August 25, 2010

What My Engagement Was Like...

Thank you for all your questions on my Anniversary Help post! I'm doing it in two parts - this one is everything leading up to our wedding, then tomorrow's post will be just on the wedding. Let's get started!

Black Diamond Ball - 2004

How did you two meet?
Jared and I met in August of 1997 at registration for 9th grade. At 6'2", he was the tallest guy I had ever met my own age :) He asked me out twice in the 9th grade but I said no both times. We were always really good friends, though.


After high school I moved to Tuscaloosa to go to UA and Jared moved to Starkville to go to MS State. We stayed in touch though and in 2004 we started dating. (You like how I summed that up in one sentence? Well, I'm tired, Blogger is being a pain, and I couldn't begin to try and explain the story. We're together! The end.)

Mallard Ball - 2004

When was your first kiss?
I actually remember the exact date - hmm, end of May, 2004. That should suffice. We were hanging out at my friend Stacey's dorm and were alone for a minute, I don't remember why. Anyway. That's enough detail, I think! (I don't really like sharing personal stuff here, is that obvious yet? Haha.)

UA Homecoming - ADPi house - 2004

First date?
Hmm, what's the nice way to put this - Jared was living on student loans until he graduated in December of 2005 so that first year and a half or so of dating was, umm - interesting? Most of our time was spent going to visit each other since we lived in separate states, so we basically just hung out. Kind of lame I guess but we were 21/22 and.... yeah, I just explained it. The first restaurant (if you want to call it that) he ever took me to was O'Charley's, so we joke that was our first date.

Football Saturday - 2004

How you knew he was "the one"? When you knew it?
I think most people will tell you there's not a specific moment when you realize that, or there wasn't for me anyway. It was just kind of a general feeling that came over time, I guess. I'd say by that fall I knew it was serious, and it was long-term, but I wasn't mapping out wedding dates or anything, I just knew we'd be together a long time - does that make sense?

Halloween - 2004

At the beginning of 2005 Jared moved to Jackson for his co-op and I took a break from school and moved back home to Birmingham. This put us 4 hours apart, so we spent a lot of time just trying to get back and forth to each other.

New Orleans - 2005

After dating for about a year, we took our first trip for a few days to New Orleans. We went a few months before Katrina hit - eerie, huh?

Superior Grill - 2005

The first year or so of dating was just very simple when I look back on it. We'd go out to eat, we took the little trip to New Orleans, but we just mostly hung out, watched movies, cooked dinner together - nothing exciting I guess but I loved it.

Jared's Graduation - 2005

The summer and fall of 2005 Jared was in school (he co-op'ed every other semester as part of his program). In December of 2005 he graduated and moved permanently to Jackson to accept the job his co-op had offered him.


The apartment's Jared lived in before he graduated were very - bachelor like. After he graduated, he moved into a nice 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment that for once didn't terrify me. And he let me help him pick out a table and chairs so he'd stop eating on the couch. It was the first piece of furniture he'd ever bought. I guess you could say I knew where this was headed.

Orange Beach - 2006

Many, many questions were asked about how we got engaged!
Jared was coming into town for my 23rd birthday in March of 2006. First we went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. We got dessert to go then went to Vulcan Park in Birmingham, where we stayed for like 5 minutes then left. I thought that was weird because we'd paid to go up to the top of Vulcan, why would you just stay 5 minutes? We ended up at a park in Trussville and were eating our dessert and then Jared proposed. I wish I could tell you more but as soon as I realized what was happening I kind of spaced out. Jared pulled out the ring (which I couldn't see because it was dark) and asked, and said I just sat there and said "Wow, wow, wow". Obviously I said yes. Then I asked what the ring looked like since I'd agreed without seeing it :)

Bad ring pics taken after we got engaged with my old camera. I will have better ones in tomorrow's post!

Ok, there was lots of questions about my ring . Like I said, these are bad pictures but I will include good ones tomorrow! I'm not really sure what people want to know, so I'll just tell you what I do know - it's platinum, the center stone is princess cut, then there are 2 round cut diamonds on each side of it. There's paperwork on it somewhere but I didn't pick it out. Jared designed it himself and I had nothing to do with it!

May 2006 - after our engagement pictures

How long did it take to plan the wedding? How old were you when you got married?
We got engaged on my 23rd birthday, March 11, 2006. We were engaged for 5.5 months and got married on August 26, 2006. We were both 23 when we got married.

Engagement picture by Lisa Marie Photography

So yes, I planned a reasonably sized (200ish guests) wedding in 5.5 months. Talk to anyone who has planned a wedding and they'll tell you I lost my mind. My Mom and I started booking things the Monday after we got engaged, and some people literally laughed in my face.

