February 28, 2011

It's just sugar, just a pill to make me happy...

I assume most everyone watched the Oscars last night? Thoughts? Who was your best dressed?

Sunny morning
You can hear it
Siren's warning
There is weather on both sides
And I know it's coming
Shirt - J. Crew, Sweater - Express, Jeans - Old Navy, Shoes - BCBG Max Azria, Ring - House of Harlow, Sunglasses - Chanel

Can you make it better for me
Can you make me see the light of day
Because I got no one
Who will bring me a
Big umbrella
So I'm watching the weather channel
And waiting for the storm

I wanted to do the sweater/dress thing with leggings and boots like I did the first time I wore it, but the brown ones instead, but I couldn't make it happen. This proves me to me I am not good at planning outfits. It's much easier for me to grab one thing I like, then build around that. When I try to plan an entire outfit, it just doesn't work well. 

It's just sugar
Just a pill to make me happy
I know it may not fix the hinges
But at least the door has stopped it's creaking

Turtleneck - Gap, Jeans - Old Navy, Belt - Steve Madden, Shoes - Gap, Sunglasses - Express, Earrings - gifted, Bracelets - Melinda Maria

I got friends
They're waiting for me to comb out my hair
Come outside and join the human race
But I don't feel so human

With this I took my normal approach. I grabbed the turtleneck since I've only worn it once in 30x30. It's a red/orange with a lot of red, so I did the red shoes. On the Red Carpet coverage last night they said a lot of people won't wear orange because it clashes with red. Well, people should re-think that because I think this looks pretty good. 

You won't want me
Hanging around the birthday pony
Even though it's just a game
You know we are the same
But you're the better faker. 


Kayla said...

I'm all for orange and red. I like them together. But I think anything goes with orange.

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Lee Oliveira said...

Loving the first knitwear Katie..
Dark denim and blood orange are perfect combination..
Lee x

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Orange and red are definitely fun!

Oooh and happy early birthday!

Totally agreed on Mila being a best dressed - it was such a cool and pretty dress!

Josie said...

That orange turtleneck is such a gorgeous color on you, Katie!
xo Josie

Miss Caitlin S. said...

I am loving both of these tops on you a lot, a lot, a lot! I think they're both really pretty. And I agree about the orange vs. red. Sometimes just bold orange is amazingly beautiful.

this free bird said...

Woman you have quite a shoe collection. My eye immediately caught the ones in the first set and couldn't stop staring at them. They are cute and go with the outfit really well!

And now about this red/orange combo - I'm totally feeling it. I love the belt on tbe sweater, too. You look great in that color.

and ps-i need a nap after all my kitchen time this weekend. wait til i tell you about the drunk driver escapades i've been getting into.

ps again pps/pss or whichever it is - anne hathaway made me slip into a coma. no jokes.

Joanne Faith said...

The way you've paired orange & red is surprisingly good! & as Carrie has said you look great in this colour!

Leia said...

I couldn't watch the Oscars because of the time difference but I'm going to check out some dresses now! :)


Collette Osuna said...

LOVE the bright colors of the second outfit....the first flats have my vote:)

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh I think the second is my favorite!! :D :D Looking lovely as always :D

Jenny said...

I love orange and red! I guess that the red carpet is not like real life. I think it's more that people want to pop on the red carpet and not run the risk of blending in? The things Rachel Zoe has to think about! Love the second look!

lauren lanza osias said...

shades of red are brilliant on you. and michelle williams was the star of last night. check out my full review :)

it's the freaking oscars...

Bonnie said...

While I am not a fan of orange and red together, you look pretty amazing. The orange sweater is far enough separated from the red by your jeans, so it doesn't clash at all. Nicely done!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

kelsey said...

Those ON jeans are great on you. And you have awesome sunglasses!

Laura said...

I love the orange/red/brown combo in the 2nd outfit. And your hair looks gorgeous in all of these!

Isabel said...

of course i watched the oscars! i still cant decide who my favourite was. mila kunis, cate blanchette, hailee steinfiled, the white dress anne hathaway wore on stage, natalie portman were a few of my faves

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Courtney Erin said...

I loved Mila Kunis and Sharon Stone -- and I really like your bold red sweater, it's a great color on you.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Megan said...

love it! that color looks so good on you!!! (i like your dog too!)

<3 megan

The Suburb Experiment said...

I like your pairing of red and orange. The guy from What Not To Wear (why can't I remember his name?!) says that if they're pairings that occur in nature, you're set. You know, fruits, leaves, etc. . . I'm pretty sure that Mother Nature approves even if E! doesn't. Hee hee!

I loved Mandy Moore's whole look. The dress, the hair & makeup. Cate Blanchett is a close second.



Blood orange..... I LOVE that shade.
Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Couture was a definite winner for me!

Ashley said...

I agree, I like the red and orange color combo! And I didn't watch much of the awards, but I saw Natalie Portman win and I thought she looked goooooorgeous!


CMA said...




LOVE the last one! Orange and red are awesome together :) xoxo

Valerie said...

Red is a great color on you! I hardly have anything red in my closet, but I'm going to try to change that this spring.

Taj Acosta said...

Love the shoes in both outfits and the color in the 2nd is magnificient on you!! xo

Whitney said...

i loved mila kunis!

Annabel said...

Mila Kunis was my best dressed she looked amazing!
and you do too, I love the second outfit and your sunglasses :) so glad I found you!


Daniela said...

you look great in the orange!

dulci said...

cute! check out my Nanette Lepore giveaway!


Fashion Therapist said...

I thought that the Oscars were such a snooze...none of the speeches were spectacular and it re-confirmed that I dislike Anne Hathaway.

I did LOVE Mila Kunis' dress!

Heather said...

Love the red and orange combo - who says this lie of them clashing? lol. You work it!


A.Co said...

You and your grass, Katie, damnnit. Jealous. lol.

August is suuuuch a cutie!!

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Jess said...

Cute Cute Cute! How many days left in your 30X30? Hope you had a fun weekend!!!

Lexi said...

My Oscars best dressed award goes to Mila Kunis. Loved the lavender, loved the lace. Although I was a tad worried her boobs were going to pop out of those lace cups!

Lexi @ http://glitterandpearls.com

Marie said...

Orange looks great on you.:D

***** Marie *****