June 24, 2011

Friend Friday - The Blogging Effect

Friend Friday
The Fashion Beauty Friend Friday group was created by Katy over at Modly ChicEvery week Katy puts together a set of questions and on Friday if you want to participate, you answer them on your blog and link back up at Modly Chic


This week's questions have to do with how blogging has changed your perspective on what you wear.

1. Since you began blogging do you notice a change in the types of things you gravitate towards while shopping?
Not particularly. Blogging and reading blogs makes me more aware of certain trends since the blogosphere is quicker than magazines and TV :)
2. Do you find, as a fashion blogger, that you dress differently from your family and friends? Do they comment on that?
I wear things that my friends and family probably wouldn't wear but I don't think it has anything to do with me being a fashion blogger, it's just me being - me. And yes, they'll comment on it.
3. What’s the weirdest fashion that you secretly like, even if you aren’t bold enough to wear it?
I'm not thinking of anything. If I like something, even if it's weird, it's not a secret. I'll wear it!
4. Looking at current trends – what would you like to try but need to build up the courage to do?
The main reason I usually won't wear something is because it's not flattering on me - not a lack of courage. Life is short. Wear what you want.
5. Toot someone’s horn – what fashion blogger out there inspires you with her bold fashion choices?
I'll take some of Carrie's sartorial ability to throw on an incredible outfit in a few minutes. I consider that bold in the sense that if I try to get ready that quick, it just looks like I got dressed in the dark.  

If you're interested in FBFF, go to Modly Chic for more information then e-mail Katy if you want to join the group.

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Josie said...

You're so right -- Carrie could get dressed with her eyes closed and hands tied behind her back and look amazing. JEALOUS. I love this week's questions!
xo Josie

this free bird said...

OMG KATIE I'M DYING LAUGHING> *gasp* dressed in the dark *gasp*

seriously we don't live close enough together. it's a damn shame.

my wrist is falling off. #2 FTW!!


Claudia said...

like that pic, gorgeous top

xx Claudia

Closet Fashionista said...

Weee!! Good answers! I totally agree, wear what you want if you like it! :)

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Love 'getting to know you' through these
Friday posts. I too am a planner. I do usually just throw stuff on, but you can tell!

Taylor said...

I LOVE your answers to these!!! I completely agree, I wear it bc I want to not bc its trendy....and i wont wear something bc it just doesn't look good on me. Like the high waited pants i was dying to make work...they just wouldn't!

Courtney Erin said...

Yeah, I'm an outfit planner - I can't just throw things together either. And I greatly envy those who can...

xoxo ~ Courtney

la petite coquine said...

Not only did your comment about Carrie crack me up, her comment totally did me in! I love how fearless you are about your closet-it's inspiring!

Kimberlee said...

Love what you said in #4- so true! Wear what you want :)

Shea said...

I definitely agree with so much of what you said. I've always been the one of my friends to try out "weird" trends or looks, and it's been way longer than since I've been blogging. And yes, people do comment, but who cares!

Fashion Tales.... said...

I loved reading everyone's answers this week. I agree, if you love something, despite the "weirdness" I tend to just wear it as well, go with it! Happy weekend to you.


Totally agree with you. I wear what I want to please myself. Not others.

Have a great weekend! xoxo

Jess said...

love your courage to wear whatever you want!

Whitney said...

love this post :)

Christie said...

Love the Q&A -- great answers babe! xo

In Fashion and Style

Miss Caitlin S. said...

haha "Dressed in the dark", that's funny. I like your answers!!

Ashleigh said...

Damn I missed the giveaway!

#5 - word. She is the MASTER I tell you!

Tea For Two said...

I love Carrie's blog too :) I always enjoy reading your answers to these questions. You have a very honest, interesting perspective.

Kristin said...

I too worship Carrie's style. She is such an inspiration!