August 31, 2010

Sephora Haul

A couple of weeks ago when I did my anniversary shopping, I also stopped in Sephora for a little impromptu shopping spree. I'd say more often than not, I DON'T make impulse makeup purchases. I like to look up things, research them, see what's being said on YouTube and the blogs - stuff like that. But sometimes you just can't help yourself, right? Right. Here's what I walked away with:

DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum
What it is:
Dior's first lash primer that combs, curls, and coats each lash to create a smooth, even mascara base, while acting as a nourishing serum treatment that promotes long-term lash growth, strength, and vitality.

What it does:
The newest addition to the family of legendary Diorshow Mascaras, Diorshow Maximizer Lash Primer Serum instantly primes, plumps, and lengthens lashes with an ultra-light and quick-drying formula. The first "active serum" mascara primer also contains a unique cell-conditioning complex made up of hydrolyzed soy proteins that promote long-term lash growth, strength, and vitality.

What else you need to know:
"Diorshow Maximizer is this season's most innovative, must-have product. Apply as a primer serum base under mascara for intensely curled, thickened, and lengthened lashes and also on its own as a deep conditioner for lashes at night." -Sephora Pro Beauty Team Member, Nathalie Bechard

Research Results:
The Dior Innovation Center has tested Diorshow Maximizer for efficiency and found amazing results after only 8 weeks use: + 52% Volume, +38% Length, + 73% Curl
Studies also showed that lashes were more resilient, protected, and revitalized. 

NARS Blush in Albatross 
What it is:
A soft, sheer pressed powder blush.

What it does:
NARS Blush offers a range of translucent, natural shades, each with a subtle pink for natural blush undertone, created to highlight the complexion.

What else you need to know:
Designed to be worn alone or layered together for more depth, NARS Blush provides a healthy glow to flatter any skintone.
Here's the swatch: 
It's described as "sheer light golden sheen".

NARS Lip Gloss in Turkish Delight 
The portable tube and sponge wand make applying these pigment-dense glosses a snap.

Here's the swatch:  
It's described as "pink sorbet".  

Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE VOLUPTÉ Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 in 26 Tender Peach
What it is:
An extremely smooth and creamy lipstick with a formula that transforms into a fluid veil of radiant color when it touches the lips.

What it does:
One of these Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE VOLUPTÉ Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 is sure to be your new signature color: they're sensual, radiant, and strong. With shades that drench the lips with densely pigmented color and a unique color-shine complex, lips are visibly smoothed, plumped, and radiant with luminous satin color.

What else you need to know:
It's made with a long-lasting and highly comfortable formula that contains SPF 15. 

Here's the swatch:
It's described as "light pinkish peach".

Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Balms in Copacabana
What it is:
A highly emollient, pout-plumping balm that drenches lips with exceptional comfort and hydration in sheer, shiny pops of color.

What it does:
This healthy formula deeply moisturizes and conditions, while fortifying with antioxidant vitamins C and E. And the refreshing, tingly sensation reminds you that your lips are getting fuller and more curvaceous.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Phthalates 

 Here's the swatch:
It's described as "sheer nude glow". 

 Ok, so that's what I picked up. Do you own any of it? What are your thoughts? And if not, then what's on your wish list?

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August 30, 2010

Fall 2010 Nail Polish Collections

 Sephora by OPI - The Rocker Chic Collection

Sephora by OPI has come out with their Fall 2010 collection, The Rocker Chic collection, and I think it looks AMAZING. Here's a breakdown of the collection:

Just a Little Dangerous

I'm Already Famous

Fiercely Fabulous

Go My Own Way

Studs and Stilettos

Rock His World

Club Queen Scene

Do I Know You?

Dating the Drummer

So far I own Already Famous and Dating the Drummer but I can't wait to get my hands on some more!
Which ones are your favorite?

Swiss Collection by OPI

OPI has come out with the Swiss Collection for Fall 2010. Released this month, the collection has 12 new nail polished. The colors are:

I’m Suzi & I’m a Chocoholic, From A to Z-urich, Color So Hot it Berns
Just a Little Rösti at This, William Tell Me About OPI, Ski Teal We Drop
Diva of Geneva, Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, Glitzerland
Yodel Me on My Cell, The Color to Watch, Cucoo for This Color

My picks for this collection are Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous and Glitzerland but I haven't gotten my hands on them yet. What about you?

