July 29, 2010

What's In My House... Living Room

Thank you for all the lovely comments on yesterdays What's In My House... Kitchen post! Glad everyone seems to be enjoying them :)

Since I've whined about it on Twitter (including posting a pic last night), here's a toe update: um it still hurts. And it's bruised and swollen. I broke a toe 2 years ago, and this looks similar and hurts worse, so I would guess I've fractured it. There's nothing you can do for a fractured toe except elevate it and tape it, so I'm saving my co-pay and not going to the doctor since I've been down that road before. Even though I've done this before, I welcome suggestions for healing the toe faster! I'm a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's wedding a week from Saturday so I'm slightly panicked at the thought of having to stand and walk on it so much by then. Luckily the dresses are floor length and she already said we could wear flats, so I'm happily welcoming that opportunity. Heels are out of the question right now!

... Enough of that. Here's the living room!
(Like before I'm not listing everything, but please let me know if you have any questions about anything!) 
Wall hanging - Target
View from inside the front door
Vase and filler - Pier 1
This is what I call the "awkward" wall. Ideally, some sort of hall tree or console table could go there, but we weren't in the market to buy any more furniture right now (we've bought a lot since we put the contract on the house last August), so I like this for now because, well, 1) I love it 2) if we get something else for this spot, there's plenty of other places this could go. I always try to keep that in mind when I'm buying things for our home.
This is just to give you an idea of how high the ceilings are in this room! I love it, but it is a pain to cool in the summer with the heat index over 100. This is why you'll notice my blinds are never fully opened :) Oh, please also notice the speaker installed in the ceiling. There's a matching one on the other side as well. They were part of Jared's Christmas present and he happily spent a Saturday drilling holes in the ceiling to install them and is quite proud. They're part of the surround sound. I think. I know nothing about the technology in our house. I'm married to an engineer, people. 
Couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman - Ashley Furniture
Coffee table - Carlyle collection from Ashley Furniture
End tables - Target, but we bought new knobs and put them on ourselves to match the coffee table. Not that you can see any of the knobs but I'm telling you - they match.
Area rug - Pottery Barn
Throw pillows - Target
We bought the couch, chair and ottoman back when we lived in our apartment in Mississippi, then found the matching loveseat last year at Ashley Furniture when we bought the house. They had all the pieces though, so I know you can get it there even though that's not where we got the original pieces. We bought the end tables in the apartment because we needed something small and didn't want to spend a lot of money. I was wanting to upgrade and get matching end tables when we got the coffee table and entertainment center, but what I was looking at was almost identical to what we already had except that it had knobs that matched the new furniture so - we just went and replaced the knobs. 
Picture frames - Target
Some of you know and some of you have probably done the math, but Jared and I were 23 when we got married. He was less than a year out of college, I was still not finished and about to start back to college - point being, I had to get a little creative with the decorating. So you might not have a lot when you first get married, but you know what you DO have? Wedding pictures. Like, 800 of them. Use them. And put them in frames from Target. All of those frames and having the pictures printed at Walgreen's cost, like, $120. Go and try to find some artwork that takes up that much space for that price. Go on. Try it and get back to me. Yeah, you'll be decorating with your wedding pictures, too. (And yes, I'm still using them almost 4 years later. We both hate taking pictures so I highly doubt we've taken 10 other pictures that are fit to be framed since then.)
Painting - Pier 1
Going through that archway, our bedroom is to the right and then the linen closet is right ahead, if you were wondering. The painting was bought recently at Pier 1. It's abstract and it had celestial in the name so - I was sold. I really like it and I think the colors look great in the living room. 
You want to know what's driving me nuts about this picture? The shelf of that end table has coffee table books because for years we didn't have a coffee table, so that's where I kept them. We have a coffee table now and the books have just been sitting there! OMG. Seriously bothering me now. Oh, you'll notice in every room there's nothing on the windows except the blinds. Pretty much the first thing we did (before we even moved in, no lie) was have the windows measured and had wooden blinds custom made for every window in the house. I love them. I recommend them. I'm not putting window treatments up. Ever. 
 Mirror - Target
Candle holder and candles - Pier 1
Frames - from L to R - Pier 1, gifted, Pier 1, Pier 1
The mantle is one of those weird things that doesn't seems like a big deal but it took me forever to finish it. So it's not changing for a long time. This is a gas fireplace so the switch to the right turns the fire on - well, when the pilot is lit. Oh yeah, the house was designed with the cable over the fireplace, something that is very trendy right now. That's fine, but I personally didn't want that, so when we did a walk through with the builder I asked him to move it. The builder ignored me and told Jared we should leave it in case I changed my mind. Jared looked at him and said "You don't know her. She's not going to change her mind. Move it." 
Love him :)
Entertainment center - Carlyle collection from Ashley Furniture
Candles - Target Liberty of London collection
I was going to try to list the TV and other electronics but let's be honest - I don't care. Oh, and I don't even know what we have. I barely know how to turn things on. If you're curious about anything, feel free to ask and I'll pass on the questions to Jared. He'll be thrilled someone cares since I don't. Oh and as you can see - I won and the builder moved the cable. And I haven't changed my mind. And I won't. 
Views from the 2 back corners. I guess that's about it!

