October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!
Have you already celebrated? What did you do and did you dress up? Are you expecting Trick-or-Treaters? 

 Let me know!

October 29, 2010

What I'm Loving...

Happy Friday! It's Halloween weekend! Do you have big plans?
Here's what I'm loving:

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm

I've talked about how much lip balm I go through once the humidity starts to leave the air, and I said how much I loved this balm last year - well, it's starting to get cooler and this is sitting by me at all times, so it looks like this winter is going to repeat my love of the Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm. It works, it really is soothing, and something about the peppermint oil they put in it must be addicting because you constantly WANT to reapply it even though it's not necessary. I've already been on the lookout on Victoria's Secret website and they're still making this so I don't have to panic and stockpile. Yet. But I will. Don't make me, Victoria's Secret. 

Matt And Kim - Cameras

This song is so catchy. Listen to it and tell me that it's not stuck in your head for 2 or 3 days. Oh, you're welcome :)

Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Revive in Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena 
Ok, it's deodorant - but it smells amazing! You have to wear it everyday anyway, you might as well find a cute, good smelling one, right? Right. Pomegranate and lemon? Amazing. Who comes up with this stuff...

Ghosts, Ghouls & Fools Party
Jared and I at the party last year as Rachel Zoe and Brad
Tonight is our friend's Katie & Cullen's annual Ghosts, Ghouls & Fools Halloween party. It is always SO much fun and I can't wait. I'm excited about our costumes and promise a full post with pics on Monday :)

BONUS What I'm Loving...

Ok, most of you probably know I always do 4 things in my What I'm Loving... post, but I couldn't NOT show this, and if I wait until next week it's too late. This is the best, most impressive Halloween make-up tutorial I have EVER seen and I've seen... it's not important how many I've seen. Anyway. It's not just Halloween either, you could use or modify it for a masquerade or even Mardi Gras party. (I said modify, I know it's over the top for a lot of people. Be inspired, people.) Go watch it!

Ok, so that's What I'm Loving right now! What about you?

October 28, 2010

House of Harlow 1960 Rose Gold Plated Hoops

Rose Gold Plated Hoops at Shopbop 

When I made my recent Shopbop order and found out I could still save 20%, these House of Harlow Rose Gold hoops that I've been wanting for a solid year just jumped in my shopping cart. I have no idea how this happens but it happens to me a lot, doesn't it? 

These etched rose gold-plated hoop earrings feature a post closure. 2" long.

 Like every other House of Harlow piece I own, I completely love these. 2" is a great length and this solidifies how much I want/need that Michael Kors rose gold watch I'm obsessing over. For reference, I also have:

Yet again, I'm very happy with my House of Harlow. I love the pieces, they're great quality, and there's more on my list. There always is!

October 27, 2010

Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes
Ok, it's no secret I'm not feeling great lately so I'm obsessed with anything that is making my life even the tiniest bit easier. Meet the Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes. Simple product? Sure. Works, works well, and is making me happier? Absolutely. 
These are the ones I'm using. After the first time you can just buy the refill and still use the holder. I can't get over how great these work! Here's what Neutrogena says:
Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes Refill effectively dissolve all traces of dirt, oil and make-up—even waterproof mascara—for clean, fresh skin in one easy step.These gentle, ultra soft cloths contain superior cleansing technology so effective it removes even waterproof mascara. With one step, it leaves skin thoroughly clean with no heavy residue, so there's no need to rinse. And it's gentle enough to use around the sensitive eye area, even for contact lens wearers. Make your skin make-up free the easy way. 
For a normal day when I don't wear a lot of makeup, one of these really does remove all me makeup AND my mascara. I have such sensitive skin I'm always skeptical of something like this going near my eyes, but it doesn't irritate them at all. This doesn't take the place of deep cleaning, but it works great on days where you're tired and just need to get your makeup off and go to bed. Next up I want to try these:
Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes - Night Calming
Remove all traces of makeup while enjoying a unique calming fragrance that helps you unwind and prepares you for a good night's sleep.

All of that AND something that's going to help me sleep better? Sold, Neutrogena. 

October 26, 2010

Accidental Target Shopping

I probably shouldn't be allowed to shop at Target but that's a different post for another day. Really, I have a serious self control problem there. That's not just me, right? Target is the perfect place for "accidental" shopping (buying things you had absolutely no plan of getting), probably because you can get 104892076 different things there. You go in for something simple, 20 other things catch your eye. It's not just me, right? Right?! Let's move on. On a recent Target outing a couple of things caught my eye/jumped in my cart:

It's leather. And zippers. Do I really need to explain this?
Ok, admittedly this was cuter in the display picture. And Jared told me it was too flashy, or too... something, I don't know, he knows me and knows telling me not to get something means it's coming home with me so whatever. I kinda just like looking at it...

