June 27, 2011

Shopbop $100 Gift Card Giveaway Winner

Thank you all so much for enter the Shopbop giveaway! Shopbop is going to give one reader a $100 gift card.
The winner is:

Lane from Viva la Fashion!

Congratulations Lane! Thanks to Shopbop for sponsoring the giveaway! 


Miss Caitlin S. said...


this free bird said...

i didn't wiiiiiiiiiiiiiin. i did find those $8 pants though. i'm telling you if you lived closer we would tear those flea markets UP. or is that down?


Lee Oliveira said...

Congrats to Vila la Fashion..
Lee x

Fashion Tales.... said...

That's great. love Shopbop. Enjoy Viva la Fashion!

la petite coquine said...

Congrats to lucky Lane!

Isabel said...

congrats to the winner. im sad it wasnt me. lol

Kavery said...

Lucky girl. Lots to choose from!