February 4, 2011

Friend Friday - Creating A Unique Blog

Friend Friday
I recently joined the Fashion Beauty Friend Friday group created by Katy over at Modly Chic.
Every week Katy puts together a set of questions and on Friday if you want to participate, you answer them on your blog and link back up at Modly Chic. 
1. With all the blogging events out there how do you determine which
ones to participate in and which ones to avoid?

I only participate in things that pertain or relate to me and my blog. Keep it simple, right? 
2. Be honest, have you ever jumped on the bandwagon of some blogging
movement/event for the wrong reasons? How did that turn out?

No, I really haven't done many blogging events. In a lot of ways I stay in my own little bubble as far as blogging goes. I've definitely made more of an effort this past year to be more involved in the community, which is certainly a big part of blogging. But being involved and active doesn't mean you have to participate in every single thing. I think when you're first getting into blogging, you try out different things until you find a voice and style that suites you. That's what I've tried to do anyway. 
3. How do you give your own flair to a blog event while still
maintaining the general mission and purpose?

Obviously right now I'm participating in 30x30. I've never done outfit posts every day on the blog and I'm not going to start doing that just because of the challenge. I'll probably continue to put several outfits in one post because that's more conducive to my life. I'm figuring out a way to participate but still integrate it in the way I normally blog and if I'm not happy with the results, I won't do it again. I think that's the key to any blog event. 
4. When determining the best content for your blog what criterion do
you keep in mind?

Is it something I want to participate in? Does it fit in well with my blog? 
5. While everything will not suit your blog, how do you try and
support your fellow bloggers who are participating in something
worthwhile but not your style?

Just because I'm not participating in something, unless there's a good reason why I shouldn't, I'd of course still read and comment on other blogs like normal. 

If you want more information or want to join FBFF, there's more info on Modly Chic and you can e-mail Katy to join the group!


Amy Z. said...

Great answers! I definitely feel the same way about participating in something without distracting from the original style of your blog.

Jen HaHA said...

Great answers! I like surveys and stuff, but I'm much too lazy to join this. I like reading others' answers though.

BTW, I told two friends about the OPI Black Shatter nail polish and I think they're going to check it out!

Come check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

Natalie Suarez said...

cute blog! love it :)


Josie said...

I love your answers, Katie -- I think it's so great that you stay true to the original idea for your blog. And this program is so fun!
xo Josie

Miss Caitlin S. said...

woohoo, go on with your bad self! Very well said for answer 3.

this free bird said...

Great answers! Totally agree - and number 3 is spot on.


Kavery said...

Staying true to ourselves and our blog is the best way to go. Good answers, Katie

Leia said...

Interesting to read your answers on this. I don't participate in most challenges/events because I want my blog to be unique.


Jane Alisa said...

Really interesting post and really interesting answers. Totally agree with everything you have said :-) xoxo

Lee Oliveira said...

Great answers Katie."I only participate in things that are related to my blog"..
I don't mind interviews as long the question are reasonable and decent
Lee x

Collette Osuna said...

Love #5...rock on sister!! and, Im sooo happy you are in the 30x30:) I saw your email come to my phone yesterday....just gotta open it up, lol....love you!!!

Stop by and say Hello:)
Check out my 30x30 Remix….Let’s do this!♥

Closet Fashionista said...

Great answers!!! :D :D So true, I'm the same way with my blog, hehe

janettaylor said...

I totally agreed. Great!

Have a lovely weekend, my dear!

Isabel said...

im hesitant to take part in blogging events b/c i like to do whatever i feel like for the day on my blog. lol

Daniela said...

great answers Katie!
Happy weekend!

Alecto said...

the best part about blogging is the community, i think, and sometimes that means participating in something. also, having your own blog means you get to play by your own rules. what fun!! and great answers :-)

Peacefully Hooked said...

disclaimer: this is a response to the comment you left on my blog =)
Yep! I made it! I have an etsy shop called Peacefully Hooked. Right now am doing a discount for Love Stitched readers of 20%
and a discount for people that was to help me get to my momma (she is having major surgery) for 15%.
It is super warm and a great pop of color to be able to throw on!!

Love your blog, and really, I am obsessed with some of your clothes!


Pixie in Pumps said...

so very true. it's all about trial and error with these challenges. It might sound interesting, but you get halfway into it and doesn't enjoy it as much as you had anticipated. So next time you know it's not for you, but you still got something out of doing it. Always a balance there!

lauren lanza osias said...

events and link parties and all of the jazz go right over my head. i totally don't get most of it. i'm just not very savvy.

bumming it like a celeb...

Valerie said...

I'm still in awe that you're doing the 30x30. I think you always do a wonderful job of supporting other blogs while staying true to yourself. Have a great weekend, Katie!

Bruna said...

I agree with everything too! ;)

Linda said...

It's good that you might participate in an event, but do you it YOUR way. That's the way to do it!

The Auspicious Life

la petite coquine said...

I love your thoughtful answers, and I'm so impressed by how much care you obviously take in blogging. It's always so wonderful to see someone who really cares about their work, no matter how much fun it is!

Audrey Allure said...

That's a cute idea of answering a few questions every week. I definitely agree with your answers!

modanista junkie said...

Lovely, and thanks for the info. I will check it out.



Love reading your answers! Have a great weekend, honey :)

...love Maegan said...

awe, what a cute idea. Great answers!

Anonymous said...

cute blog great answers



Kirstin Marie said...

Ooh, I love your header! I completely agree with your answer for number four. Content definitely needs to fit in and fit with you.

Kirstin Marie

Zarna said...

great q&a! this seems like such a fun group to participate in!

chellemorgan said...

What a cute idea :) I love your blog! You have great style. Good luck with the 30 for 30! It's been tough for me taking pictures every day too (I'm so not used to it!)

Xo Chelle

Joanne Faith said...

Great responses, I love reading FF. I was going to participate this week but I didn't have too much to say on this subject... FF is the first I've really participated in!

If I were to do 30x30 I probably would just do a weekly wrap up - like you, I wouldn't change the way I posted!

Joanne Faith xo

..R May A.. said...

I love your answers here :)
loving your blog hun!! x

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

some really excellent food for thought. :)

Grace said...

Very good answers!

Love Grace.

Orphaned Apparel said...

I don't think I've ever participated in a blogging event. I'm so anti-social. LOL.

sacramento said...

Your blog is so much better now, fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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