July 6, 2011

What I'm Loving...

I was supposed to be heading to Nashville today to help my sister with her move, but the movers informed my Mom yesterday that her stuff is in North Carolina. That's not Nashville. Between that and the epic phone call battles I went through yesterday with 1 pharmacy and 2 doctor's offices, I'm deeming this a crappy week and I'd like it to be over. Since it's Wednesday, I guess at least we're halfway there. Glass half full, people. 
Here's what I'm loving:

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

I've been hearing about this for too long, so I had to try it.  I'm still playing around with it (why is beachy hair never as low maintenance as it sounds?) but I love just spraying a product on damp hair and skipping the straightening or curling process. It's definitely more low maintenance than that :)

YSL Belle De Jour Wallet
When I picked up the Chloe sunglasses, I might have gotten the YSL wallet, too. Ok, I did. Purple patent? Sold. 

Thunder on the Mountain
Thunder on the Mountain is the annual fireworks show Birmingham does every 4th of July. It's from Vulcan Park, so you get a view of fireworks plus the Vulcan statue. I don't think it's really changed since I was a kid (how much can you really change a firework show?), but Jared and I went this year and I still love it! 

Modest Mouse - The World at Large
I know that starting over is not what life's all about.
But my thoughts were so loud, I couldn't hear my mouth.
My thoughts were so loud, I couldn't hear my mouth.
My thoughts were so loud.
Someday I'll get this song off repeat in iTunes. That day is not today.

Ok, so that's What I'm Loving right now! What about you? (If you manage to make me hate this week less, I'll send you a cookie. Ok I probably won't. You can try anyway.)


this free bird said...

Okay spill your secret with the surf spray. It makes my locks frizzy and a little sticky at times. help.me.

Also--I am sick over the verdict today. s-i-c-k. Is it the weekend yet? You know they're gonna let that ho out!!


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I got a beachy bed head hair cut at bumble and bumble and realized I'm not the beachy type (in terms of hair) Do you really like the surf spray?

Ooh and purple patent? Too fun!


Chic 'n Cheap Living

cbenavides said...

Movers are the worst!! When I moved over the weekend, the movers broke my bed. I hope they get her stuff to Nashville ASAP. That YSL wallet is to die for. I need more purple in my life....

Someday In Paris said...

That wallet is gorgeous. I love Bumble and Bumble products. I just wish they weren't so damn expensive!

An American Girl (Someday) in Paris

Courtney Erin said...

Yup, that's a crappy week alright...I really want to try that Bumble and Bumble stuff, I hear such good things!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post!
Love that wallet!


Jess said...

Great find with the wallet! I love that color.


Ah hope your week gets better real soon! Loving that wallet. You did good!:)

la petite coquine said...

Oh sweetheart, I'm sorry this week is already such a pain in the ass. Will you feel better if I remind you that today is hump day, and it's halfway over? Because it's only helping me out so much today...

As for what I'm loving, it's the internet, catching up on my favorite blogs and my own delicious sheets-I guess it's the little things!

Maria V said...

I love that Modest Mouse song too! I'm sorry for your crap-start to the week, mine has been similar >< Here's to it only getting better from here!

xoxo Maria

Taj Acosta said...

oh no I hope your week turn for the better! And moving is so fun isn't it? Such a good sis you are ;) xo

Josie said...

That YSL wallet is GORGEOUS!
xo Josie

Jess said...

I always love Modest Mouse! Sorry it has been one of those weeks! Everything will work out in the end :)