Essie Fall Into Fashion Collection

In Stitches

Limited Addiction

Sew Psyched

Merino Cool

Velvet Voyeur

Little Brown Dress

Websites are saying these won't be out until September 1, but I'm pretty sure I already saw a display at Ulta last week. Velvet Voyeur is catching my attention somewhat, but otherwise nothing in this collection is really jumping out to me. Any of the colors calling out to you?

Ok, so that's it for some of the big fall 2010 nail polish collections. Which ones are you planning on getting?

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August 29, 2010

Hotel Highland at Five Points South

Last year on our anniversary, Jared and I put a contract on our house. Seeing that an impending move and the spending of lots of money was in the near future, we scaled down the anniversary plans and decided to do a "staycation" in town for the night. Well, it turns out that's a pretty fabulous idea so we decided to repeat the idea:

We were booked to stay downtown at The Hotel Highland last night but life got in the way a little, so we'll be there next weekend. Still looking forward to it of course :) We might take a little trip later on in the fall but really, I'm thinking a little "staycation" is the way to go. 

I guest posted for A over at A.Co est. 1984 while she's on her honeymoon, so go check it out! 

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August 27, 2010

What I'm Loving...

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has something fun for the weekend planned. I'm in the middle of a little anniversary celebrating, so let's just jump right into it.
Here's what I'm loving:

Fresh Flowers
As posted on Twitter, these are the flowers Jared showed up with this afternoon when he came home. You can usually count on flowers on your anniversary, and that's fine with me :)

Louis Vuitton Speedy
I've only had it for a week and already made a post about it, but I absolutely love this. I'm only sad I waited so long to get it when I knew how badly I wanted it. Great investment piece!

 Going with the tradition we started last year, Jared and I are "staycationing" in our hometown this weekend. No matter where you live, I promise there's a nice hotel or restaurant or SOMETHING reasonably close by so find an excuse to try some of it out! (This is a picture of Las Vegas - not our hometown by a long shot but I'm remember why it's on my list of places I want to vacation to...)

Ben Folds "The Luckiest"
This is one of the songs that was sung at our wedding. Such a beautiful song with gorgeous lyrics. Listen to it - I promise you'll love it, too.

 Ok, so that's What I'm Loving right now! What about you?

August 26, 2010

What My Wedding Was Like...

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary! So to continue with the anniversary posts, today's is all about the big day. Ever tried to put an entire wedding into one post?! Even after asking for help I hardly know where to start. Let's just get started!
All the professional pictures are by Lisa Marie Photography

The Dress & the Accessories
The inspiration: Melissa Sweet - Sadie gown
The number one request was to see wedding pictures, which this post will be full of - no worries. The second biggest request was to see my wedding dress. It took me a very short amount of time to determine that I wanted to design and have my wedding dress custom made. The styles that were most popular in 2006 were just not me. 
Taking this picture, finding an excellent seamstress, picking out all the fabric and the beads, and having almost weekly fittings and meetings with the seamstress got me my custom wedding gown. Kind of an ordeal, but I was thrilled with it. 
So obviously I had some changes made, the biggest being that there was just some random beading on the inspiration gown, but my seamstress outlined the ENTIRE pattern of the lace in beads on the bodice of my gown. This alone took her nearly 6 weeks I believe. But it was STUNNING. She individually tied off EACH bead so if God forbid, a string pulled and broke only one bead would fall off, not hundreds (because there were hundreds AND HUNDREDS of beads...). I wish you could tell how gorgeous it turned out, my Mom and I literally showed this to everyone who came to the house. Forget the presents - come look at the beading on Katie's dress! I was asked if I could go back and wear a different dress would I? Not at all, I was thrilled with how my dress turned out!
My wedding shoes in - you guessed it - champagne. I changed into these for the reception though:
I also put beaded flip flops in the bridesmaids gift baskets at the luncheon so they could change into comfortable shoes at the reception, too. It's a long day. You should have something comfortable to change into! 

