October 31, 2011

Honey Badger Don't Care

So a couple of months ago I had to have eye surgery and I decided to follow the sage advice of Barney Stinson and stop being sad and be awesome instead
That's good advice. Until you have to have eye surgery AGAIN 3 months later. (Yes, I knew this would happen. Doesn't make it any less sucky.) Well, I'm taking some different advice this time. The advice of Honey Badger.
Honey badger don't care.
Honey badger don't give a sh*t. 
Works for me.
Like last time, I have posts scheduled for the week but they're short and sweet, I doubt I'll be around to comment much, hopefully I'll be back in action soon, blah blah blah. You know the drill. I'm sure you all know where to find me! Hope you're having a better Halloween than I will :) 

October 28, 2011

Friend Friday - What Inspires You?

Friend Friday
The Fashion Beauty Friend Friday group was created by Katy over at Modly ChicFor the first and third week of each month Katy puts together a set of questions and on Friday if you want to participate, you answer them on your blog and link back up at Modly ChicOn the other weeks, FBFF will be doing a Visual Friend Friday.

This week is a pictorial review of what inspires you.

I think that pretty much sums it up :)

If you're interested in FBFF, go to Modly Chic for more information then e-mail Katy if you want to join the group.

October 27, 2011

Shopbop Friends & Family Sale

Because the world has a cruel sense of humor, Shopbop's Friends and Family sale was last week, too. With Shopbop you barely get 2 days to figure out what you want, so not a lot of time to agonize over items. It's like a high pressure shopping situation. I'm ok with that. 

I picked up the Tory Burch reva tonal flats in bordeaux. Gorgeous color, am I right? I might be slightly partial to red shoes. I'm ok with that, too. And like I said a couple of days ago, Tory Burch at 20% off? Order quickly, kids.

The other item I got was the Paula Bianco wrap scarf in light grey. I first saw this last winter and loved it, but couldn't justify it for the price. Since I still liked it a year later and could get 20% off, suddenly it was justifiable. Life is funny that way. 

What did you pick up at the Shopbop Friends & Family sale?

October 26, 2011

What I'm Loving...

It doesn't look like I'll get to really enjoy Halloween seeing as I'm having surgery that day. So that just means I can eat a lot of candy this week, right? I thought so.
Here's what I'm loving:

Butter London Yummy Mummy
You expect that beige-y neutral nail colors can end up looking boring (I do anyway). Not the case with Yummy Mummy. Maybe it's the pinkish undertones or the slight shimmer, but this is neutral enough to be worn to work and not at all boring.

Ghiradelli Pumpkin Spice Chocolate
I'm sure you all heard Carrie talk about these on her blog, so when she had a Facebook giveaway for them of course I entered. And it may or may not have made my week when I won (it did). And I'm not revealing how fast you can go through a bag. Let's just say every thing Carrie has said about them is true. Go find some.

Friends & Family Sales
I find it a little mean that multiple companies have their Friends & Family sale at the same time, thus causing significant damage to my bank account. But it's not like I can pass up 20% off...

Apple Cider
Apple cider at night once it's finally chilly outside = perfection. Caramel apple cider = even better. I have a tin of caramel apple cider right now that is rapidly being depleted, but once it's gone I think a pump of caramel syrup from Starbucks in a mug of apple cider will do the trick. Anyone else love this?

Ok, so that's What I'm Loving right now! What about you?

October 25, 2011

Change of Plans...

So, there's been a last minute change of plans. Jared is leaving for Charlotte, NC tomorrow for a business trip and I decided last night I'd tag along. I never go on his business trips because 1) he never goes anywhere interesting (except the time he went to Italy and I was still in school and had 5 tests over the 9 day trip so I had to stay behind) 2) he usually flies, and his company isn't going to pay for me to fly so why would we pay for me to go somewhere when it's usually boring? Well, he drives to North Carolina and 1) I've never been to Charlotte 2) I can have the rental car during the day to drive around and entertain myself 3) I think a change of scenery and an impromptu getaway is needed since I'm about to have surgery. AGAIN. 
(Tired of my numbered lists yet? I'll try to stop.)
Got all that? Basically I'm off to Charlotte, NC for a few days and I know nothing about it so if you're familiar with the area, give me recs! Things to go, places to see, shopping, restaurants, the usual. It's a short trip, but I still need entertainment :)

October 24, 2011

New Motto

‎"If I'm going to be a mess, I'm going to be a glamorous mess." - Rachel Zoe

When I heard this on last week's Rachel Zoe Project one thing popped into my head...

...new life motto.

What's the best thing you've heard lately?

October 21, 2011

Friend Friday - Halloween

Friend Friday
The Fashion Beauty Friend Friday group was created by Katy over at Modly ChicFor the first and third week of each month Katy puts together a set of questions and on Friday if you want to participate, you answer them on your blog and link back up at Modly ChicOn the other weeks, FBFF will be doing a Visual Friend Friday.

