February 22, 2011

I'm just a stranger, even to myself...

It was 76 degrees here over the weekend. Don't be jealous. 76 degree weather when you didn't pick any summery clothes for the WINTER 30 for 30 is pretty miserable. Do. Not. Enjoy.

I woke up this morning with a funny taste in my head.
Spackled some butter over my whole grain bread.
Something tastes different, maybe it's my tongue.
Something tastes different, suddenly I'm not so young.

Shirt - J. Crew, Jeans - Old Navy, Scarf - Express, Shoes - BCBG Max Azria, Earrings - Gifted

I'm just a stranger, even to myself.
A re-arranger of the proverbial bookshelf.
Don't be a fool girl, tell him you love him.
Don't be a fool girl, you're not above him.

I was really close to rolling up these jeans because of the heat. I didn't. You're welcome.

I never thought I could love anyone but myself.
Now I know I can't love anyone but you.
You make me think that maybe I won't die alone.
Maybe I won't die alone.

Dress - Express, Leggings - Express, Shoes - GAP, Earrings - Limited, Necklace - Limited

What have I become?
Something soft and really quite dumb.
Because I've fallen, oh, 'cuz I've fall-fallen, oh 'cuz I've fall-fall-fallen
So far away from the place where I started from.

Trying again with this sweater dress. Better, I think, but still missing something. Probably something I didn't include in my 30. I feel like I need to confess I bought shampoo and conditioner yesterday. And we got new lamps for our bedroom. But those are LAMPS and they're for the house, so that doesn't count. I don't think. Did I break the shopping ban? I'm so confused. I don't even know who I am anymore.

I never thought I could love anyone.
I never thought I could love anyone.
I never thought I could love anyone,
But you, but you, but you, but you, but you
But you make me think that maybe I won't die alone.
Maybe I won't die alone. 


Laura said...

Every time I see those red flats I smile :) They are so fantastic!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

hahah this is making you quite dramatic, isn't it!!! Of course you know who you are, you goofball! Okay, and you're crazy because the sweater TOTALLY works, are you kidding? I could not love it more!! You did a good job beating the heat with your winter clothes, go you!

Jen HaHA said...

Loving the sweater dress! I like it paired with leggings. The flats are a nice splash of color. I think hair products are okay because they need replenishing. I guess people could argue the same with clothes, but hair products don't belong in your closet. I dunno. I bought hair products, too. We're confused together.

Josie said...

Katie, I love that pop of color in the scarf in the first look. I'm sorry your clothes aren't weather-appropriate -- that's brutal -- but I'm SO jealous of your weather! It's snowing here... Again.
xo Josie

Anja said...

I have the same issue, only with too cold temperatures. I got like low 10s here and am freezing my a... off.
I love that dress, but I think it needs some color. Maybe a scarf or colorful cardigan?

this free bird said...

Just to be clear: you're Katie and you're in a shopping coma. You will be out soon.

The first part of that song about getting older? I winced. argh

But I do love the red scarf and the entire first outfit is wonderful - even in almost 80 degrees...oh Lord help you. I'd have lost it. We had 40 degrees at night and 60 in the day aka COATS PLEASE.

And I like this sweater dress better, too. Do you have a casual blazer to toss over? Maybe in a linen/light sand color? I think that contrast would look really pretty against the grey AND you have those fab red flats. Where'd you get those mothers??

Thus ends another novel of a comment.


MissNeira said...

I love the orange! hmmm reminds me to get a pretty orange scarf like that!

Miss Neira

Couture Carrie said...

Love that pop of color in the scarf!


Closet Fashionista said...

Love these!!! Yaow, I wish i t was 78 here *dreams* haha

hmm...well I would think the shopping ban would just be on clothes/accessories, but I dunno XD

Fashion Meets Food said...

Loving the splash of color with the first outfit! Very chic!


Megan said...

i totally love the color of your scarf.

