June 15, 2011

What I'm Loving...

I'm not sure what it is about summer, but one second I'm really motivated to do 50 things at once and the next second it's hot and I want to take a nap. Yeah. Probably shouldn't confess how often I feel lazy. Too late now...
Here's what I'm loving:

Feather Extensions
I'm not going to talk about them again, just know the obsession lives on. 

Chanel Glossimer in Aurore

This came out with Chanel's summer collection and is one of the more unique colors they've come out with in awhile. It's a pinky/gold/peachy color but it becomes absolutely gorgeous when you layer it over a coral lipstick. Putting this over MAC's Jazzed has quickly become my favorite summer lip combo.

New Workout
Yeah... that's still not working. As thrilled as I was to complete the 30 Day Shred (and believe me, since it took, like, 60 days - I was thrilled), I've learned I do better when I have something specific to stick to. I like to swim when we go to the pool, and I've downloaded a few yoga and pilates workouts from DirecTV, but I'm open to suggestions. I think I could really get into some of the yoga and pilates, but I don't know how much good that's going to do with trying to lose weight. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Lady Gaga - You & I
It's been a long time since I came around 
Been a long time but I'm back in town 
And this time I'm not leaving without you
So far this is the only song I've bought off of Lady Gaga's new album and I'm not sure if I'll get the rest because I doubt it can top this. 

Ok, so that's What I'm Loving right now! What about you?


Josie said...

So as for yoga and Pilates, it's definitely a workout. When I do them, I always feel stronger and leaner -- but I don't necessarily know if they're big weight blasters. Swimming is really good, though, and honestly, I just have to hit the treadmill or elliptical hard for an hour or so a day. It's rough. On the bright side, I'm still obsessed with your feathers as well!
xo Josie

this free bird said...

Okay watch what you eat and do pilates (at least) and you will trim down--get lean.

I'm up at 2:30. Major domestic next door. Po-po did nothing. I need a drink.


Closet Fashionista said...

Love it all but GaGa :p
Hmmm..as for workouts, I dunno :/ I can't even find things that I want to do, haha....ughhhh

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I need to order that gloss stat.

Kayla said...

I always love your favs. As for the yoga good for you. I haven't worked out in weeks and I have been eating anything and everything handy. Don't look for advice here... I'll just say cocktails and food for everyone.

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Courtney Erin said...

I personally really love pilates and I think both it and yoga can be really helpful for weight loss because they build muscle mass and that helps you burn calories better. Have you looked into any of the weight loss specific yoga or pilates workouts (Gillian has a yoga one that I like)? Also, for staying trim, I love bike riding. It's fun and if you ride on a hard gear then you build insane leg muscles which, again, helps burn the calories. Just ideas.

Also, we may share a brain because I love all your loves...especially the feather!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Lee Oliveira said...

I can watch Gaga's video over and over again..
lee x

Laura said...

Majorly loving that glossimer!! If only Chanel anything was in the budget.

As for workouts, I think yoga/pilates are great for your core, but to lose what you really need to do cardio combined with good eating. Swimming is awesome, and so is running. You can start out walking and work your way up to running. I suggest switching it up every couple days so you don't get bored with the workout routine.

Torrie said...

That gloss is the one I have (I think... It was a gift, and doesn't say), and I LOVE it.

I'm sure I'll write a post about this, but I cannot say it enough- I love spinning. Easy on your joints, you can go at your own pace (seriously- all age ranges, inc. women in their 70's), a hell of a workout- not just the legs- the entire body.

Rachel said...

hi ms. maven. so i love that you are embracing the feather hair extensions :) i dont think i can pull it off, my hair already looks like a birds nest half of the time--haha bad joke inserted. lol but it looks killer on you and i am loving that chanel gloss. i had to stop visiting you for awhile because you just make me want to go BUY things lol. and im still reveling in the awesomeness of my naked palette. it is summer though so i think its time i indulged in some summery make up purchases.

Megan said...

your feather extensions still look pretty hot ;-) totally wish i could give them a try...but it's not in the budget just now BLAH.

and that chanel gloss is gorgeous!!!! id love to see it on!!!


I love that Gaga song. She previewed it last July when I saw her in concert at MSG. Then she played it acoustic on the Today show. I was hooked since the first listen :) xoxo

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

LOVE that Gaga song too- i think it's my fave on the CD.

Kristin said...

I MUST have that Glossimer shade!

la petite coquine said...

I'm a total sucker for yoga-it makes you strong, not necessarily thin, but it's absolutely worth giving it a shot! I'll admit that right this minute, I'm loving our Cold War era Stanley thermos-it's a relic, but my tea has been BURNING HOT all day!

Bonnie said...

You know that I love yoga.
You know that I love feather extensions.
You know that I love working out.
You know that I love you.

The end.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Miss Caitlin S. said...

loving the feather, i'm excited to actually utilize it for fun this weekend and not just for work where it's hidden.

Jess said...

I just did a class that was a mix of yoga/pilates and tai chi and I am HURTING today!!!!

PS Love your hair feathers!


The album is good...too bad you missed the FULL ALBUM download on amazon.com for 99 cents! It was such a bargain!

I think my favorite song is Schei├če. I think you'd like it too!

Isabel said...

today was day one of couch potato to runner in 9 weeks. ill let u know how that goes. HA