This week we're answering questions about Halloween.

1. Do you have plans for Halloween? What will you dress up as this year?
I'm having surgery. On Halloween. Again. When I had the eye surgery back in August, I knew I'd need one more operation to finish it up and this is when the doctor scheduled it. On Halloween. Because my life is hilarious.
2. Where do you go for costume and makeup inspiration?
No costume or makeup this year. The surgery should be outpatient, then I'll be home, in my sweats, hopefully on some good pain meds.
3. What was the best costume you've ever donned?
 I was Punky Brewster one Halloween, I think when I was 6 or 7. I frequently wore 2 different colored Converse high tops to school, so I'm not sure how different it really was from my every day attire. I was a pretty awesome kid if you haven't picked up on that. 
4. What's the most creative costume you've ever seen?
Yeah, I'm drawing a blank...
5. No holds barred if you could dress up as anything, what would it be?
Last time after the eye surgery I had to wear a big plastic eye patch. This time I'm going to take a plain black eye patch and ask them to use that one instead. Get it? I'll be a pirate.
My life is hilarious.

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October 20, 2011

Nail Polish Tip

I love glitter nail polish. I hate removing it. When I saw this video on YouTube, it seemed entirely to simple to actually work.
Basically you apply a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover to your nail, wrap foil around the nail to hold it in place, leave for 5 minutes, then remove it. When you remove it all the glitter nail polish will be gone. 
I know. It sounds like it won't work. But I did this the other night, and it completely does. I'd much rather do this than spend the 5 minutes scrubbing at my nail with the nail polish remover and swearing I'll never wear glitter nail polish again (which obviously will never happen). Yes, it looks ridiculous but I don't care. I'm happy to have found an easy way to get glitter polish off!

Any good tips or tricks you've heard lately?

October 19, 2011

What I'm Loving...

You know what's great about Alabama? One day you wake up in October and it's 85 degrees, then 2 days later you wake up and it's 55. And by great I mean it's impossible to dress for and I'd like it if someone could decide what season we're in. Could we do that, Alabama? Thanks.
Here's what I'm loving:

I'll admit I haven't really used most of the new iOS 5 features on my iPhone, but I am loving iMessage. One of the only things I missed from having a BlackBerry was BBM, which iMessage has effectively fixed. Thanks, Apple!

Essie Smokin' Hot
This piqued my interest when it was compared to Chanel's Paradoxal (one of my favorites). There are similarities, but this is definitely different. Smokin' Hot is much more of a creamy, easy to wear color than Paradoxlal is. Don't get me wrong though - I'll wear Paradoxal anytime! This came out in the Winter 2010 collection and I don't think it was permanent, but I saw it recently at Ulta so it's easy to find.

I joined Pinterest months ago, but for some reason it took me awhile to get into it. Maybe it's more fun now that it seems like everyone in the world is using it? Follow me on there if you're not!

Pumpkin Spice Latte
Love them, have seen a couple of recipes to make them at home, and definitely need to start doing that. My bank account would thank me.

One more thing - Shopbop is having the Friends and Family sale right now! It's only 2 days, so it ends tonight. If you use the code INTHEFAMILY20 you get 20% off - make good use of it and be sure to tell me what you buy :)

Ok, so that's What I'm Loving right now! What about you?

October 18, 2011

Fall Scents

Like everyone else in the blogosphere, I have an obsession with all things fall. Unfortunately, living in Alabama I barely get to experience it.  I joke that sinse I don't get to experience fall, I at least make my house smell like it. Hey, it works for me. I know you've all noticed my love of candles and fall scents so I'm putting them all together in one post. 

Slatkin & Co. candles are my hands down favorites. My only complaint is that you can't get a bigger size than 14.5 oz. They always have a great, lingering scent though. Leaves and Creamy Pumpkin are my fall favorites. A couple of things - make sure your wicks are about 1/4 in long so they don't burn too fast, and if you buy the Slatkin & Co. candles from Bath & Body Works wait for the 2 for $20 sale! They have it every few weeks so just sign up for the emails so you'll know when it's going on. The candles are regularly priced at $19.50 so getting 2 for $20 is basically a buy 1 get 1 deal. 

Burning tarts is an easy way to fill a room with a smell you love. I get my tarts from Yankee Candle but I'm sure other places sell them, too. The ones from Yankee you can burn several times (you use a tea light), and the tea lights burn for about 5 hours so you get a good bit of time out of them. My favorites are Pumpkin Buttercream, Cinnamon Stick, Macintosh Spice, Pumpkin Pie and Harvest. If you get the ones from Yankee, once again, sign up for the emails because while they retail from $1.99 they frequently go on sale for $1 and Yankee emails coupons, sometimes up to $15 off. Makes for a pretty good deal when you combine it. (Hey, you have to look out for these things when you like to go shopping as much as I do...) Also, just get the big pack of unscented tea lights from Target. Much cheaper than getting the scented ones and I don't notice any difference. 

