June 20, 2011

Hair Products & Deals

Recently I noticed my hair dryer was starting to not work as well. Assuming it would die soon, I started looking out for deals. I had considered a T3 in the past, but after reading what Tiffany went through that was out. When I saw Ulta was having some sales, I just decided to go with that.

Hot Tools Dots Dryer
Price: $59.99
Paid: $38.99

Ok, it looks like it's for a kid, but it looks fun, right? It has came with 3 attachments, including a diffuser which I'd been wanting for awhile. 
Hot Tools 1 in. Barrel Curling Iron
Price: $49.99
Paid: $39.99

I've wanted a new curling iron for a long time but never got around to getting one, especially after I got my GHD and can curl my hair pretty good with that. I regret not doing this sooner though because the Hot Tools curling iron is pretty great.

Hot Tools 3 Barrel Waver
Price: $44.99
Paid: $0

It was free. I have naturally wavy hair so I'd never buy a waver but - it was free. Why not?

Since I got this stuff a couple of weeks ago, I don't remember how the prices all broke down. I had a 20% off one item coupon, so that went towards something, another item was on sale, and the waver was free since I was already buying something from Hot Tools. You got something for each Hot Tools purchase so I also got some Styling Iron cleaner by Hot Tools as well. Ulta usually has free shipping, does 3 free samples, and had a bag of samples available this week as well. I have an Ulta Rewards card so I got points for everything. (Rewards cards at almost any store are free, that's why I always recommend them for stores you shop at regularly. You have nothing to lose and will get something out of it eventually.) When you added up the value of everything plus the free stuff, it came out to over $200 worth of products for $85 after tax. Point being - when you know you need a couple of things, start looking for sales and deals at stores you like. It pays off :)


Andrea Reh said...

Impressive deal hunting!

Just discovered your blog, and would love it if you popped by mine sometime.

Andrea x

this free bird said...

Okay can you give me the 411 on Ulta deals? I never see this stuff at mine. Am I in the woods?? I want the 3 barrel waver thing!! Is it tough to use? help.

so many questions. time for a nap.


Josie said...

I desperately need to try out a new curling iron... I think I may finally be able to get my hair to hold curl with the right one.
xo Josie

Deb@beautiful things said...

Ooo this is very interesting :) I use the T3 straightners and love them. I had the T3 hairdryer and hated it SO much I sold it. It was horrible and way too hot it burnt my head everytime I used it!! So you have gone for good choices lol! xxx

Courtney Erin said...

Man, you got a great deal. And I really want to try a waver in my hair...

xoxo ~ Courtney

Megan said...

LOL most of my hair tools have come from "freebies" at Ulta. It is all fine and dandy getting them, but when I am able to get freebies every few months, it just is an indicator of how much money I am truly wasting in the store on dumb stuff.

But I love the 3 barrel iron (I have it). I just don't always have the patience to use it unfortunately!!! And I noticed I have to straighten my hair FIRST due it its excessive frizziness, and then use it. Just too much freaking work ;-)

Hope ya had a great weekend girl

cbenavides said...

That might be the cutest hair dryer I've ever seen! What a great deal- I bow to your bargin-hunting prowess :)

Thick Threads said...

Nice! my blowdrier is totally taking a crap too! I will check this one out, thanks for the info :)


Torrie said...

I'm with Carrie on this (in the woods)! Never heard of Ulta, but I'm totally with you on your last point. Seriously good deals here.

I'd love to see how the 3 barrel waver works. Let us know if you like it!

la petite coquine said...

What a score! I'm also curious about the waver-let's see some mermaid hair!

Jess said...

Oh my gosh that hairdryer is so fun! I want!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Savvy, savvy lady! I am so lazy about my hair but should really get a new blow dryer!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Anna Jane said...

i have that curling iron and LOVE it...it's lasted me a super long time, too!

Taj Acosta said...

Great score! xo


Wow you got a lot of goodies there! And what a steal! :) xoxo

Julie and Lauren said...

I want to get my hands on the waver!!! Need that for summer : )

Bad Joan said...

These are great deals. Love the blow dryer, it's so cute!


meghan said...

I need more body in my hair, and I was reading today about velcro rollers to get your hair to "set" with more volume. Have you ever used those? You're so good with beauty products and tips...

Kavery said...

I can create neat waves with my GHD but the waver sounds good too. Thanks for the tip.