September 28, 2012

"It doesn't seem like our lives should be this much work..."

"Sometimes I think you want to kill me."
"I do want to kill you."
We went to the movies last Friday night and the preview for This is 40 was the best part of the whole experience. It looks hilarious and I really want to see it. I also may have laughed a little too hard at the above quote. At least I'm honest, right?

Have a good weekend :)

September 27, 2012

Whole 30

A couple of blog friends have done Whole 30 and I've been interested in it for several months now. During October I'm going to try it (send help). I'm excited to see the difference it makes in both my health and my body but slightly terrified since I know how addicted I am to sugar and carbs. But, it's only 30 days, right?

Those that have done Whole 30, what are your tips? 

September 26, 2012

Let me tell you I really did the best I could...

I've really, really been the best of fools, I did what I could
'Cause I love you, baby, how I love you, darling, how I love you, baby
How I love you, girl, little girl
But baby, since I've been loving you, I'm about to lose my worried mind

I love the original version of this song, but there's something about Corinne Bailey Rae's cover that is just soothing. I've had it in my iTunes for several years now but recently it's been played a lot more. And that's fine with me :)

September 25, 2012

Wish List - Leather Leggings

via Pinterest

There weren't a ton of items on my fall wish list this year. I got my bag, I got my boots, I got a slew of long sleeved shirts at the J. Crew outlet - I'm pretty set. One thing I do still really want is leather leggings. So far I'm striking out on finding the perfect pair. Links? Ideas? Preferably both? Thanks in advance for anything you might find :)

What's still on your fall wish list?

September 24, 2012

Weekend Update

My sister came into town this weekend, so it was the usual family, football, fall weekend but even more fun. Jared took his new mountain bike out on a trail, and I got to vicariously enjoy the experience via the pictures he sent me (since there's no way I'll be mountain biking anytime soon...).

You'll be happy to know that August found his own strange way of relaxing. We all need to unwind sometimes.

How was your weekend?

September 21, 2012

Sit back and enjoy...

via my Instagram

I think the beach mentality is still sticking with me and I'm perfectly fine with that.
I probably haven't gotten as much done this week as I should have, but that's ok. It can wait, right?
I haven't worried about getting the weekend plans perfectly in check. Don't stress too much, you know?
Eventually I'll need to snap back to reality but I'll take the mental vacation while it lasts.

Have a good weekend :)

September 20, 2012


When I went candle crazy in Bath and Body Works, the (new?) line of aromatherapy body washes were on sale. They're normally $13 but were on sale that day for $5, so I picked up 3 different ones to try out. The scents are all very simple - not too many different things, not too strong. But what I like the best is that it's a body wash and bubble bath. Love a product that does 2 things :)

What's the best new product you've tried recently?

September 19, 2012

And some kind of madness has started to evolve...

And now I have finally seen the light,
And I have finally realized,
What you need.

Muse has been one of my favorite bands for years, so I'm always excited when they have a new album coming out. If this song is any indication, the album will be pretty different from anything they've done so far and I'm excited to hear it.

What albums are you looking forward to buying this fall?

September 18, 2012

Makeup Spending Freeze - 2 Month Update


It's been roughly 2 months since I bought makeup.
I know. I'm shocked, too. I think the whole still buying nail polish, hair products, etc. is what's kept me from going over the edge. Also, going through my vanity every couple of weeks and pulling things out that I specifically want to use more helps a lot, too. It reminds me to use things I had forgotten about (which was pretty much the whole point) and keeps me from getting bored with not having anything new. What I'm loving is that I'm more focused on what I need to buy (I want to find a new foundation and concealer) and what I don't need (how did I end up with this many eyeliners?).

What makeup are you looking to buy lately?