76 degrees??? were just lucky to make it above freezing in ohio at this point :-)

<3 megan

CessOviedo said...

YOu are doing a great job! I admire all you girls for joining the challenge, the only though of it gives me chills cause I know I could not do it at all, just went through your outfits and they all are cute, I like very much the sweater dress ones, simple yet chic! Keep it up girl! xo


Isabel said...

i bet your bank account is really happy about the shopping ban! lol

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

wait WHAT?! 76?! that's bananas!

ps - you look really cute, despite the insane heat. :)

DAC (almost) JD said...

Well, it's ELEVEN degrees today in michigan, so i am still jealous :)

I think maybe it's missing a wide belt? I love sweater dresses but I often dislike the belts that come with them because they are not wide enough. Just a thought. Didn't you have a wide belt on yesterday?

Collette Osuna said...

Love the flats, love the scarf...and of course the knit dress...you are lookin hot, and surprise..my outfit #16 goes up this evening, lol...

Stop by and say Hello:)
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MLMB said...

LOVE the scarf and the sweater dress also. I've just started wearing a scarf and LOVE it! My first is a coral one :) ƸӜƷ MLMBeautiful ƸӜƷ xxx

The Suburb Experiment said...

I've totally and completely broken the "no shopping" for clothes rule. I think you're still good if all you've bought is hair product and things for your house. :)


Katie said...

Love the sweater dress with red flats! I don't think it's missing a thing.

FashionJazz said...

Love the colour of ur scarf hun! Hope your well, I am back from my blogging break and JFW :) XX

Ashleigh said...

That scarf is spring perfection!
Lamps totally don't count. IMO. :)

sacramento said...

You are so brave doing the 30X30. i could never commit myself to it.
You have all my admiration.
Love, love all your outfit posts Katie.

Valerie said...

The bright orange scarf is the perfect addition to your outfit! Hope you had a great weekend!

Kayla said...

Love the scarf. Also this weather is killing me too. I have no clothes for weather like this.

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl


Ok I'm sorry...I can't help but be jealous! It was in the 20s and snowed here! :)

Kristin said...

Love the pop of orange...And I'm pretty sure shampoo and cond. is a necessity that should not be included in the shopping ban...You're doing great!

Bonnie said...

I lovelovelovelove layering scarves over, well, anything.
P.S. You are super cute. And I love your blog. And your hair is adorable.
Okay, the end.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Jenny said...

These looks are adorable! Nah, shampoo and conditioner don't count - you've gotta have that stuff for hygiene reasons - lol! I put a few short sleeve items in my 30/30 mix and I'm living in them - I just wish I'd put some flip flops or sandals in there too - but who knew it would be 80 friggin degrees? Am I weird in that I've found this challenge rather easy? The no shopping thing has not been an issue. I think it's because I've been on a spending freeze for so long - lol!!!

Hayley said...


la petite coquine said...

Shampoo and conditioner are less beauty and more hygiene, so I say you're in the clear. Unless you bought giant vats of soap beforehand, how could you reasonably go 30 days without buying Dawn?

No matter what, you're almost DONE! Horray!

sparkle is a color (Katrina) said...

I LOVE the color of that scarf! It's my favorite. And the sweater dress is super cute!

ryan said...

That scarf is an amazing color, so fun. And yes, I am jealous of your heat right now : )

Tara said...

Aw, you're totally allowed to buy lamps for your house. Unless you're trying to make them into a necklace, or something, I don't think it violates the shopping ban :)

I'm having the same weather related problem in Atlanta...it's too warm for my outfits! I love the pops of color with the scarf in the first outfit and the shoes in the second.

style'n said...

Love the pop of color with the scarf...it really makes the outfit.

KrystlesStyle* said...

OK, 1. I ADORE the pop of color in your orange scarf! 2. I am obsessed with sweater dresses! I think my very first outfit post was one. :) Good stuff!! :)

Marie said...

Loving those red flats, they fit you great.:D

***** Marie *****