September 2, 2011

Friend Friday - Fall Trends

Friend Friday
The Fashion Beauty Friend Friday group was created by Katy over at Modly ChicFor the first and third week of each month Katy puts together a set of questions and on Friday if you want to participate, you answer them on your blog and link back up at Modly ChicOn the other weeks, FBFF will be doing a Visual Friend Friday. 


This week is about fall trends. "Name your five favorite fall trends and how you plan to wear them this season."

Ok, this is probably more difficult than it should be. I'm still working my way through my stack of September magazines, so this is just a list of fall fashion I'm excited about. (It's not like I ever stick to trends, anyway.)

1. Booties - Last year I bought 2 pairs of new boots (3 if Uggs count. But Uggs are Uggs. Anyway.) but this year I think I'm going to focus more on booties. I only have 1 pair so it's time to get more.
2. Teal nail polish - I'm always excited about nail polish in general, so I'm excited to bring out all the fall colors, but so far the one I'm loving the most is OPI's "Ski Teal We Drop", which came out last fall. There's nothing basic or boring about a creamy teal nail, now is there? Didn't think so.
3. Scarves - Ok, what about scarves? Well I'm on a mission this fall with them. I have several actual winter, meant for cold snowy weather scarves, which is ridiculous in Alabama since we barely have that weather. As far as fashion scarves, almost all of them are light-weight, meant to be "summer" scarves, which is also ridiculous since the heat index is over 100 every day in the summer. Why don't I make more use out of getting and wearing scarves in the fall when they'd actually make the most sense? Beats me, but I'm going to work on that this year.
4. Polka dots - I don't know where polka dots went, but I've seen a spread on them being "back" in several magazines now so, um, ok. (Hey, I guess that means I can count this as a trend. Sweet. I didn't completely fail!)
5. Ok honestly, I'll just be happy to get some fall weather so I can wear something besides looking like I'm preparing for a heat stroke.

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I was featured earlier in the week over at Most Wanted, so please go check that out! :)


the nyanzi report said...

what a great idea. love your picks.

janettaylor said...

Fantastic idea, my dear!

Shopgirl said...

Great picks! I'm looking forward to incorporating polka dots into my autumn wardrobe!! :)

Anna said...

I'll have to go check it out. And don't worry I probably would have struggled at the start too. I know its semi un related but I am crushing the colour teal for office decor at the moment (you said teal nail polish, I related haha) and yep, odd BUT polka dots really are back. I will wish for some fall weather for you :)

Anna xo

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I love scarfs. I did a tying tutorial ages ago with a 'different' tie. I need to repost it this fall. And I need booties. The one pair I own kills my feet. No good.

Courtney Erin said...

I'm so with you on polka dots - now I just need to get some into my wardrobe.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Closet Fashionista said...

YEs! Loving these trends! I'm also excited about the colors, maroon favorite color to wear!! :D

Lee Oliveira said...

Yes, fabulous ideas..
I am going crazy on the streets now finding all these trends.

Josie said...

I'm excited for teal nail shades too! And seriously, I hear you on the weather -- it's ridiculous.
xo Josie

Couture Carrie said...

Loving all these trends, especially booties and scarves ~ yay fall!


Torrie said...

I don't have any booties!! And I don't really like them. But I feel like I NEED to like them. Ahh... the stress of fashion.

Totally agree with the whole scarf situation (being in a hot weather state myself).

And polka dots. I saw that too- that they're back?? I got this super cute lightweight pink scarf with navy polka dots... Is pink appropriate for fall?? HELP.

Aphrodite said...

Love all your picks ESP polka dots! Scarves too! :)

la petite coquine said...

I have to admit, fall trends make me want to bang my head against the wall every year. It's like "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking" with riding boots/tweed/polka dots/sheer dark stockings and blouses/ladylike silhouettes/menswear inspired tailoring in places of "florals".

Bad Joan said...

Booties and scarves are always super fun!


Kimberlee said...

I finally just got my hands on Vogue's September issue so I feel ya. Definitely love polka dots!

Amanne said...

Booties are on my list too! My feet are always cold so boots and booties are my friend during fall/winter.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I'm totally going to think of more ways to wear my scarves (head wrap, belt?) have a lovely weekend dear!

Chic 'n Cheap Living


I'm still flipping through all of my September issues too. It's the only thing that makes me not so sad that summer's coming to an end :)

Jess said...

Ewww, teal nail polish, I might have to give that a try!

Enjoy your long weekend, Katie!

Shea said...

Your trend list made me laugh :) I don't know where polka dots went either--I thought they'd been "in" for some time now. Good luck with the fall scarf hunt!

Kavery said...

Scarves and polka dots - yes to both. Scarves are my fail safe in cold weather

Bonnie said...

First, I LOVE BOOTIES. I just cannot seem to stop buying them. They are perfect because they go with any and every kind of season.
Second, I LOVE SCARVES. I think I have over 50 scarves. It's ridic.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88