I didn't get these, I just tried them on, but I couldn't figure out how to wear them so I put them back. Self restraint, is that you? If one of you can give me even one possible cute way to wear these, I'll be back at Target before the day is over. Not even kidding. I don't understand these, but they intrigue me. 

There might have been some more randomness at Target, but this was the blog-worthy stuff. Tell me about some accidental shopping you've done lately. Extra points if you're guilty of this happening at Target, too!

I was featured over on Modly Chic yesterday, so go check that out if you haven't already :)

October 25, 2010

Sephora Friends and Family

Oh yes. It's (one of the) most wonderful times of the year - Sephora Friends & Family time. Enter FF2010 at checkout and you'll get 20% off your entire order. Yay!. 

Fine print: Sephora.com Friends & Family 20% off offer valid through 11/03/10 at 11:59pm PST/PDT with any mechandise order on Sephora.com. Enter promotion code FF2010 in the promotion code box during Sephora.com checkout to receive your discount. Not valid in retail stores, previous purchases, on Canadian online purchases, nor with the purchase of eGift certificates or gift cards. Cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion codes. A print out of this email is not a substitution for the Friends and Family cards in store. Sephora reserves the right to end or change this promotion offer at any time.

I haven't finalized my order yet, but this is the perfect time to stock up on some favorites. Some things I'll probably get:

Have you made a Sephora order yet? If you did, what'd you get? If you haven't yet, what's on your list?
Let me know!

October 24, 2010

Halloween Costumes


Are you dressing up for Halloween? If you are, what are you dressing up as? If you're not, what's your all-time favorite Halloween costume? What are your kids dressing up as? And most importantly - do you dress up your pets? August is going to be a bumblebee! We've already covered how I need Halloween Help...

Let me know!

October 22, 2010

What I'm Loving...

Happy Friday! How is October going by so fast?! The end of the year just flies by.
Here's what I'm loving:

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils
I've written about NYX before. I don't think they've ever disappointed me plus, the price is amazing. Good products and great price? Hard to find. The Jumbo Eye Pencils are possibly my favorite product they make. I can think of similar products from other brands, but nothing just like this. The pencils come in a variety of colors and go on basically like a cream eye shadow except a much easier application, in my opinion. You use them under eye shadows for a base and to make your eye shadow color pop more. Get Milk and Black Bean to start. You'll get the most use out of those.

Sugar Free Red Bull

 Ok, confession. When I was hospitalized and diagnosed with Crohn's (years ago, this wasn't recent) my GI made it very clear I needed to eliminate caffeinated and carbonated drinks from my life ESPECIALLY energy drinks. At that time I was drinking multiple Sugar Free Red Bulls and Diet Mountain Dews a day. Yes, a day. (College! Finals! Stress!) I think he was stunned I hadn't ended up in the hospital sooner but that's another story. Anyway, I pretty much eliminated the Red Bull but can't give up my Diet Mtn Dew. I do only drink one a day though so - yay? Not really. Anyway. Like, once a year I cave and buy Sugar Free Red Bull. And then I drink my one a day. 
Welcome to that one time a year. 

New Politics - Dignity
As with most songs, I heard this on satellite radio recently and it's amazing. It's definitely my favorite New Politics song I've ever heard.

Halloween Oreos
What is there to say here? I love Oreos. I love Halloween. We have a Halloween cookie jar. What am I supposed to put in it?! So I bought these. Twice. I'm going to stop. Soon. Maybe.

Ok, so that's What I'm Loving right now! What about you?

October 21, 2010

BCBGeneration Fancy

If you follow me on Twitter, you saw the boot saga play out and if not, you saw them in my latest What I'm Wearing... post. They're BCBGeneration Fancy and I'm completely obsessed with them.
I know I already showed them in the What I'm Wearing... post, but I was tired when those pictures were taken so I don't think it did them much justice. Here's how they look both ways on me:
Over the knee (or not - more on that in a minute) -
Rolled down - 
Ok, so clearly these are supposed to go OVER the knee, but these are more at the knee. This isn't the first time I've had this problem. The Chinese Laundry grey suede OTK boots I bought last year do the same thing. Annoying! I blame being tall and short waisted which gives me unusually long legs, apparently. Whatever, not much I can do about it. 

