerie said...

I love it all! The Trvia is so fun, Katie! Now I need to go back and watch all the seasons on dvd. One of my favorite episodes was Twentysomething Girls vs Thirtysomething Women. This is literally my favorite show of all time. I can usually remember what was going on in my own life as I first watched each episode.


Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous wrap-up post!
Love the episode at the Yankess game!


Leah said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I love those SATC episodes... I love them all in fact. xoxo

Fashion Meets Food said...

I have actually been watching all the seasons and catching back up on everything. I am so excited for the movie!!


junghwa by amy stewart said...

So totally excited for the movie!!

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Dear Katie,
Thank you for entering the Beso and I am Style-ish $250 giveaway. As an avid reader of your blog, I always look forward to your daily post. I enjoyed your most recent SATC posts because they are very detailed and informative. I am looking forward to seeing the movie

Marcie said...

You are so funny! This is a great and informative post. This series never gets old and just makes me so happy. I can't wait for the movie!

:) Marcie

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Some of my favorite episodes! I need to revisit the old seasons soon!

Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life said...

This is awesome!! I want to watch it all again too! Great post!! :) And thanks for all the sweet comments lately!

Little Miss Lee said...

Your good at picking the best ones! These are some of my all time faves as well! I WANT to intern with Pat Fields! I would DIEEEEEEEE!

Fly into sea-town and lets watch the premier ala' Carrie! :)

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Irene said...

Ok would luv to know who the designer of the dress is in season 5 episode 7 when she is doing the book reading as an opening act for mr winkle...any assistance would be much appreciated :o)

Irene said...

Ok would luv to know who the designer of the dress is in season 5 episode 7 when she is doing the book reading as an opening act for mr winkle...any assistance would be much appreciated :o)

Irene said...

Ok would luv to know who the designer of the dress is in season 5 episode 7 when she is doing the book reading as an opening act for mr winkle...any assistance would be much appreciated :o)

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