February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving...

Huh? It's not Friday (is it?). There's going to be something different on Friday's now, so What I'm Loving... is going to be on Wednesday now. I know, I know. Your mind is probably blown. 
Here's what I'm loving:

Sony Earbuds
I needed new earbuds (that sounds so weird, but it's what they're called...) for my Macbook so I picked up a cute pink pair at Target. I didn't think much of it except that they were cute and matched the new sleeve. (I like to coordinate.) Um, they're awesome. Besides being cute and coordinating, the sound quality is amazing - and they were around $10! Much better than the ones that have come with all my iPods. I'm just saying.

OPI Black Shatter
I was wearing this in my last What I'm Wearing... post. I picked up Black Shatter and Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry OPI collection and I love them both, but Black Shatter is definitely the stand out of the collection.

Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush
I think I saw this in InStyle a few weeks ago and I was sold before I'd ever seen it in person. Here's the description:

  • Ultra-soft and blendable blushing powder features a fresh and vibrant mix of blushing tones infused with a pop of color to create a healthy glow.
  • Multi-reflective pearls provide a soft iridescence to highlight contour and add radiance to cheeks.
  • Infused with our Happy Boost Blend, featuring Happy Skin and Euphoryl, natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of Endorphins and helping protect the skin from environmental stress.
  • The sweet scent of Violet provides a feeling of joy each time you apply.

Ok, I'm not saying this is going to solve the world's problems or something but it's cute, has a nice scent, and is a good blush. Works for me. 

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts

Don't come back for me
Don't come back at all
Who do you think you are?

I heard this song awhile back and have been obsessed ever since. Love the song, love the lyrics, love the video. 

30x30 posts are coming!
Ok, so that's What I'm Loving right now! What about you?


Jen HaHA said...

So, the black polish seriously goes on all crackled like that? Or are you a master air brusher? Can't wait to see your remix!

Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

Jen HaHA said...
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Josie said...

I'm with you on the Sony earbuds. They're cute, stay in your ears, and the sound is fab -- plus they're cheap, which is a huge plus if you casually chew on the cords like I do.
xo Josie

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Now I really want to try Black Shatter! I'm lusting over a Chanel hybrid reissue that someone sold on TPF in 2 days. :(

Miss Caitlin S. said...

ooo loving the nail polish, especially because there's black which I'm totally digging right nowww! What I'm loving right now are glasses because I'm getting some and so I've been exploring the world of frames lately and it's not that bad!

sacramento said...

I have been hearing a lot about O.P.I nail polish.1.- Do you recomend them???- 2.- Are they exprensive.
Thank you lovely. You are sushine in colours.

Leia said...

That blusher looks great!


Amy Z. said...

Ah! I've been trying to get my hands on the black shatter, but my local beauty supply store doesn't have it in yet and it's driving me crazy!


Lee Oliveira said...

Great colours and selection.
Love Chistina Perri
Lee x

this free bird said...

Okay honey. My mind's blown because I was fully expecting to see August on your head.

AND it's not Friday. I'm gonna need a lot of chocolate to recover from this one.


Krystal said...

aw, those opi shades are perfect. they always get it right!

Collette Osuna said...

Mind blowing...fo sho!! lol...loving the nail color...whoa...too cool....yes!! we need to pick for each other..how about a day next week? Too fun!!! Cant wait to see your first 30x30 post!!

Stop by and say Hello:)
Check out my 30x30 Remix….Let’s do this!♥

Closet Fashionista said...

Yay for the earbuds and nail polish!!! I really want to try that nail polish but I haven't been to a store that sells it yet, haha

Daniela said...

how cute is that blush!! have you tried it on though? I have my doubts about anything from Physician's formula...it looks like it wouldn't last very long on.

Sofi Stellar said...

Aww, that little blush pot is so cute for V Day!

I like the ear buds, too :)

3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

I have not been able to find that polish anywhere! So jealous! And a girl could always use a pink pair of earbuds. : )


Isabel said...

i admit i asked myself if it was friday already when i saw this. lol. i really want to try the black shatter polish. ill have to see if i can find it. i remember 10 or 12 years ago cover girl had a shatter polish but i never tried it. sounds super fun!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Bella @Bellgetsreal said...

I saw the mood booster in the mag too and was so very curious....now I know its a must.

PS having a Puerto Rico finds giveaway, join the fun.

LK said...

I'm so glad you found my little bloggity! This is my first 30x30 too. Best of luck! I can't wait to see your posts!


LK said...

I'm so glad you found my little bloggity! This is my first 30x30 too. Best of luck! I can't wait to see your posts!



Love Black Shatter too!!! xoxo

Fashion Meets Food said...

That is my absolute new favorite song! It's amazing and she is seriously so gorgeous. I love black shatter too!


Valerie said...

The black shatter polish looks so cool! I've been in a polish rut lately, so I need to make a run to Ulta to get some new ones and this one is on my list now.

la petite coquine said...

You're right-I was totally shocked to see what you're loving on Wednesday! But this is a pretty wonderful list! I'm loving that this week is almost half way done!

Jenny said...

I've been hearing good things about Black Shatter. Can't wait to see your 30/30 remixes - no pressure - lol!

Jen said...

Oh my gosh, so glad you posted about Christina Perri... I play her video all the time and never can get enough!! One of my fave songs right now.

Happy Hump Day Dear!

Sarah Bianchi said...

ohh this blush is so sweet!! it's perfect for St Valentine's day!


A La Mode et Plus! said...

I have been dying to try the black shatter ever since I saw you sporting it! And that blush looks gorgeous!

Ashley said...

You've got me wanting so many nail polish colors lately, lol! I'm going to have to make a list, and Black Shatter is definitely going to be near the top!


Kavery said...

Black Shatter is such a good name for that shade.

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

good to know about the ear buds...i think i need a new pair.

Linda W said...

Are the headphone soft? I need a new pair, but non-squishy ones hurt my (obviously too) sensitive ears.

The Auspicious Life

Joanne Faith said...

I like the look of the Sony ear-buds. Good price too!

The Katy Perry OPI Black Shatter... is that a black-black or it a glitter black, grey black etc. etc.?

Joanne Faith xo

Marie said...

This song is pretty nice.:D

***** Marie *****

Mimi said...

aaaah, i want to try black shatter! and those earbuds look great! :D

<3, Mimi

Jo said...

I have the pink Sony earbuds and I totally agree with your assessment. They're cute AND the sound quality is awesome! I also love that Jar of Hearts song :)

Dani said...

i love the opi nail polishes

Elle Sees said...

my vday gift list features that blush!! and you know i live thru you via your polishes, so the black shatter has been on my radar.

Kelly said...

I don't know that I buy the claim that the blush will actually make you happier from the plan extracts, but I know starting my day with that on my vanity sure would cheer me up!

bravegrrl said...

oh my gosh! how freakin cute is that blush palette? xoxo

fashionforteens said...

Love that blush, it's adorable! I always end up impulse buying makeup/beauty products. Everything is just so fun, cute, and (seemingly) affordable.