The brooch is vintage and belonged to my grandmother and I pinned it to my veil. The earrings were new, but matched perfect with the brooch. That and my weddings rings were all the jewelry I wore that day. I bought my veil because it had beading around the edge that was similar to the beading on my dress.
 You can see the beading on the veil in this picture.

The Fashion (aka - what everyone else wore)
This is a sample picture of the bridesmaids dress. I picked the same champagne color but went with a claret sash.
My favorite picture of Jared that day. The guys wore black tuxes with champagne vests and ties. Jared and my Dad had a red rose for their boutonniere and all the other guys had white roses. 

Me and my bridesmaids
Jared and his groomsmen

The wedding party

Our Moms had almost matching outfits (on accident). Isn't that weird?! I didn't care, I thought it was funny.

Here's the difference in the size of our families:
My family - uncle, aunt, sister, me, Jared, Mom, Dad
Jared's family - I'm not even going to try.

The Details
Our rings. My band has 5 round cut diamonds that line up under my engagement ring, and Jared's is a plain platinum band. We each have the others initials, our wedding date, then our own initials engraved in our wedding bands. 
My bouquet - mini calla lillies
Bridesmaids bouquets - roses, gerbera daisies, etc. I don't honestly remember, is that horrible? Stacey, one of the bridesmaids, was the florist as well and I pretty much just told her the colors and she picked it all out! I was there, but I just went with her suggestions. All the bouquets were tied with claret and champagne ribbon.
The programs were printed with claret ink, one of the wedding colors. Those wedding bells were made for decorations for my parent's wedding in 1977 (by my grandmother I'm almost certain) and have been used as Christmas ornaments at my parent's house ever since. 
The brides cake - I think my cake was french vanilla, then the filling alternated with each layer. It had raspberry filling every OTHER layer because Jared doesn't like raspberry. Not that this mattered much because besides the one bite we ate for the picture, we didn't get any cake. You don't really eat at your own wedding.
The grooms cake - Jared's cake was German chocolate because he's not a big sweets person so he didn't want something TOO chocolate-y. I found this annoying because I love my chocolate and thought he was being difficult. Again, this did not matter because it's not like we got to eat it! (I hear both cakes were delish.)

The Special Moments & Answering Some Questions
Seeing each other for the first time
Any drama or wedding snafus? 
Surprisingly, no. If there are any I blocked them out. I think I tried to get a little bridezilla'ish very early in the planning and my Mom told me to cut that out because this wasn't about me. Hey, she tells it like it is. So - I did. On the day of Jared forgot his tie, I think one of his brothers forgot his socks - there were little things like that but we had plenty of people to run around and handle any problems so there weren't any major issues.
Waiting for the ceremony to start.
Where did you go on your honeymoon? Any pictures? We went to Orange Beach, AL for 5 days right after the wedding. I have a surprising lack of honeymoon pictures! Here's one though:
I took all of 2 pictures of us on the honeymoon. Yep.
Jared totally made everyone cry during his vows. (Look - even my sister is wiping her eyes!) Not to worry though, I goofed up mine 5 seconds later and everyone started laughing. Typical me.
What do you love most about him? I think this kind of sums it up, don't you? :)
Right after the wedding. I didn't know she got this picture but I love it.
I was asked what my favorite memory from the wedding is. This is it. 
Looking at some childhood pictures
Dancing with my Dad - look how happy he is!
The cake pictures are always a little awkward but kind of funny too :)
We almost forgot to take this picture but remembered at the last minute.
One of my favorites. This is framed in the living room.
What's the one thing you love most about you in your married life? I love that he balances me out. If you find someone that can do that for you - well, you can't ask for much more in life.

Some people say their wedding is one of the most special and important days in your life, and I don't dispute that. But at the end of that very long and tiring day, it's the first day of many, many, many more days to come. It should be beautiful and magical and everything that you want it to be but I think it's important to keep in mind that it's a very small part of a hopefully very long life together.
It's the beginning.