September 17, 2012


Today we're heading back home from our long weekend at the beach and this is the only picture I took.
So what have I been doing?
Sitting by the pool.
Having a little too much wine at night.
The last one is the most important point. I'm not trying to rub in the fact that we were able to squeeze in a long weekend in September (but believe me, I'm grateful for it), but it's the fact that I just sat back and took it all in for a few days that I'm most happy about. And you don't even have to take a vacation to do that, you just have to be completely committed to a little nothingness for a few days...

...and let me tell you, it's been nothing short of amazing.

September 14, 2012

Beachin' It...


I know Labor Day weekend was the symbolic end of summer, but we're at the beach this weekend so I guess we're trying to stretch it out just a little bit more. I'm sure I'll be posting pictures on Instagram, so check there to see what's going on. And after this weekend summer is really over. Again. Seriously this time.

Have a good weekend :)

September 13, 2012

Butter London Autumn/Winter Collection

Top row - Dodgy Barnett, Gobsmacked, Lovely Jubbly
Bottom row - Shag, Trustafarian

I love Butter London nail polish, but I don't go near them unless there's a deal. On Monday Ulta had a Buy 1 Get 1 deal, plus I had a $3.50 coupon so - there's your deal. There are 5 colors in the fall collection and the entire top row is what caught my eye. I love that Butter did a fall collection full of shimmer and glitter!

Which one is your favorite?

September 12, 2012

I don't know where I belong, I don't know where I went wrong...

And love, we need it now
Let's hope for some
Cause oh, we're bleeding out

I belong with you you belong with me you're my sweetheart

You know what the best thing about this song is? Because of it I created a "Lumineers" station on Pandora and it immediately became my 2nd favorite Pandora station of all time. (Rachael Yamagata is 1st, and it'll be pretty hard for that to change.) Point being, if you like this, make the station on Pandora and you'll find about 100 other songs you like, too. It's just a thought.

September 11, 2012


I'm thinking about subscribing to Julep. I mean, what's not to like? Nail polish sent to me every month? Sounds like a good deal. I'm signed up for JewelMint, but I always skip ever since my one order (which probably means I should cancel...), but I don't think I'd do that nearly as much with nail polish. Plus, like JewelMint, if you don't like what they pick you can pretty much just pick something else. Does anyone use Julep? What are your thoughts? Considering you can get the first month for $0.01 it seems like I might as well try it out!

September 10, 2012

Weekend Update

I should probably stop doing these posts because from now until December the weekends are going to be pretty much the same. We watch Alabama play football. Sometimes at home, sometimes at Bryant Denny. We watch pretty much all the other SEC teams play football. We root for whoever is playing Bama's rival (I'm not typing that ugly teams name), and that is where this text from my Dad comes from. "That team" was playing Mississippi State on Saturday. State is where Jared graduated from so we pull for them - except when they play Bama (getting confused yet?). And yes, State fans have cowbells. So yes, there is a cowbell in my house. And yes, we had to pull it out on Saturday because, well, Roll State Roll. Don't worry, they won. So did Alabama. Another good football weekend :)

How was your weekend?

September 7, 2012

Vince Camuto Bollo

Besides the Tory Burch Marion Tote, the one thing I've been dying to add to my closet this fall is the Vince Camuto Bollo boots.
I mean - hello.
Do you see that ad? Do you see the detail? (Do you see that it's a small stacked heel so even I can run laps in them?)
Thank you Labor Day sales because these were 20% off at Piperlime. 20% off these and 30% off the Tory Burch bag? I know a sign when I see one.

Expect many more pictures of both soon. Likely on Instagram because, well, that's just how I am.

