January 17, 2013


When I started this blog, I was about to start my last semester of college. I had no real plan in mind, no intentions really. I followed so many fashion and beauty blogs and that had always been a huge interest of mine, so naturally I knew that would be what I gravitated to. I posted whenever I felt like it, when something caught my eye or attention. 
In 2010 when it was becoming obvious a full time job wasn't going to happen as I was getting my health under control, I decided to treat this like a "job". I'd post 5 days a week, I'd read and comment on as many blogs as I could, I'd interact with the blogging community as a substitute for having a job and co-workers in my day to day life. I can't stress how much of a positive impact this had on my life. For most of 2010 my life was filled with doctors, specialists, blood tests, spinal taps, and eventually IV's as I was diagnosed with MS and struggled to also keep my Crohn's in check. 2011 wasn't any smoother between hospitalizations, 2 surgeries, and ER visits. I know blogging gets it's share of criticism for being trivial, petty, narcissistic, fluff... I could go on. But I loved having that as a distraction. It was the best thing to get my mind off of the depressing things I was facing on what seemed like a daily basis. 
The point of this isn't to ramble about my personal ups and downs. While my personal life certainly does infiltrate my blog, Twitter, Instagram, etc, I try to use all the various social media to focus on the things I'm enjoying. Fashion, makeup, beauty - all of it. In the past few years as I've gotten my health and life under control and began to feel a little more comfortable and a little less panicked, I've decided to start doing things different. 
I love blogging. I love this community. I love what it's given to me. But while at one point I needed the structure of daily blogging to help keep me afloat, I don't feel like I need that right now. Instead I'm going back, in part, to how I used to blog. What I want, when I want, no set schedule. I have a couple of other ideas brewing but I'm not pressuring myself to figure all of that out right now. I'll figure it out when the time comes. Like the picture and the necklace I received with it have been reminding me, I just need to listen

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!
What's your New Years resolution? I don't really make them, so this year is no different. Although last year I did say I would read more since I had just gotten the Nook, and that happened so maybe I should figure out something...

Have a good one :)