Engagement picture by Lisa Marie Photography

Remember though, I wasn't working and was taking a break from school, so wedding planning became my full-time job. My Mom and I hit the ground running the Monday after we got engaged, and that's pretty much all I did until August 26! It was insane but we didn't want a long engagement and it just worked out best for us. 

Engagement picture by Lisa Marie Photography

Within a week we'd picked the date, the venue (had the ceremony and reception at the same place), I think we knew which ministers and musicians we wanted to use since they were mostly family friends, and I very quickly decided I wanted to design and have my wedding dress custom made. More on that tomorrow.

Engagement picture by Lisa Marie Photography

Have you noticed that our outfits "coordinate" in the engagement pictures? I am NOT a matchy-matchy person but the photographer said the pictures would look better if we did this. So we don't match, but we do coordinate. And they did look nice.

Engagement picture by Lisa Marie Photography

 Deciding what to wear for every single wedding related thing was a huge ordeal. I think I thought about it too much. Oh and for all my debating, you can't even see most of my outfit in the engagement pictures. I had on super cute Michael Kors wedges, too. Oh well.

Engagement picture by Lisa Marie Photography

This was the engagement picture that ran in the papers. It's not my favorite one, my favorite one is the first one I posted. It's at an angle though and the newspapers wanted you to pick a straight up and down one. Picky, picky.

Bridal Tea - with my bridesmaids (those are the same wedges you can't see in the engagement pictures)

From left to right is Lindsey (sorority sister), Abby (real and sorority sister lol), me, Caroline (sorority sister and roommate in college), and Stacey (friend since high school, also grew up with Jared so has known him since they were kids). Caroline and Stacey are both now married as well so I got to be a bridesmaid in both their weddings.

Couples Shower

My Dad's side of the family wanted to do something for us so they decided to throw us a Couples Shower. It was nice, because Jared didn't get to come to a lot of the stuff but he got to come to this and open some gifts finally!

Lingerie Shower

If it's not obvious from the same exact outfit, accessories, and hair, this and the Couples Shower were the same day. You have a 5.5 month long engagement and stuff gets a little crazy so we had to double book. A long, but very fun day!

Bridesmaids Luncheon

I wish I had a picture of everyone who was at my Bridesmaids Luncheon. Me and my bridesmaids of course, both moms, my aunt, one of Jared's grandmothers, and it was thrown by one of my Mom's best friends and her mother. It was really, really nice and so great to have such a special group together.

Bachelorette Party!

There's not a picture with everyone in it because someone was always TAKING the picture, but this was a fun night of course. I'm wearing a Big Mistake t-shirt that Stacey gave me at the Bridesmaids Luncheon. It's HILARIOUS. I highly recommend wearing one to your own Bachelorette Party. I meant to take it on the honeymoon, too, but I forgot. Missed opportunity, I tell you.

Rehearsal Dinner

There are like 5 pictures from the Rehearsal Dinner. Why? That's the day I fell apart. Hey, the stress gets to you eventually. I was super calm the day of the wedding though so I'm fine with having my breakdown the day before. But that does mean no pictures, and I went to my rehearsal dinner without fixing my hair and.... look, I was just a mess, ok?

Football Saturday - 2006

I wanted to go back to school in the fall of 2006, but classes started a week or 2 before the wedding so I decided to wait. Since I wanted to stay with UA but we were going to be living in MS, it took a while to get everything sorted out but that was ok. I didn't move before the wedding so there was plenty to keep me busy those first couple of months, plus we were going back to AL because of football season and family a lot, and then there were the holidays. I went back to school the following January!

Homecoming - 2006

Can you see my hair is noticeably shorter? I did the chop my hair off thing after the wedding. I think a lot of people do that, it feels really good. But I haven't done it since.

Homecoming weekend - 2006

Ok, well hopefully that answered the questions about everything leading up to the wedding. Of course you could talk about this stuff, well, forever, but I was trying to keep things brief. Let me know if I missed something though. The wedding post will be tomorrow!

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Melissa said...

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i loved this. you're so pretty and you guys are so cute and nice as a couple. i like to hear stories that are just normal, no off the wall sparks, but just natural progression because i don't seem to hear as many as those.

YAY!!! thanks for sharing. i'm so glad you didn't kick it out the window!!

ps-uh were you watching/attending alabama when coach price was there? (for 5 minutes. hahahaha!) there's a story here!

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Your ring is very pretty.
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oh its so nice to hear about your life! the engagement sounds sweet! :) and i love seeing all the pictures. the engagement ones are particularly nice.
ugh i feel like when i get engaged everything will be awkward. lol i just can't imagine myself in some fairytale scenario, im sure he'll do something great and ill be like "oh cool sounds good" or something awful lol
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