July 27, 2010

Sephora by OPI Chic Prints for Nails

The other night I went to Sephora and I picked up some Sephora by OPI Chic Prints for Nails. Last night I decided to give them a try. 
Here's how it went:
The package. I got the Chrome Lace print.
The supplies:
Sephora by OPI Chic Prints for Nails
rubbing alcohol and cotton swab to clean nails
scissors to trim the decals to fit your nail bed
crystal nail file to file the edges once the decal is applied
Picture of what's included in the package.

How to use them:
-Start with bare nails.
-Clean with rubbing alcohol to remove oils.
-Choose the best size for each nail.
-If strip is too wide, trim with small scissors.
-Rub the strip for a few seconds to warm.
-Peel off strip and apply to nail, with rounded end close to the cuticle.
-Rub strip over entire nail starting from the center working out toward the sides.
-Smooth down completely.
-Press material over edge of nail and use an ultra fine crystal file to file off excess.
-File in a vertical motion.
-Rub strip again to ensure adhesion and to remove any bubbles.

Ok, let's go:
One nail down. At this point I figured out this is somewhat hard to do by yourself. It's easier having a 2nd person to help trim the decal to your nail and trim again once you've applied if there's some excess. Not impossible to do yourself as I did this one myself, but it was much easier and went a lot faster with help. Now as most of you know, I live with the husband and the dog, so Jared had to be recruited to help. He was thrilled, thrilled I tell you.
The finished result.
Some close-ups.

So, there you go. You can get Sephora by OPI Chic Prints for Nails online and in Sephora stores. They're $15 which I think is a little pricey, but considering you get 16 plus there's plenty of extra, I think you can easily get 2 full uses out of them. Of course you don't have to put them on every nail, and that would extend the use, too. The package says they only last 2 days, which I would find disappointing, but in reading reviews most people are getting a good 7 or so days out of them if you apply clear nail polish to your nails after a couple of days, something I had already thought of, so I'll be trying that to make these last longer. 
So far, I'm loving them though!


trishie said...

Looks sooooooooooo awesome and cool, i gotta try this!

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Josie said...

These are superfun and really cute -- they look fab on you!
xo Josie

this free bird said...

Katie these look super cool! I've never heard of them, but seeing as I'm petrified to return to my nail salon maybe I should take a look.

Hats off to Jared! Great job on the nails!!

Let us know how they're holding up in your opinion after a few days. I really like them. Very different in a good way :)


Miss Caitlin S. said...

those look really good though sadly, I know on me they would look like ish

sharonlei said...

Cute!! I love lace everything. I don't know if you saw my post where I actually cut out left over lace from my wedding gown and applied them to my nails. It def took some time, but the end result was awesome!

xx Love & Aloha
*Swing by to enter my Wendy Mink Jewelry Giveaway!

Krystal said...

those are so fun! did they have a big selection to choose from?

Fashion Cappuccino said...

WOW! They look amazing! I'm not really a fan of nail polish but I'm so curious to try it now! xoxoxooxo

Tayebug said...

Your husband is such a trooper!!


:) i like these photos,come to visit my blogg, following you, follow me back?! xo

Lynzy said...

This is my first time hearing of these! I actually love the look, I will have to try them!
xo Lynzy

Carmen said...

so nice girl!!

check also my blog and become a follower :)


Valerie said...

Katie, those are so cool! I want to try them now. Great job putting them on, they look professional!


OneCraftyFox said...

Oh wow, they look awesome and it sounds so easy!!

Abi-Anne said...

Those are pretty. A nice little break from nail polish. And the fact that they last longer is an added bonus.


Audrey Allure said...

Those look really cute!

Closet Fashionista said...

So cool! Too much for me though :(

megan said...

sweet blog, i'm following! :D

megan http://mallratcouture.blogspot.com

Kristin said...

Did I ever tell you that our engagement rings and bands are nearly identical?

Couture Carrie said...

What a cool idea, darling!
Looks amazing!

And your rings are lovely too :)


Shelley Ann said...

ive never seen anything like that! its so cool! and i hope yours last more than 2 days...that would be disappointing if they didnt!

Erica said...

Omg! I bought the stripe design with the anchor! I'll post once I put them on. My husband is going to be thrilled as well when he finds out he has to help me ; )

Style, She Wrote said...

That's totally awesome! Thanks for posting.

Leather and Lace said...

wow have to try that !


Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I love them! They look fantastic!

Fabíola Beltrão said...


i love, dear.....


Anna Jane said...

what a cute look! i was reluctant at first but they really look fantastic.

anna jane

Bren said...

These look so cool Katie! I don't know if I have the patience to put them on myself, but maybe I can recruit my nail lady...yeah, get her to do it! So cute that your hubby helped! He's good! Let us know how they hold up!

Bren @ Chasing Beauty

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

ooooh, I love those!! I may not adore lace in clothing, but it looks like I love lace-inspired manicures :-) WANT!!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Wow! love those Katie!!! I have been dying to try those out, but I cannot find them any where! It is insanely frustrating and I am ready to freak out lol.


Retrodiva said...

I wrote about these, but haven't had a chance to try them. I'm totally picking some up, because they are super cute!

BarelyVogue said...

Love em
Thanks for letting us know I will now run to get these :)