July 29, 2011

Visual Friend Friday - Where Do You Blog?

Friend Friday
The Fashion Beauty Friend Friday group was created by Katy over at Modly ChicFor the first and third week of each month Katy puts together a set of questions and on Friday if you want to participate, you answer them on your blog and link back up at Modly ChicOn the other weeks, FBFF will be doing a Visual Friend Friday. 

For this week's Visual Friend Friday, Suze from Miss Vinyl Ahoy is hosting and wants to see where we blog from.

Most of the time from right here:
 in our living room, but sometimes from here:
in our bedroom since I'm always up late anyway. 
We have a home office, but the only time I've blogged from there is when my laptop was being repaired over a year ago. I guess that's somewhat weird now that I think about it, but I'm more comfortable in the living room or the bedroom so, why not?
Where do you blog from? Now I'm curious if I'm weird or if everyone else does this, too :) 

If you're interested in FBFF, go to Modly Chic for more information then e-mail Katy if you want to join the group.


Chaucee said...

I usually blog from bed or a couch as well. It's just all around more comfortable!

Closet Fashionista said...

I blog from my bedroom. I have a chair and little table in here that my computer lives on :)
Unless I take my computer downstairs to the couch with me, ha ha.

Isabel said...

i love seeing things like this. i usually blog from the couch. lol

cbenavides said...

I blog from my desk at work or my desk at home. I would love to work on my bed but I end up falling asleep...... which makes for a boring blog post. I love your bedspread :)

Courtney Erin said...

I park myself on my couch and blog!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

From my desk...but in this new place it's in the living room area...so almost my couch ;)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

That chair looks so comfy! And so does the bed, of course :)

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

Your bedroom is super nice! I usually blog from there as well!

Happy Friday!


Fashion Fractions


My couch in my living room which is precisely where I am at this very moment :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

la petite coquine said...

I usually blog in bed, or at the kitchen table. Or the big leather club chair in the study. But at the desk? Never.

Fabienne Jach said...

I never blog from our office. I even moved my desk into the dining room because I never used it there. Now I often blog from the bedroom but the desk still works if the sun isn't beaming down on me.
:) f
The House in the Clouds

Taj Acosta said...

I've seen a few of these today and I love it! Like peeking inside and snooping on you ;) I blog on my Ipad anywhere ;) xo

Josie said...

Whether I'm at school or at home, it's usually on my bed. Of course, I sometimes fall asleep. This is a serious issue.
xo Josie

Bonnie said...

I really love your bed. I know that's probably a weird compliment, but I do.
I always blog from the desk in my room/study or the dining room table.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Shea said...

I wish I could blog from other places in my house! I'm so jealous that you can! I have a desktop computer though...'nuf said.

Marie said...

I blog in our bedroom.:D

Happy Sunday, Katie!:D

***** Marie ******

Heba said...

I usually blog from my living room , I'm dying to have a home office it would be much better


Whitney said...

i like this post! im currently on ma couch :)

janettaylor said...

Love your bedroom!

Ashley said...

You blog from comfy places, I'm so jealous! Right now I'm at a desk in my sublet, on a stool with no back on it - super un-comfy. I'm gonna have to try blogging from bed, seems wayyyy better! :)