June 10, 2010

What I'm Wearing...

Dress - Old Navy
Cardigan - GAP
Shoes - Cynthia Vincent for Target
Necklace - American Eagle
Sunglasses - Chanel

Ok, random story time - see the bird nest on our patio table? I just assumed my husband had found it doing yard work and put it there so I'd see it the next time I went outside. The afternoon I took these when he got home, the first thing he says when he comes in from walking our dog is "Who put the bird nest on the table?". Since neither of us did, apparently a bird had just built a nest on the patio table over night! Kind of crazy. I warned you it was a random story...

Wore this over the weekend to a bridal shower for one of my best friends. Kind of obsessed with the dress and the cardigan and how bright they both are. I love wearing them together. Not that you can tell from the pictures, but the shoes and the necklace are colorful, too. I should probably throw a neutral in the mix somewhere but some days you just don't feel like it, ya know?


Kayla said...

You look great. I can't wear yellow to save my life but I love the cardi!!!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

My Lack of Style said...

The yellow is such a nice color!

Josie said...

I LOVE this outfit, doll! The bright colors are so fun and cheery, and they look absolutely amazing on you.
xxoo Josie

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

I'm so jealous that you got something from the Cynthia Vincent for target collection...


Bren said...

You look so cute and Summery Katie! And yeah...I'm still bitter that I couldn't find the CV for Target wedges! i feel like maybe 5 people got them, and they're all bloggers! lol!

Bren @ Chasing Beauty

Beauty H2T said...

STUNNING! one of my faves- this one is such a good combo on you :)



Emilie said...

Great colors!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Sassy outfit!! Absolutely love it!! Pink and yellow together look so chic!


Closet Fashionista said...

Aww birides!! and PRETTY! :D :D

Jammer said...

I love the mix of color! I never have any clue what to pair with yellow. In fact, I have yet to even wear my only yellow top.

Very cute look :)


Seven Dollar Pants said...

We are all about budget fashion :) Love your Old Navy find - great colour!

Audrey Allure said...

Love the colors together, such a great summer-y look!

Elle Sees said...

gotta love a pop of yellow!

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I love, love yellow and pink together!! And your sandals are the perfect compliment to the rest of the outfit =)
Too funny about the bird next. Nature is strange like that.

Kiki said...

Yellow, my new color..love it!!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Very pretty cardigan!! I love all the colors you put together!! xoxoxoxoxoo

Sahitya said...

Katie love the pairing of pink and yellow. Looking good on you
Keep in touch

Mary said...

Great summer colors!!

Delightful Bitefuls

Isabel said...

great mix of colour!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Valerie said...

That is such a funny story! How interesting. I love your bright outfit too. It's perfect for a shower.


Cathy Benavides said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in that! It's like summer exploded all over you- but in a good way :)

Kristin said...

Love the gorgeous bright colors lady!

IFB said...

I love how your sweater matches the plant!
Cara from IFB

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Very cute! Perfect for a bridal shower and that nest story is funny haha

.sabo skirt. said...

Great use of colours!

xx .sabo skirt.


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I love this yellow and pink color combo!!


Sovina said...

Hey! thanks for stoppping by the blog..great space you have here..i love how u have mixed up the bright colors..i dont know if i could ever look that cool in all bright colors..love that necklace tooo...i zoomed it for scanning clearly..Nice!!

Keep in touch!!!