September 6, 2012

Fall Scents (and how to get deals on them)

Labor Day might be moving up there as one of my favorite holidays. The sales are pretty amazing and you get a long weekend. What's not to like? My go-to's for candles and tarts are Yankee and Bath & Body Works and this fall was no different. Here's how it broke down:

Bath & Body Works
Candle sale - 2 for $20
Always, always, always wait for this to happen. They have this sale several times a year and the candles are regularly $19.50. No reason to ever pay that when you can get it half off! I picked up 2 Leaves (my favorite), Creamy Pumpkin (a close second), and Pumpkin Cupcake. I also got a coupon for $10 off $30 on my next purchase, so when I get my Christmas candles (that'll be the next time I shop at B&BW) I can get 4 for $30 :)

Yankee Candle
Buy one get 1 half off candles, $1 tarts
Yankee always has some of the seasonal candles for buy one get 1 half off. If I like the scents, I pick a couple up because it's a good promotion. I liked them this time so I got Spiced Pumpkin and Harvest. The large 2 wick jar candles are my favorite and the best deal. It's $3 more than the medium and they burn about twice as long. Tarts are normally $1.99, so they were essentially half off. I picked up a ton of my favorites like Pumpkin Buttercream, and some of the new scents like Apple Cider. I also had a $15 off coupon. With buy one get 1 half off, half off tarts, and $15 off the total it was a ridiculous deal.

In both stores I ended up saving more than I spent. So here's what you do - get emails from companies you actually care to shop from, follow them on Twitter or Facebook, and combine coupons and sales! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go. I have a bunch of candles to burn. 

September 5, 2012

All that glitter and all that gold won't buy you happy...

How high, how low, how on your own
Are you gonna get?
Losing your soul, will cost you more
Than the life you’re paying for

And all those friends you left behind
You might need ’em when it’s cold outside

All that glitter and all that gold
Won’t buy you happy
When you’ve been bought and sold
Riding white horses, you can’t control
With all your glitter
And all of your gold
Take care of your soul

I found this song with Shazam and while the album version is fantastic, I think I'm loving this live version a little more. I wasn't familiar with Rebecca Ferguson before this song but her voice is amazing. Also? This was playing on the preview for the new show "Nashville" which I was already planning on checking out, but now I definitely am. 
See what music does to me?

September 4, 2012

A trip down memory lane...

Wedding pictures - August 26, 2006

Our anniversary trip ended up being interesting to say the least. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might have gotten some of the story already.

Construction of the new ADPi house in Tuscaloosa

Our old apartment in Mississippi

The best Mexican food in Mississippi. It's all about the ranchero sauce.

On the way to New Orleans we first stopped in Tuscaloosa, driving by my old townhouse then to see the progress on the construction of the new Alpha Delta Pi house. Then we went through Jackson, MS and saw our old apartment and ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant. 

Brunch at Commander's Palace

Bourbon Street

Hurricanes at Pat O'Brien's
New Orleans was a lot of fun - the 48 hours we were there. We decided to cut it short so we didn't get stuck in a hurricane. (The storm, not the drink.) We did have a hurricane first though. (The drink, not the storm.)

Rock City in Chattanooga
After a night at home we headed to Chattanooga to finish out the trip. Why Chattanooga? We didn't want to drive more than 3 hours so it was there, Nashville, or Atlanta. We were just in Atlanta back in May and my sister lives in Nashville so we're there a few times a year. Chattanooga is fun for a long weekend - there's Rock City, Ruby Falls, the Tennessee Aquarium, etc. Oh, and we were in a haunted hotel. That part wasn't on purpose but hey, does it sound like this vacation went according to plan?

All paranormal activity and hurricanes aside, it was a lovely vacation. And I don't feel rested one bit. Good thing there was a 3 day weekend as soon as we got home?

September 3, 2012

Labor Day

Is everyone enjoying the 3 day weekend? There's been a lot of football and decorating for fall over here. Decorating for fall also include decorating for football. What can I say, it's how life is around here. There was also a little shopping since there have been plenty of Labor Day sales:

You can get 30% off at with the code WEEKEND through tonight. I'm happy to say that the Marion Tote is now on it's way to me. Happy Anniversary/end of summer/beginning of fall/I really wanted this to me!

Hope you had a good 3 day weekend :)