Anyway, I ended up paying full price for these which is something I try to avoid if I can, but sometimes you just can't. I got them at Belk and although a lot of boots were on sale, these weren't and aren't going on sale anytime soon (I checked). There was a coupon for 15% off, but it excluded BCBG (it always does). If I didn't love them, I would have pressed my luck to see if they went on sale at a BCBG store later on this season. That's worth doing for something you just kinda like. But I didn't kind like these - I loved them. When you figure in that I love them AND they're shoes I can actually wear right now (you have no idea how many of my shoes are collecting dust right now with the no heels thing), even Jared didn't argue, he told me to go ahead and get them. This is where it pays to be a shopaholic - you know when you REALLY love something and can immediately figure the odds of whether or not you should go ahead and get it :)

October 20, 2010

Getting to know you better...

Carrie at this free bird tagged me to do a few questions for a Getting To Know You Tag. I loved all the questions and couldn't wait to put together this post! Here we go:

What is your favorite time of the day? 
It would be easier to say what my LEAST favorite time of day is - morning. I'm not a morning person, I never have been, and it's safe to say at this point I never will be. If I see the sunrise, it's because I haven't been to bed yet. I'm a night owl, through and through. I like night time, I'm more productive at night, you get the picture.
 Where and when did you meet the love of your life?
Jared and I went to high school together and met the day of registration in 9th grade. We didn't start dating until we were 21 and in college, though. I could ramble on about this for awhile (and I have, there are posts around our anniversary if you're curious), but I'll try to sum it up - I can be the world's most indecisive person and I never for one second questioned if I was supposed to be married to Jared. I've never been more confident about anything, ever, in my entire life.
At the Georgia Dome for a Bama game in 2009
What 3 words would your friends outside the blogging world use to describe you?  
Funny, smart, caring. (I cheated and asked Jared. I'm horrible at answering stuff like this. What's a word for that?!)
Lindsey, Abby, Me, Caroline, Stacey
What country would you like to visit and why? 
France. Do I really need to list all the reasons?! Really, so many countries in Europe would make me happy. Jared took a business trip to Italy a couple of years ago but I couldn't go because I was in school and had 5 tests. It was heartbreaking.
What is your favorite dish to cook? 
We've been through this. I can't cook! Well I guess I can, but it's not anything you'd be excited to eat. I do like to bake around Christmas though. By bake I mean something practically already made but I like to decorate it.
Maybe I'll make these this holiday season?
Salt or sugar?
What are your must have make-up or beauty items?   
Ok, you can imagine how hard this question is for me! Some of my favorite make-up items are Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Chanel Inimitable mascara, Urban Decay Naked Palette (I see a lot of comments about it - it's supposed to be coming back in stock, probably for the holidays for sure, so keep looking. It's worth it!), NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, MAC lipstick in Creme de Nude, and so many more things. If I love something, you'll hear me talk about it at some point!
What are your favorite flowers? 
I'm actually really horrible at being able to identify flowers. Tulips are a favorite, though. Our very first Valentine's Day together I knew Jared didn't have much money, and I knew what the mark-up on roses was for Valentine's Day, so one day I made a big point of telling him how I DON'T like roses (they're not my favorite, but I don't mind them, I just didn't want him spending $100 he didn't have on flowers) so on Valentine's Day he showed up with tulips from the grocery store. They were gorgeous and I've always remembered that :) Oh, and to this day he's never given me roses on Valentine's Day. He always makes a point to find something different instead. I love it.
What do you think are your worst vices, honestly?  
I have a bad temper. Especially lately with everything going on, there are times when I just want to scream and throw things. What can I say, I'm emotional I guess. I don't guess that's really a vice, more a character flaw, but I'm still going with it.
At what time of your life were you the happiest and why? 
You know, it seems like every time in my life (my adult life, at least) I've either tried to make a plan or thought to myself that everything was going great, life has come along and kicked my ass. I don't know if that's the whole "We plan, God laughs" thing or what, but it's making me change my perspective. Lately I try to wake up each day and and just think about what I have to look forward to that day.  It's much easier so I think I'm going to stick with it. What do you think?

I love tags and I REALLY love tags where you get to learn more about people, so everyone please take the time to do this if you'd like, and if you don't want to make a post, leave your answers in a comment. I know I'd love to read them :)

October 19, 2010

What I'm Wearing...

Dress - Express
Boots - BCBGeneration
Earrings - Express
Bracelet - Express
Wristlet - Juicy Couture from Gilt (go sign up if you haven't already!)
Nail polish - Chanel Paradoxal

As I mentioned on here, last Friday we went down to Tuscaloosa for UA's homecoming weekend with both our families, and this is what I wore for that. It was delicious and I enjoyed getting a night out of the house. If you know me, you know I'm perpetually 15 minutes behind on life. Well if I couldn't figure it out before, you can imagine how it is with all the problems I'm having and everything taking me at least twice as long. We were running out the door that afternoon, running late, with no time for pictures, so these were taken in the middle of the night when we finally got home. Oh well, you do the best you can some days, right? More to come on the boots - they deserve their own post :)