Alright, so that's What's In My House... Living Room. I'm planning on doing 2 more of these to finish up the house next week :)


Marcie said...

LOVE your floors!! I also love all the different frames together on the wall. Your home is adorable!

xo marcie

Mimi said...

your home looks so beautiful and cozy! :D

<3, Mimi

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Such a lovely living room!! I love the couches and the painting!! xxoxoxooxxoxoo

this free bird said...

Okay I'm cracking up over here at the cable story. Wth? The guy basically ignores you? Go Jared!

And now. Can I live at your place? Your house is so nice, so peaceful, so put together, so calm. I love the painting from Pier 1 - I basically love everything about your place. It's a HOME - not just a place.


ps-laughed so hard at your comment re: mayhem and your toe!! don't get it aggravated!!

Krystal said...

your house looks so relaxing! and i'm married to an engineer too! makes the handy work around the house easier :)

Jessica said...

I hope your toe is on the mend soon!

Lovely home! It looks so relaxing and peaceful. The art from Pier 1 looks much more expensive! Great find.

style'n said...

love the picture wall and the print. And this series you are doing is so cute.

Lynzy said...

What gorgeous high ceilings you have! Great decorating thus far <3

xo Lynzy

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mrs. origami said...

I love it! looks so comfy and cozy!!

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous space!
Love that painting!


Closet Fashionista said...

Love it! It looks great :D :D

Valerie said...

Those green walls are fabulous! And I love the tall red vase. You have a beautiful home.


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Love the Pier 1 vase! Great tv too ;)

bravegrrl said...

love the high ceilings and the painting!

Ying said...

BEAUTIFUL home sweetie!

Isabel said...

it looks great! its always so much fun envisioning somehting and then making it happen :)

Tayebug said...

Love your floors and your picture grouping. They are fantastic.

Christie said...

Love the colouring - it's so nice!

In Fashion and Style

Fabíola Beltrão said...

own, amazing....


Vicky Klbr said...

great post!!! love your floors!

check out my new post if you like! Part III

vicky from HotGossip

emily said...

i love the style, it's warm and cozy but still fresh. loving the target wall hanging as well!

Maria at Bachman's Sparrow said...

What a pretty home! I'm so sorry about your toe, those are the worst :(

xoxo Maria

Hello*Pretty said...

Loving your house and decor!! As for the toe, eek! I broke mine when I was little and you're right they don't set broken toes. Instead of straight, my big toe now veers a little to the side. I would suggest trying to stabalize it w/ a little splint- if you can. May help down the road. :) xo- karrie

Grit and Glamour said...

Hi Katie, thanks for stopping by G&G. Looks like you're making progress at home (and I love your floors). Sorry about the toe, though!

♥ V


Sovina said...

love the pics on the wall..the red carpet and the fireplace..very tastefully done :)


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

You poor thing - I broke a toe and know the pain of limited mobility. seriously keep off it for the next week! You'll be standing a lot next Saturday so don't put pressure on it.

Amazing ceiling and I love your picture wall!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm itching to order some of the Poketo for Target stuff in time for my visit back to the US. Love Target!

Deepa said...

I love the pics of your decor. One of my dreams is to create a site all about decor on the cheap. Sigh, dreams :)

But seriously, you have such fantastic style - and I am digging the dark hardwoods!

Daniela said...

I love high ceilings!! And the surround sound is pretty cool too ;)

Beckerman Girls said...

Wow, it looks like you've been busy! Your place looks sooooooo homey and gorgeous! The colors are so warm and earthy! Love how the sofas are piped with a lighter color...so chic! FAB BLOG!!!
xo The Beckerman Girls


shealennon said...

Gorgeous house! I have total fireplace envy!

jemina said...

WOW your living room looks so cozy dear, you've done wonders to it!!! xoxo

Josie said...

I love your living room, my dear! It seems like it has a cozy vibe even though it has those gorgeous high ceilings!
xo Josie

Jess said...

Loving all the picture frames! My husband and I are working on decorating our house right now - lots and lots of pictures!!


Sherin said...

YOur house looks really cool. I really love the vase you have.