Ok, so those are some of my favorite fall scents and a few tips on how to save a buck if you want to keep a constant stream of candles and tarts burning in your house like I do :)

What are your favorite fall scents?

October 17, 2011

"I'm never going to be taken down by the first person..."

We had another busy weekend, this time traveling to Nashville to visit my sister.

We ate at Burger Up Friday night (really good and apparently Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been seen there. Not on Friday night, though)...

Spent Saturday afternoon shopping at Anthropologie and Nordstrom...

Watched Alabama roll over Ole Miss 52-7 on Saturday night...

Helped my sister find shoes for the wedding she's in next weekend (these are the ones she picked)...

...then headed back to Birmingham Sunday night. Overall, a very good weekend - especially a nice 52-7 victory over an SEC school. Ole Miss scored their 7 in the opening drive. When we played Florida a couple of weeks ago we won 38-10 and they also scored 7 in their opening drive. Next week we play Tennessee and a reporter asked the Tennessee head coach how they were going to prepare. His response? "Don't score first. It pisses them off."

How was your weekend?

*Post title is a quote is from Alabama player Trent Richardson, a Heisman Trophy candidate.  He says his strength provides him with the ability to "run folks over", "I throw them off of me", and "I'm never going to be taken down by the first person". 
I like that.

October 14, 2011

Friend Friday - The Quintessential Fall Outfit

Friend Friday
The Fashion Beauty Friend Friday group was created by Katy over at Modly ChicFor the first and third week of each month Katy puts together a set of questions and on Friday if you want to participate, you answer them on your blog and link back up at Modly ChicOn the other weeks, FBFF will be doing a Visual Friend Friday.

This week is a Visual Friend Friday of the Quintessential Fall Outfit.

Well, I guess this is looking more like winter - especially for the South. Chunky knits, long infinity scarves looped multiple times, tall boots, piles of jewelry - I'd love to be able to dress like that in the fall. Of course, then you'd have to rush me to the hospital for the heat exhaustion I'd be suffering from which is why no pictures exist of me wearing my Quintessential Fall Outfit.

Oh well. I'll continue to dream.

If you're interested in FBFF, go to Modly Chic for more information then e-mail Katy if you want to join the group.

*all images via Pinterest

October 13, 2011

What I'm Wearing...

Tunic - Express, Leggings - Express, Boots - Rockport, Earrings - Melinda Maria, Ring - House of Harlow, Bracelets - Express and House of Harlow, Nail polish - Essie Smokin' Hot and Butter London No More Waity Katie

After almost a year of owning this "dress" that I refuse to call a dress from Express, I've decided on what to call it - a tunic. I'm calling it a tunic. I don't know why, but it sure as hell isn't a dress so that's what I'm going with. I'm sure you've been losing sleep over this.

The nail polish didn't go quite how I planned. No More Waity Katie looked so nice next to Smokin' Hot, I figured it'd be gorgeous over it on the "accent nail". The base in No More Waity Katie is too similar so it basically blends in, except when a camera flash goes off. Oh well. Still love both. Just not working together like I'd thought they would. 
Love, love, loving the new boots! I should have taken a picture with no flash because this isn't showing the true color of them. Oh well. 

Like I mentioned earlier in the week, this was my outfit Friday night when we went to Tuscaloosa. We went to dinner and planned on going to the bonfire, but the wait at the restaurant was too long. We still walked around on campus though and it's not like a bonfire changes from year to year. 

October 12, 2011

What I'm Loving...

Alabama is away this weekend, so we're planning on going to Nashville to visit my sister. Apparently there's a UA Alumni bar in Nashville, so we'll have a place to watch the game with fans. Bama fans. You can find them anywhere. It's a beautiful thing.
Here's what I'm loving:

Zoya Trixie
I've tried out the 3 Zoya polishes I ordered a couple of months ago and they've all been great, but Trixie is my favorite. It's a gorgeous, silver foil but what's even better - you get full coverage in 1 coat. 1. I can't think of any other nail polish I have that'll do that.

True Blue Spa Supremely Smoothing Face Scrub with Apricot & White Tea
Another of the 3/$10 mini's I got at Bath and Body Works. This is pretty gentle for a scrub which is good for my skin since it's sensitive. The ginger and white tea scent doesn't hurt, either. 

We went last weekend and bought our mums to go out front. We do this every year and never plant them but Jared promises that'll actually happen this year. We'll see. I love seeing them out front though. Makes it feel like fall!

You can't go buy mums and not pick up pumpkins. You just can't. I got the 2 to go out front, plus several little ones for indoor decorations. I think I love the tiny ones as much as the big ones. Everything is cuter when it's tiny, right? Now I just have to decide how I want to carve mine. Suggestions?

Ok, so that's What I'm Loving right now! What about you?